Farewell to the Russian Academy of Sciences

It starts with a radical reform of the Russian Academy of Sciences

It is time to speak the truth openly and impartially. Today, officials brought up in the past two decades in a myriad of, celebrate the victory. They managed to finally win her over the last island of intellect and reason in Russia — over Academy of Sciences. We plunge into the Middle Ages, the Inquisition and bureaucratic, incompetent, but cruel, impudent, and all acts of immorality.

In great secrecy was preparing a blow to our Academy. In

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In the Kaspersky Lab is calculated to take third place world ranking

In the world there is no country, no matter where used products of this Russian company. Software "Kaspersky Lab" reserved 300 million computers and an average every second user activates four antivirus. 2010 figures have not counted, but at the Laboratory are hoping that the company has for the first time in the history of the world take third place ranking among the manufacturers of protective programs.

Struggle "Kaspersky Lab" with viruses displayed on two screens, and it’s almost a blockbuster in real time. Simple objects reveals a special system, those more complex — "woodpeckers", as they

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On Sakhalin, there were modern seismic

On Sakhalin completely refitted local seismic station. They are equipped with modern sensors and advanced computer programs to predict earthquakes. Only four of these stations around the clock to monitor the area of 3,000,000 square kilometers. Strong signal notifies duty equipment — in the area of responsibility of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk seismic earthquake. This time shift breathed a sigh of relief — it’s just a nuisance. Bowels of the earth while sleeping peacefully.

"Station of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk registers earthquakes around the world, but the zone of responsibility of our branch about 3 million square kilometers," — said the director of the

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Museum of military equipment Battle Glory of the Urals. Aviation



This museum can be safely attributed to places not recommended, but it is strongly recommended to visit. Hundreds of exhibits, many of which are truly unique. Suffice it to say that if all the military equipment collected at the sites of the museum the UMMC "put under the gun," that the military power of this artillery and armored fist of the army will surpass many of the central and western Europe. Since the museum itself is very large, and would like to talk about everything, the report will be divided into three thematic parts. Today

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Lada Kalina-2: details

The network has a detailed description of the changes and test drive Kalina-2, which is offered to your attention.

There is a default legend that when vazovtsami just beginning to build on the platform of Grant Kalina of the first generation, the creative team (we’ll call it so) were divided into two groups. The first group was given a traditional job: to make the concept of a cheap car that meets the needs of its target audience — practical, maintainability, etc. A second group said: here’s a list of automobile GOST, here’s the original platform — and

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Russian 300-mm wafers

Author: Oleg Artamonov

He went into the MSU to an old acquaintance. Familiar engaged in all sorts of nanovoprosami — nanotubes, nanolithography, and the like. Listened to fascinating stories about the shortcomings of multi-electron-beam lithography (it is difficult to focus as much rays, in which will be a big win on time compared with single-beam) and the problems of manufacturing mirrors for deep ultraviolet and X-ray (250 alternating layers with a thickness of 1.8 to 3.4 nm each, ie one coating layer — a few atoms in thickness).

Used at the same time in the

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GalaxTime — program for calculating extraterrestrial time (OS Android)

We present the necessary tools for all mankind in the exploration of space, created by the developers of Moscow. Program to monitor the extraterrestrial time. Listed below are 12 reasons why the world needs this product. The interface is, of course, first of all in Russian.

A mobile application for Android-based phones GalaxTime will adjust the time of any planet, not restricted 365 days per year, or 24 hours in a day, up to ten-thousandths. With the application can also set the time of such planets, where the day is equal to or

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Russian scientists have learned to bake heavy-duty nanoreztsy

Unusual imaging technology for the treatment of heavy-duty cutters metal mastered at one of Moscow. The tool becomes so reliable that strength can compete with synthetic diamonds and at times can reduce the time for processing of metal parts.

"In order to process the white iron carbide previously used. The time it took day or even two. When using our plates time is reduced to a few dozen minutes, "- told RIA Novosti director Sergei book production.

Technology for creating cutting edge begins with the synthesis of powder — CBN. In appearance it resembles powdered

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The main road of the country held elections!

Moscow, April 24

The winners of the national award "CAR OF THE YEAR IN RUSSIA 2013". For the title of best in the 23 classrooms and three special categories "Favorite brand", "New Year" and "Model of the Year" by users auto.ru »fought 385 models, officially presented in Russia at the time of the start of voting. This year, the opinion on which models are worthy of the prestigious title "Car of the Year" in their respective classes, were of 1,369,941 people across Russia.


Best in class "Minivans" recognized as domestic LADA Largus van.

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Bahrain, Sprint — the first victory of Russian Time!

The pilot of the Russian team Russian Time Cem Byrd won the sprint race in Bahrain. Up until the last turn of the British repulsed an attack Felipe Nasr, and still managed to pull out a victory at the Brazilian ahead of negligible at 80 hundredths of a second.

The co-pilot Russian Time, Tom Dilmanov started from pole position but finished in fourth place. 

Broadcasts are on the channel "Sport 1"

Who are interested in the second stage of the GP2 (Bahrain), you can download it here:http://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4416060 

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