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Permanent war — is the natural state of civilization

The war — such as natural state civilization, like the world, because only a phase of its life cycle, some of the world total and the procedure of formation of its modern architecture, a change of existing paradigms, roles and resources, including resources of the global (regional and municipal) administration.

War is not an alternative world, it is — the process of realization of its potential.

War and world — only stages of being subjects of human society (for example, the population of the earth, and power), which is the paradigm of reference (the scheme) world-war existence. With all

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United Kingdom: The Earth experienced global warming




British scientists reported that they were able to find out exactly how the Earth got rid of a short, but strong global warming that occurred at the time of the dinosaurs. Mass dumping of rocks in the sea unleashed certain substances which were connected with carbon dioxide, causing

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Russian startup won a silver medal at the competition Intel Global Challenge

Russian startup Maxygen, has developed an innovative system for mobile DNA diagnostics, won a silver medal at the international competition of technological entrepreneurs Intel Global Challenge (IGC), the final of which was held on Thursday in the California city of Berkeley.


This is the first victory of the Russian team in the competition, held this year for the seventh time. IGC competition focused on startups with original technological developments that are going to bring their product to the mass market. In the semi-finals in California attended by three dozen teams from around the world, pre-selected during

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The turning point for Syria

Syria — country, conflict in what will soon become a prerequisite for large-scale information war and constant discussions. Not surprisingly, that the condition of the continuing flow of heresy against the Syrian government by the Western media is very hard to realize that in fact still going on in the old country, which has recently time has become one of the most prosperous states Near East. But, despite all the efforts to conceal a turning point in the Syrian conflict failed.

It's no secret that everything that happens in Syria more resembles a protracted counter-terrorist operation on a national

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Canada: Professor opened the sixth sense




Interesting possibilities thirds of humanity discovered the famous Canadian psychologist: people may notice something not knowing what. Visible, but in this case — not visible. This ability is called a conscious visual perception and even a sixth sense. The scientist himself until he has no idea what

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U.S. scientists have found out when snakes lost their legs




The question of when the first snakes were separated from their families — lizards — worried scientists for centuries. The first of its kind study, analyzed the genes of all living families of lizards, found that there were snakes on land, not in the ocean. Nicolas Vidal

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Enchanted places no witches — Mystery of Time




"In fact, what is known is not good, One unknown need. " (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe).

One of the most common misconceptions of our time says: Time constant everywhere.

But … if that were the case, our home planet would

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Passing through walls




Our ancestors once dreamed of the marvelous ability to walk through walls. It seems that the dream of mankind reach. Karl Heinz Rippel of Planck Institute — one of the leading German physicists working on a unified field theory. Without going into the details — the essence

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1st Global. Funny inventions

Inventions are made at the front of a good life is not — or not yet forgotten rear inventors and designers to invent that or other useful thing before the war, we have to take up the case by the fighters. Well, in the rear of time hostilities engineering idea, too, pounding the — war engine of progress. In the end, the light appears numerous noteworthy devices and projects. Most of them are fully operational, some even ahead of their time, and some — refer to the level of curiosities. But they all fall to the pages of the military

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The first global, Eastern Front, 1914-1917

Kutepov led the 2nd Battalion of the Life Guards Regiment. 1916

Medical officer of the 17th Infantry Division. 1916

The officers and soldiers of the 95th Infantry. Krasnoyarsk first front-line regiment celebrates Easter

Attack of the 1st Battalion of the 14th Regiment of Grenadiers of Georgia time shrapnel fire. 1915 g

Headquarters 255th Regiment Akerman 64th Division on the positions in the Carpathian Mountains near the village of "Bryazy"

Caught deserters

Two hundred and 20 5-Battalion of the Russian army

Substitutes on collecting Fri

Two cooks and a company. (Soldier's Ball). May 1915 g

Camp shelf

The pilot

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