Olympic construction: coastal cluster takes shape

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The central object of the coastal cluster will be the Olympic Park. It will bring together all sports facilities, parklands and infrastructure.

For the first time in the history of the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games all the ice arenas will be within walking distance of each other. At the same time in the park are located about 75 thousand visitors.


[Img = http://www.fc-rostov.ru/imgs/filestore/4432778.big.jpg] CEO Don top team in an exclusive interview with "Soviet Sport" talked about his first impressions of working in the new position. The conversation was about the past, present and future. [B] «GOAL FOR ME AWARDED watermelons» [/ b] — Oleg, you’re certain a child playing soccer, and a student addicted to the number one sport? — Of course. In my opinion, football attracts 99.9 percent of boys. I spent my childhood in the Ukraine, so the competition has seen a lot of the union of all sizes. As a student of the Institute played for the

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Webinars specialist — a triumph in Brussels!

Reports of the Centre "Specialist" made waves at the summit IAMCP EMEA.

IAMCP EMEA Summit was held from 14 to 16 June in Brussels. At the annual conference of certified partners Microsoft, gathered for a fruitful dialogue, mutual growth and business development was attended by about 200 heads of IT companies and 50 representatives of Microsoft.

For the first time this year at the Russian branch of IAMCP had a section — and imagined her Dintsis Daniel Yu, head of "Webinars" Center "Specialist", the chairman of the Russian section of IAMCP.

Dintsis Daniel Y.

"In fact,"

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Potatoes in straw

Have you ever noticed that from the edge of the area, with boundaries, often come across a particularly fruitful bush potatoes? To pick up a bush on the fork, vyvernesh it from the ground, and he — a feast for the eyes.

Do not guess why?

And remember where you dumped after weeding the grass at the beginning of the summer? Where you dumped it in the last year? Right. If you do not absolutely finished pedant or hold land and boundary lines in a sterile clean, then you leave a pile of weeds at the edge of the ridge,

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Russia. Barclays Premier League. Round 2 FC Rostov (Rostov-on-Don) — FC Lokomotiv

[Cut] 90 +7′ Yesterday "Kuban" for the first time in the history of the defeated "Spartacus," today "growth" was very, very close to meeting the first time in 31 victory over the "Loco", but no luck this time. In the end, both teams are rather unhappy with the result, trust Rashid Rakhimov hardly expected to gain 2 points at the start of the championship with this calendar, and "growth" is simply a shame to miss a victory that was almost in his hands. With you was Dmitri Shahs. Until next time.

90 +7′ Rakhimov: I would not say that we

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The fourth goal, Rostov counted

[Img = http://www.rsmfans.ru/images/photos/1282.jpeg] «Locomotive" at the last minute with "Rostov" leveling the score at the second meeting in a row saved the railroad from defeat Denis Glushakov. Rostovites not have a few minutes to get their first win of the season. [Cut] In this case, the referee Stanislav Sukhina in the second half did not count the other goal of "Locomotive", performed by Renata Yanbaeva. Two games starting judge lifted his third goal of the gate Rostovites. The latest victory in the Premier League, "Rostov" won in the 30th round of the 2007 championship, when Rostov was already doomed to

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KAMAZ presented in Ukraine modernized restyled models

"KAMAZ" for the first time in Ukraine presented the upgraded model restyled KAMAZ vehicles.

"KAMAZ" sees Ukraine as one of the priority markets. The event of this scale company organizes for the first time in Ukraine. Customers and partners waiting for a full program and the possibility of purchasing vehicles with a discount. Their attention the modernized KAMAZ restyled lineup: — On-board vehicle KAMAZ-65115-6010-78 — Dump truck KAMAZ-43255-6010-99 with a capacity of 6.3 cubic meters of body, — 10-kubometrovy truck KAMAZ-65115-6058-78.

Restyling has not only changed the look of the new car lineup. At the

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Nikola Tesla

They say geniuses are sent to Earth Heaven. Everyone — from some of his, a special priority task. But Nikola Tesla, the Lord sent probably too early.

The brilliant inventor who was born in Serbia in the town Smilyan July 9, 1856 g in a family of Orthodox youth in svyaschenika.Uzhe Tesla looked demonic: high growth, emaciation, sunken cheeks, gaze burning eyes. From childhood haunted strange visions: the flash of light invisible to others. He sometimes for many hours immersed in the contemplation of some other, unknown worlds, such bright that confused them with reality. From this madness born almost

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What Women Want

Recent studies have allowed scientists to find out what they want: • to have any man who had thrown the girl, something is shortened an inch. And so every time • If you look closely at the nails, the nail itself would have changed color • In the Army men were taught to dance a slow dance, cook diet food and swaddle babies • Mandatory elements of the game of hockey became a triple toe loop, back flip and rotate in a pose "swallow "• And the players did not have the curves of the legs, but the pants would

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In Russia, the device is designed to prevent the Bladder and Transvaal

Scientists from St. Petersburg developed a system that could help prevent a lot of man-made disasters, including the one that occurred at the nuclear power plant "Fukushima" in Japan. The functioning of such a system is based on the constant control of the deformation structures.

Specialists Research and Education Center opto-electronic instrument and the Department of Optoelectronic Devices and Systems, St. Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO) have developed a system that allows time to identify "weak spots" in the construction of buildings. The authors called their development "opto-electronic warning system of man-made disasters," study

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