Properties of melted butter (ghee)

In all respects, ghee is a unique product. It is interesting to know what is right cooked in ghee sealed condition does not deteriorate. Furthermore, it is more, the greater its therapeutic effect. For example, ghee hundred exposure, a drug rare strength, and in ancient times it was used for the treatment of the Kings.

Ghee Ki (Ghee) — one of the treasures presented to us a sacred animal — cow, has incredible healing properties for the human body:

aids digestion, improves absorption and assimilation processes, does not raise cholesterol. In Vedic times it was called "liquid gold", and

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Interpolitex-2012 was completed showing the combat capabilities of technology

The exhibition "Interpolitex-2012" ended with a grand demonstration of operational and combat capabilities of weapons and special equipment at the test site in the suburban Krasnoarmeisk.

SPC Group IV "Knight" for the first time demonstrated the exercises with armored shields and firing in a particular building under cover of an armored car "Tiger" This year, for the first time in the show was attended by members of DOS "Thunder" Russian Federal Drug Control Service. They showed pairs of combat action And also a reflection of the attack on the protected person and an emergency evacuation under cover of armored vehicles

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What Russia is different from Nigeria

A new and highly informative post from Fritsmorgena. We read, we delve …)

The oppositionist Tech-Nomad posted at classic Russophobe plate over Russia and Nigeria. Like, look how these two backward countries like: the population of 140 million souls, and in general almost the same situation.

To begin, a few words about what Russia really is different from Nigeria.

Russia is now one of the few remaining powers in the world, capable of conducting an independent policy. In fact, if we look at a truly independent country, the list is very short: the U.S., Russia, China … and, perhaps, everything.

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In Syktyvkar peppered puddle-monster

Syktyvkar City Hall after complaints of citizens decided to go to sleep "Puddle-monster" May Day street.

Recall "puddle monster," as it was called visitors "Online Watch", has become an urban legend. Located between the streets of Red partisans and steep it from time to time, "sucking", "ate" and "kill" cars. As previously wrote "KomiOnlayn", this site is the fact May Day entrance to private homeowners, so do not serviced by a company that is working on maintenance of the road network.

Meanwhile, on September 18 in the driver hit a puddle that was going to sue the administration, reported online

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In Kandalaksha officially opened the city’s first traffic light

In Kandalaksha opened the city’s first traffic light. The kids saw earlier electronic regulator except in books, on TV or outside their hometown. Now rebyatney have to remind the general rules of behavior on the road.

Every schoolboy knows — "red light — there is no road, green — walk free." Just to put into practice the knowledge Kandalaksha rebyatnya until some time but could not. There were no traffic lights. Three-eyed pedestrians and other drivers in Kandalaksha installed last week. It took a few days to agree with the road police and other agencies. The right of the

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Soldier gave his savings to children

WWII veteran Mikhail S. Stepanov of Upper Chebula gave their savings to children. Rehabilitation center "change", he gave 100,000 rubles, and the office of the local school physics — 30000. The idea of charity came from Michael Stepanovich is not out of the blue, soldier approached the matter seriously and thoroughly. "At first, he wanted to make a gift to the children’s home and came up with these intentions in our head of the Department of Social Protection. Said," Irina, I want to help the orphanage. "She said that her department’s home, but there are a rehabilitation center. Then

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Time — forward. Issue 11

Hi, guys! I was surprised to find that your wonderful website a previous movie "Time — forward!" the creation of which I have a direct relationship. We were pleased and positive assessment of the work, thank you. This spodviglo me to register here and lay out a new edition, which has just arrived in time.

A few words about the project: these videos I’m doing and voicing, as well as some others. Specifically, this series is created by order of the Russian company "Faberlik." When searching for information helps me cool site "Made us." Therefore we

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New development of KAMAZ

As part of the project "KAMATEYNER" specialists of JSC "KAMAZ" and the NGO "Rostar" developed a new product — the KAMAZ-65117 in a special assembly on air suspension (front and rear).

This element of the machine as the front air suspension, the competition is rare, but on the KAMAZ vehicles used for the first time. The advantage to this suspension spring is that it makes it significantly increases the smoothness, it is possible to adjust the height and tilt of the chassis of the vehicle cabin (in a full stroke within the suspension), and also reduces vibration in the cabin.

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Time, Forward!

Your attention to a new issue heading "Time — forward!" From Faberlic. Get to know the latest news of modernity and interesting stories about the people who live next to us and inspire us by their example. Something that was already on the site, but in this clip all the significant events put together.

I wish you a pleasant viewing!

The center of the Pirogov had surgery with circulatory arrest

Yuri Shevchenko photo from NMHTS them. Pirogov

Unique operation carried out by Academician of the RAMS Yuri Shevchenko and a team of cardiac surgeons NMHTS them. NI Pirogov. In record time — 3 minutes 50 seconds — without cardiopulmonary bypass file deleted the huge (more than 3 cm) with an infected vegetation leaflets with his subsequent plasticity.

After a serious car accident and a long stay in the intensive care and neurosurgical departments in the community patient is 24 years old enrolled in the National Medical Surgical Center. NI Pirogov with septic valve endocarditis in critical

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