Ukrainian ufologist, On Earth, there is an unknown intelligence


According to the Ukrainian ufologists — scientists who study UFOs — aliens once visited Ukraine in 1198. The last time — March 17 this year. All such cases, it is known from eyewitness accounts. A study them including native Irshavschiny Jaroslav Sochka.

About all that is connected with unidentified flying objects with him talking to Alexander dolls in the newspaper "Transcarpathian truth" (article published at the end of March 2013).

"UFOs can be a time machine or the secret development of intelligence"

— Jaroslaw, where did your passion for ufology?

— Since 1989, when

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Moscow will be flooded


Moscow will be flooded


08.10.03, the


In the next 5-10 years And along with it — the whole central Russia, most of Europe. Only Paris alone will stick out of the water, and walking past the Arc de Triomphe ocean liners are moored in Eyfelefoy tower. This will happen very soon. In the next 5-10 years. So, anyway, says a Gordon Scallion.

It has become a tradition to meet the beginning of each century to eschatological mood. If anyone has

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In search Doggerlenda

Year 8000 BC: storm drove a group of hunter-gatherers into the land, and on their return they found that their car park flooded. Over time, the land where you can come back, does not remain. Author: John Thomann and Amanda Hobbs, NGM STAFF. Artist: Alexander Maleev. Sources: Simon Fitch, Vincent Gaffney and Benjamin Geary, University of Birmingham, UK.

May 2013. For decades in the North Sea fishing nets brought amazing evidence of a vanished world. Now archaeologists have long been trying to answer the tantalizing question of: what happened to the inhabitants Doggerlenda when their homeland forever

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Delivery Times Su-35 in China will be determined in the near future

Terms of signing a contract to supply China functional Russian Su-35 fighters will be clarified recently during the visit of Chinese control in Russia, said Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. We expect lately — for 2-weeks — the arrival of the new Chinese policies and has them more precise terms, — said Dmitry Rogozin Interfax, answering the question of when a contract can be signed to supply China with Su-35 fighters . Earlier, Deputy Director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC) Vyacheslav Dzirkaln Interfax-AVN said that in January signed an intergovernmental Russian-Chinese agreement to supply China functional

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Nastiest things from the point of view of children

Dress in that, in what makes mom. To clean clothes in the closet neatly. Cabbage soup is almost one boiled onions. Face of the Web. Wash your shoes after a walk. Tidy up as you killed a cockroach. [Cut] There in the garden soup, in which your eyes drowned fly. Standing in the corner when mom and dad are looking pointedly cartoons. All came to the matinee dressed knights and musketeers, and you — last year's bunny. Lying in the garden all the quiet time around the sleeping sweetly described the neighbor. Cut your toenails before going to the theater,

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Riddle fugitive from the future

Humanity will continue to exist in the distant future, but society will change drastically, and for most people will be terrible. This is evidenced by a documentary video, dated 2202 year and delivered in our era some time traveler. — The man for about one and a half years, rented a house in a village near Perm, — says an expert on the system of public research at the Russian Association of anomalous phenomena Oleksandr Kovalchuk. — He had dark skin, and he spoke with a strange singsong accent. With neighbors

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23.10.03, the


Laser scanning has helped discover an ancient carving on the pillars of Stonehenge, completely invisible to the naked eye. The experiment was scanned only part of three of the 83 boulders forming the famous prehistoric monument in Wiltshire. Archaeologists from companies Wessex Archaeology and Archaeoptics hope that the full study will provide strong evidence that the Stonehenge monument was already dead at the time when

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Forbidden Moon


24.10.03, the


The driver of the "Lunokhod-2" Ye Andrew P. — We came upon something quite extraordinary. Although now I think that project managers always have guessed that the moon is inhabited. Otherwise, what was installed on Lunokhod coaxial machine gun? We, the drivers were perplexed, but not supposed to ask. I led a "tractor" (as we called her Moonwalker), next was a partner. He first

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Minions of Satan: the Jews — an absolute evil. From the book by Jean Delumeau — Horror in the West.

3. Accusations of blasphemy and sacrificial killings

The two main sources of anti-Judaism were at one time charges of usury that emanated from the small people and merchants, and the charge of deicide, invented and tirelessly repeated church groups who did not doubt the collective responsibility of the people, when they had crucified Christ. This accusation was formulated by the IV century. Tertulenom, Origen, and the higher clergy and from the time of the Crusades until the XVII century. grew and shirilos, getting to the theater, iconography, and countless sermons catechisms. In the economic anti-Judaism, the manifestations of which

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Its time to take the past for what it is

Once upon a time, my grandmother, born in 1889, for which 1917 is remarkable birth of first child, justify revolution, saying, "We apologize to the people." Until nedavneshnego time I did not understand what could be the wine daughter received a knighthood superannuation postal worker, a graduate courses and worked as a teacher before marriage. Now I understand — once in an intellectual environment was nestydno use the word "redneck."

Until nedavneshnego time most of us believe that faith can be successfully change the "moral code of the builders of communism" and now more people are thinking about what clericalism

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