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The Mummy Returns




I'm sure many watched the famous film by Stephen Sommers "Mummy" the adventures of treasure hunters in the Sahara Desert in 1925. Stumbled on an ancient tomb, adventurers unwittingly set free the forces of evil, which for three thousand years of lurking in the body of an Egyptian priest who was executed. Condemned to eternal existence

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In Australia, the improved system of tsunami warning

In Australia, the improved system of tsunami warning Facts

In the coming months in Australia will be launched a new tsunami warning system, while unique in its kind. The system will allow scientists to more accurately predict the time and location of the tsunami hit, based on the seismic characteristics of earthquakes occurring in the Indian Ocean and the Indonesian archipelago. Sensors will be installed warning systems in the Pilbara region in the west of Australia.

Specially designed and placed network of seismographs to record the strength and duration of the shock, trying to catch even the smallest

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Places of Power in the Crimean mountains




Power rings Meganom and mysteries of Kara-Dag

Cape Megan located near Sudak and externally, seemingly unremarkable. Neutral coastal landscape, rocky ground, bushes yes fescue-feather grass carpet. However, since at first glance. An experienced eye investigator on this carpet will soon find a strange yellowish band thickness of

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Who is not meant to be hung …




In Sydney unknown robbers stole a bag of gold and silver coins. The actual loss due to theft not exceeding two hundred dollars, but the thieves had treated harshly tucked, to his misfortune, the constable, and he died of his wounds.

Sydney police immediately wanted to avenge the

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Russia for the first time ahead of America in the birth rate (Forbes, USA)

For the first time in a very long time, in 2012, the birth rate in Russia has exceeded the birth rate in the United States.

But more recently, the U.S. overtook Russia for this indicator is 75%, writes Forbes columnist Mark Adomanis.

According to Rosstat, in Russia in 2008, the birth rate has increased by 10%. At the same time, according to the U.S. Department of zdravoohreneniya in the States it has fallen by 9%. At first glance, it may seem strange, writes Adomanis. But though the Russian economy and affected by the financial crisis, the

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Hitlers Beer Hall Putsch

1923 Germany was remembered as a year of crisis. This was justified because of the apathy of defeat in war, the crisis in the economy and the terrible inflation. As a consequence, has swept across the country a wave of demonstrations and strikes. The situation became even worse after the French occupied the Ruhr. It was then in Germany, the party led by Adolf Hitler signed a contract with the Conservatives in the overriding Bavaria, and prepared to oppose the government in Berlin. In Hitler was his own example, and his inspiring which he wanted to repeat that it was

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Prospects for Turkish economic miracle

Understanding people say that coffee shops in Istanbul, where the recent announcements made open a discussion reigns completely optimistic mood. "Turkey does not need Europe," — that's the main theme of tea and coffee conversations.

In the global media are increasingly appears the term "Turkish economic miracle." These are not empty words: history of success in Turkey — one of the more noticeable of success stories of the last decade. Economic configuration in Turkey is very significant. In 2001, the economy of this country was on the verge of collapse: inflation have gained 80 percent a year, while the Turkish

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Lets open the second door?




Whenever the turn of the year for some reason all the covers certain itching, which can be called a "passion for the evaluation." On the one hand, that, in fact, that? Well, made a complete revolution around the Sun 5.98 x 1021 tons of various minerals, so

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Russian-American Company Techno-Service started construction of a plant for production of formalin

Russian-American Company "Techno-Service" started construction of a plant for the production of formaldehyde and urea-formaldehyde concentrate / MB / on-site Sverdlov Plant in Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod region. The company is building the production of "turn-key", performing the full range of construction, equipping and decommissioning at full capacity.


Today, the foundation of the future production of a time capsule was laid, symbolizing the start of construction, and hammered the first piles. The production is designed to produce 10 thousand tons of formalin and 5 tonnes of CFC per year. Construction is scheduled for completion

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Perm has overcome the crisis

As reported by the business portal of Perm, in the near future the unemployment rate dropped significantly in Perm and went to the pre-crisis level. Today, the number of proposals far exceeds the number of unemployed registered with the local employment service.

With all this work and jobs in Perm offered in most professions on their own construction industry: a need for this time carpenters, masons, drivers, plasterers, laborers. The demand for these jobs up to 80%, but the number of unemployed people seeking careers according to the employment service, is only one-third of the total number of

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