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Crisis confident gait is sweeping the planet.

West in horror!

Rejoice only Russian: "Serves them right!"

Western people are wondering, what Russian rejoice? Do not know that our man, even if it is bad, it is still good if another too bad.

Yes, we are! We have a crisis, and he does not run as expected.

In all the countries of Europe are empty theaters and restaurants.

In the place of Russia in the restaurants and cafes, especially in expensive, due to the crisis should be ordered for a month. No places! Everyone eats

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Sitronics for the first time in four years, showed a profit

Controlled by AFK "System» IT-company "Sitronics" in the IV quarter of 2010 for the first time in four years, showed a profit. However, it managed to get largely through contracts with other "daughters" ROS.

In the IV quarter of 2010 "Sitronics" received a $ 19.2 million net profit — for the first time in four years. In October-December, as well as throughout the year, best selling IT-services — revenue in this segment increased by 50% to $ 181.5 million, revenue from sales of microchips has increased by 17% to $ 76.1 million, while sales of telecommunications equipment, on

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Nastiest things from the point of view of children

Dress in that, in what makes mom. To clean clothes in the closet neatly. Cabbage soup is almost one boiled onions. Face of the Web. Wash your shoes after a walk. Tidy up as you killed a cockroach. [Cut] There in the garden soup, in which your eyes drowned fly. Standing in the corner when mom and dad are looking pointedly cartoons. All came to the matinee dressed knights and musketeers, and you — last year’s bunny. Lying in the garden all the quiet time around the sleeping sweetly described the neighbor. Cut your toenails before going to the theater,

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FC Locomotive — FC Rostov 1-1

The capital’s railway workers were unable to keep the winning score in a home game against the "Rostov".

‘Hello! After half an hour in the Luzhniki Stadium will match "Lokomotiv" — "Rostov". Became known to the starting lineups. 0 The teams already in the tunnel and are preparing to enter the field. 0 ‘Before the match will be a minute’s silence in memory of the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. If anyone has forgotten, today’s match — a charity. The entire collection of his "Locomotive" will give the fund to the victims of the disaster. 0

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FC Amkar — FC Locomotive 1-0

In the match of 2nd round SOGAZ-Russian Championship "Locomotive" in Perm met with the local "Amkar". Unfortunately, our team lost by a score of 0:1. The only goal midway through the first half after a corner and bustle at the gates of the Macedonian striker scored Perm Stevica Ristic.

By the statistics can be treated differently. You can recognize patterns and strike for them a quite material evidence base — for example, stylistic differences, and mutual comfort / discomfort in the game of the same opponents. You can, however, consider them ordinary course of events and the whims

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Historical Background

[Img = http://www.tselinaraion.ru/netcat_files/Image/111/vokzal.jpg] The land on which is now located Tselinskii area until 1917 was part of the county Medvezhinskoye Stavropol province and partly — Salle County Areas Don forces. According to these places — from Bataysk to Trade (now — Sal’sk) was built new rail line Don. The grand opening of the movement of trains on this branch was held on March 1, 1916. By the time one of the spans for operational needs station was built, named Celina — the railway station and a few houses for the technical personnel of the station and their families. 18 people

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New heroes Empire

"Avoid those who are trying to undermine your self-confidence. This trait is characterized by small people. A great man, by contrast, inspires you the feeling that you can become great. "

(C) Mark Twain

It’s time to stop cultivating the spirit of hopelessness and despair! …

As you know, a great many so-called "Russian media" is now heavily dependent on grants from foreign countries hostile to us. Therefore, they inspire people view his disability, we are stuffed "porn" criminal "seamy side", paintings of decline. In short — kill spiritually. Judging from the news

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Russian oncologists world’s first conducted a unique operation to transplant organs

The success of the Russian doctors path that took 10 years. For the first time, the world has the opportunity to return the patient to breathe normally, which was several times on the verge of death from cancer. The tumor was struck immediately bronchi and trachea, in return for which the woman transplanted new, grown in the laboratory.

It is almost easy breathing Tatiana Vokhmyanina focused all the attention while only cancer center physicians Russian them. Blokhin. They have no one had time to share what a breakthrough. For the first time in the world in the

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The draft agreement with Brussels approved

The Ukrainian government has approved a draft of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union, the press service of the Cabinet of Ministers.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov at a session of the government called the main risk of signing an agreement with the European Union while the modernization of the economy. "The main risk is that for the modernization of the economy need huge resources and time. For example, to save the Ukrainian automotive industry, we need 3-5 years to a radical modernization ahead of the curve, competitive products at a lower cost

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Ideal option

Farewell monologue head of Goethe-Institute in Novosibirsk Julia Hanscom

The first director of the Goethe Institute in Novosibirsk Julia Hanscom shut down in Siberia — and it is not known whether the returns.


Since the end of 2000s, she oversaw dozens of exhibitions, workshops, conferences and festivals, and the region visited the eminent figures of the cultural and scientific areas of Europe. On the last working day of the khan Sib.fm publishes her thoughts about life in the snow and cold, the long-suffering Russian, local and

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