Carport Northern Fleet added a new technique


For the first time in 20 years in the Northern Fleet (NF), there was a qualitative renewal of commercial motor vehicles. In 2011 the fleet from producers received about 400 cars, which is 3 times more than in the supply of new equipment in recent years.

Among trucks — several modifications Urals and KAMAZ, among which there are also all-wheel drive tractors designed for use in the Far North. First of all new cars are equipped with coastal forces SF units and warehouses missiles and artillery.

As the head of the armored car-service SF Colonel

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In WEST equipped with Russia’s first radio-controlled shooting range

December 20, 2011. The first in the Russian army troop completely radio-controlled shooting range was commissioned in the Western Military District (WEST), said Acting Spokesperson Major General Vladimir WEST Drobyshevskiy.


— At the burial ground near the village of Sapper Leningrad region on Tuesday was first deployed in the Armed Forces troop shooting a new type. Its radio-controlled system PSO-R allows you to have a target in depth, and on the front, to manage the situation in accordance with the plan manager exercises at any time of the day, record the passage of borders armor. —

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Rostov beat Metallurg

[Img =] [img =] [b] " Metallurg-Kuzbass "-" growth "- 0:1. Goal: Akimov, 25 [/ b] [cut] Overcoming the route is long enough, "Rostov" arrived in Novokuznetsk on the eve of the match. Western Siberia has met wards Oleg Dolmatova warm weather, but on game day there was a heavy rain, which stopped almost true with the starting whistle Mikhail Semenov. Top match in Novokuznetsk preceded by a ceremony in memory of those killed in South Ossetia. The final chord of the event were released white doves into the sky symbolizing world peace. As part of "Rostov" debuted

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How to put a child to sleep

A guarantee that the child will not have problems with sleep — a parent-child ritual retreat to bed. It may include the adoption of a baby bath, a quiet game, reading one or two stories at night lullaby. Remember that all of these steps must be performed in the same manner and at the same time every evening. Clarity and measured calms the child and sets it to sleep.

Tamara (daughter Natasha 2 years):

Of course, a couple of hours before bedtime to stop all noisy and outdoor games, tune in to a calm, measured rhythm. When my

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Rocks were promised the earth instant coup field

People are used to having such large-scale changes as the redrawing of the continents or climate are slow. One generation it is difficult to evaluate them, and sometimes simply overlooked. But here's discovery: a grand event — the reversal of the magnetic poles — perhaps even by the standards of people almost instantly. And such a focus can turn the home planet before our eyes.

Recently, Scott Baugh (Scott Bogue) of the Los Angeles Occidental College (Occidental College) And Jonathan Glen (Jonathan Glen) of the U.S. Geological Survey (US Geological Survey) Studied the ancient igneous rocks in the

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Astronauts see creatures from parallel worlds




Another 10-I2 years ago, our Soviet cosmonauts and American astronauts were assured that with nothing supernatural there they never met. Only in recent years have become closer to the secret quite incredible events that took place in the cosmos … 1985 Space station "Salyut-7" with six astronauts

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Underwater Ninja

"Reconnaissance Commando is a man without nerves. This is a suicide bomber. His life does not belong to him or his parents, it belongs to the Motherland "- the words of the oath of the Special sea Intelligence Navy submarine GRU.Until now, that is not a lot known about the secret units of underwater saboteurs, spies. Even in retirement, years later, they keep their mouths shut. Indeed, in the case of war, they will have to fight before it began — leak on another area and destroy the enemy military targets, killing radars missiles, anti-submarine warfare eliminate the system.Do

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Archaeologists study ancient complex near the city of Ur



A group of archaeologists from the University of Manchester announced the beginning of the excavations in Iraq, a huge complex of old, the age of which can be 4 thousand years. Its research scientists began after the unusual structure was detected on the satellite image.


According to the researchers, the construction of an administrative center, located in one of the oldest cities in the world. The

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Flooding in southern Spain

Flooding in southern Spain, Natural disasters

As a result of floods, triggered by rains that had come suddenly withered in the heat of many months of the Spanish land, drowned 10 people, and about 600 people were forced to evacuate. Accident took place in the provinces of Murcia and Almeria in the south-east of Spain and Malaga in the south. 52-year-old British citizen, the number of lists of missing persons in Almeria. Five others missing, fortunately, found alive by rescuers.

Under the pressure of the water gushing from the rivers spilled, was demolished road bridge, which at that

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The history of recycling has 13 thousand years

History recycling totals 13,000 years, scientists have proved

Recycling and explore options for re-use of already used things — a very popular and useful activity today. But as a new study, "recycling", or processing involved since time immemorial.

Researchers from two universities in Catalonia, Spain, found that people were trying to deal with the growing volume of waste and have tried to recycle waste. Excavations carried out at one of the sites of the Upper Paleolithic in Tarragona, showed that their old tools and things that people often take apart, which, after use to create new tools. Most

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