LiAZ — Likinskiy Bus Plant

"Blog Trucker" continues a series of photo reports by enterprises Division "Russian Buses — GAZ Group". We present our photos from the Likinsky bus plant. Nestle, the photos will be many.

1. Our tour of the plant begins with the pressing-blanking shop.

2. Here are the longitudinal and transverse cutting of steel coils, as well as all the necessary preparations for cold stamping of future coaches.

3. The line "Halbron."

4. In cold pressing production made facing the body panels, as well as parts and components of the elements of the body shell.

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The bridge over the abyss.

A reflection film on the key stages of the recent history of Russia. Helmsmen, who led the country in the days of destiny.

After 1917, at the helm of power in Russia stood at a different time, Lenin, Stalin, Khrushchev, Brezhnev, Andropov, Chernenko, Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Putin and Medvedev. Together they ruled the country less than one hundred years. Historically, the term miserable, but hardly any other country in the world during that period has survived so many internal and external wars, reform turns in the development and setbacks of the past. Russia — a country

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Marsh success

Marsh success February 1, 2012

February 1, 2012 public organization Russian Citizens Union held the third picketing within the "March of the success." We once again took to the streets to tell the citizens of Russia about the achievements of our country, who are silenced by domestic media.

Russia — the country, not only the potential but also the very real achievements — this is the main message of our campaign.


"We need to recognize that, from the point of view of the weather, to defend the claimed time was not easy. But the proposal to end

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Ice Palace opened in Stavropol Presidential Cadet School

February 3 in the Stavropol Presidential Cadet Academy was inaugurated ice palace.

That being said, the school director Lyudmila Chepelkina, referring to the inmates, the advance guys from the leadership of the country and the Minister of Defense. Now the boys will not only improve their health, but also to master such a manly sport like hockey.Alexei Komarov, director of the St. Petersburg company "Stroy-Impulse", said that the construction of the Ice Palace took more than four months. Arena, or as it is called, the box is less than the "adult" and refers to a type

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The 6th Armored Brigade. Living conditions

In the photo above example barracks, which are home to military brigades. Actually, this is not a barracks and dormitory, as in 2007-2008 was produced in repair of buildings and redevelopment under kubrikovuyu system. Finally got the dorm two types: in one bathroom, one shower per floor, in other facilities in each cockpit. Example of location in one of the tank battalions of 10 people

Recreation room. The brigade received satellite kits "Tricolor TV" on each unit, so every company has the opportunity to watch programs from the basic bundle, and if there

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The village Chubovka (Samara region). Refurbished opened clinic


The word "extreme" for residents Chubovki has long been a synonym for "outpatient department". To find out how the child is gaining weight or prescription, you had a long time to gather his courage. In order to support the local spirit, which gave off a damaged sewer pipes. However, if the street was raised a strong wind, the problem solved itself — the same draft and walked into the office. Add to these problems are two more — with water and electricity and get a complete portrait of the rural health facilities.

Now clinic flaunts plastic windows,

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Revenue UkrSpetsExport the first time exceeded a billion dollars

General Director of Ukroboronprom Dmitry Salamatin said that this year’s total revenue GC Ukrspecexport and its affiliated companies from commodity-mediation for the first time exceeded $ 1 billion

Modernization of Medicine in the Krasnoyarsk Territory

The federal program to modernize health care in Russia’s 2 nd year. During this time, the edge was 14 billion rubles. Some of the money went to the repair of hospitals — now capitally repaired 90 institutions, and some — for equipment, which is particularly lacking in the areas of the province.

The main objective of modernization — to make quality and affordable medicine. Not to carry patients from villages to the regional center, are inter-district, where the specialist qualifications, and the technique is also at altitude. And the first results are already there. The birth

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Russian Knights at the air show in Bahrain

I offer you a selection of photos from the performance of "Russian Knights" at an air show in Bahrain.

Airshow in Bahrain Sakhir Airbase, a second time, and for the first time in four years, "Russian Knights" took part in an international show.

In the background, SSJ-100 "Armavia".

In Bahrain flew four sides of the Su-27 — 04, 08, 10 and 16. Of course, accompanied by IL-76, which arrived on board a lot of equipment and technicians from the Cuban women.

At the opening of the chalet and cabin aircraft "Russian Knights" was visited by the

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Carport Northern Fleet added a new technique


For the first time in 20 years in the Northern Fleet (NF), there was a qualitative renewal of commercial motor vehicles. In 2011 the fleet from producers received about 400 cars, which is 3 times more than in the supply of new equipment in recent years.

Among trucks — several modifications Urals and KAMAZ, among which there are also all-wheel drive tractors designed for use in the Far North. First of all new cars are equipped with coastal forces SF units and warehouses missiles and artillery.

As the head of the armored car-service SF Colonel

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