Northwestern Tihoookeansky storm left the first victim

Northwestern Tihoookeansky storm left the first victims of natural disasters

Captured the north-west coast of the U.S. The storm continues to harm residents of Washington and Oregon, where after heavy rains flooded many roads and highways, streets in towns. More than 20,000 coastal residents are forced to remain without electricity for several hours after the storm winds.

This time, Seattle got a hefty portion of 25 mm of rain in just 6 hours, local meteorologists have called "unusual" for this time of year, and in the evening Sensors International Airport, Seattle-Tacoma showed that rainfall reached 541 mm. This

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Are popular free utility for communication on the Web

In the days of IT-technology, web, social networks and copious amounts of personal pages, and do not forget about the fundamental factors linking the world's population — communication.

Communicating with different people, a person can markedly expand its own horizons and area of expertise. Web provides an opportunity to talk with at least what people who are in at least some part of the world. Why, then, to miss such an opportunity?

Using search engines, you can find out the best utility for communication are:• ICQ;• Skype;• QIP.What are the advantages of each?


Good and time-tested

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Happy New Year!

On the last day of the year master sand animation gives viewers a New Year gift — his first animation work done is not in the technique of sand animation.

— This is an experimental technique of the exploitation of which I worked for the last time. You could say that my dream come true — to draw the snow — smiles Kseniya Simonova — I admit, at the moment, this technique captivated me completely, it allows you to reveal my snowy, Russian soul. It is full of the winter, in fact — a painting of winter, my

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The possibility of immortality



The possibility of immortality 13.11.03, the



Rejuvenating apples, boiling vats, plunged in which you can become a young handsome man (you can, however, and boil alive); treasured bottles of dead and the living water that can resurrect the fallen hero: This is our Russian fairy tales.

But in

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Polish soldiers in the service of Hitler

In today's situation, when the "Katyn song" about how cruelly wronged USSR Poland, transforming it from the German Government-General in the government and allowing the Poles are based on the East German Länder have gained, it seems very probable volume, you can remember about the other qualities of the curious Russian-Polish relations.

For example, on what part of the modern Polish population are direct descendants of Nazi fighter. It would also be interesting to understand which side of the band edge the second World War, more Poles led war.

Dr. Ryszard Kaczmarek, director of the Institute of History

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Happy Air Force! 100 years of Russian aviation

The history of aviation in Russia — it is a continuous feat, it continued for a hundred years, the heroic work of designers, engineers, and technicians. This summer work hard everyday drivers — both military and civilian, millions of passengers and millions of tons of cargo delivered around the world, is the protection and safety of our skies, our pride and endless respect for those who prepare and lifts into the sky hundreds of different types of aircraft ranging from single-engine the training and ending with the powerful wide-bodied airliners

It all began with a trip to the

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Was successfully launched from Baikonur anniversary Proton-M

Russian carrier rocket series "Proton-M" put on the reference orbit Dutch satellite SES-4 (NSS-14). This RIA Novosti reported. This launch was to "Proton-M" 70th in a row since the beginning of its commercial operation in April 1995.

"The launch took place at the estimated time — 23:36 Moscow time on February 14. Department of the satellite from the upper stage" Briz-M booster rocket "Proton-M" is scheduled for 8:48 Moscow time on February 15, "- said the agency representatives GKPNTS name Khrunichev, which has been producing a series of carrier rockets "Proton-M".

SES-4 satellite was supposed to

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As I made out a ticket in Switzerland — in the style of Kafka.

I study in Switzerland for about two and a half years. It is time to go practice. Place was found in a different city, we have to go back and forth every day — well, what can you do.

Brava's national railway company has developed general subscription — pay and ezdi the country by all transport, all you like. There are discounts for students and others like them. Well done, Swiss, good idea! It would seem, bought a travel — ezdi and enjoy.

Ticket costs about 200 euros per month. I have come, therefore, to the ticket office, explain:

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Strange coincidence

Concurrence of events, links between them can not be in any case, unpleasant current scientific doctrine, and it becomes a real curse.

Yesterday, December 16, 2009, in Moscow, in the wee hours of the sun erupted unique to present a unique and difficult to explain by itself the active period luminaries.

It was characterized by a large (by the standards of this year) with the capacity and duration. Images of the Sun at the time of the flash in different spectral ranges were obtained international space observatories.

Several local media said for some reason the outbreak of a strange

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Is there an ash through the end of the world

What if a lot of volcanoes will erupt at the same time?

Do not have time to lie down on the passion of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull, as in Kamchatka Shiveluch volcano awoke. He threw a column of ash to a height of 7.5 km above sea level. Shiveluch raged after numerous aftershocks of the crust. In just the past day, seismologists counted in the vicinity of 42 earthquakes that were accompanied by a blast from the slopes of the giant avalanches. What is this happening with nature? What will happen to us if all terrestrial volcanoes wake up at

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