In Turkey, during a football match landslide

January 28, 2013. At least seven people were killed on Monday night in the south-east Turkey when the landslide on gridiron, where a time held match between local teams of amateurs.

The incident occurred in the town of Sirnak (GoogleMap) — The administrative center of the homonymous province, reports Agence France-Presse. According to eyewitnesses, caused by rains landslide hit gridiron, breaking the wall surrounding the stadium.

As noted, the victims of disaster are the athletes and spectators. Three people were injured, one is still missing.

Source: Rosbalt

Russian kerlingistki for the second time became champions of Europe

Russian Women's Curling Team for the second time in the history of the European Championships won gold, beating Scotland in the final team.

Russian kerlingistki

MOSCOW, Dec. 15 — R-Sport. Russian Women's Curling Team for the second time in history won gold European Championship, beating Scotland in the final team.

The crucial meeting, which took place on Saturday in the Swedish Karlstad, ended with the score 6:5. Russians drew up a victory in the first extra-endemic.

Russian women's team at the tournament are as follows: Anna Sidorova, Ludmila Privivkova, Margarita Fomina, Ekaterina Galkina and reserve player Nkeiruka Ezeh.

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In Taiwan, the raging typhoon. Video


03.08.12.Zhertvami typhoon "Saola" in Taiwan were 5 people. These are preliminary data. The second struck the island in August brought Hurricane of 1800 mm. rainfall resulted in landslides in many areas, destroyed many homes and left without light 190,000 households. Although to date the typhoon weakened, forecasters warn that rainfall in the coming days will continue.

Typhoon "Saola" hit Taiwan at night. The first hit county Hualyansyulin. Strong rainfall led to the landslide.

"It began at half past three. At first the water flowed gently, I ran to wake people and suddenly — a powerful stream. Only realized

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Solar flares class M 3.2 January 19. Video


Uploaded Skyywatcher88, date: 19.01.2012

20.01.12.Vchera about 8:00 pm Moscow time on the Sun was recorded one of the largest mass ejections in the past few years. The event occurred on the side of the Sun facing the Earth, had a wide beam pattern (almost 180 degrees), so that part of its strike force, is likely to have on our planet.

Heading to Planet Earth Photo from:

Explosive processes in the solar atmosphere began about 17:30 Moscow time. At about 20:00 X-ray flux from this region peaked — around this time, apparently, there was a separation of

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Smoking during pregnancy

Smokepregnancy bad, is simply unacceptable, because of frail children are born: they weigh little, get sick often. Know all about it. Not long ago, scientists have shown that a child still in the mother's womb accustomed to nicotine, the risk of becoming heavy smokers with a psychotic criminal tendencies and the "cleft palate".

From stories

Paradoxically, the dangers of smoking mankind has known only50th XX century, and before that even doctors have been one hundred percent sure that tobacco is harmless. However, the vague suspicion that children do better yet not to abuse nicotine, crept. Not for nothing

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Scientists have uncovered the secret of the other world


Sensational revelations physicist Vladimir Efremov, miraculously returned from the dead

Leading designer of OKB "Impulse" Vladimir Yefremov died suddenly. Went to cough down on the sofa and died. Relatives did not at first understand what happened terrible.

Thought rested. Natalie first came out of his stupor. Touched his brother's shoulder

— Volodya, what's wrong?

Efremov helplessly fell on its side. Natalia tried to find a pulse. Heart stopped beating! She began to do CPR, but his brother was not breathing.

Natalia, a doctor herself, she knew that the chances of escaping are reduced by the minute. Tried to "make"

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Courses for pregnant women

During the first nine months of the expectant mother has to learn a lot of things related to pregnancy, childbirth and child care. Ways to educate many, and one of the most popular — is the school (or courses) for pregnant women.

There are two types of schools for pregnant women: public and private. Public schools — are courses at the antenatal clinic or hospital. The range of services to them is quite limited: you will explain how to eat, talk about the way of life intime pregnancy, informed of the birth process (perhaps, will show the film),

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19.06.12.Massovaya death of sheep in Tatarstan



19.06.12.Chto this? Malice or curse? FARMS damage of 300 thousand rubles.

The village Kalmurzino Menzelinsky district suffered a family business: a day lost nearly half of the livestock — 53 sheep. After that incident, local residents are afraid to leave the cattle in the yard, put out to pasture. What caused the mass deaths of animals, we find out, my colleague.

Alfia Gazizova, farmer: "Here is a barn full of all we had. There were small 2 calf, 5 poisoned, only two were left. "

Every time Alfia Gazizova includes the barn, her beating heart. Woman is

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22.06.12. Fish kill in the Belgorod region


Photo from:

22.06.12.V river Oskol in Sorokino again registered a massive fish kills — Hundreds of representatives of the water world, from fry to large tailed, floating belly up, otsvechivaya scales.

And it seems again that environmental crime will go unpunished …

Charged situation like a blueprint to that was a year ago. Again in June, Sorokin, again all was right after the shower, which was held at the peak of the hot weather …

At five in the morning, fishermen noticed that the river flow is floating dead fish. Pike, perch, rudd, pike perches, ides, minnows,

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U.S. struggling with snowstorms

U.S. struggling with blizzards Weather and Climate

Strong winter storm can in no time Christmas plans upset Americans. Tension is felt in the transport systems and in postal services and express delivery services that can not work effectively if the storm will intensify. All of them were actively resort to meteorologists, as a series of delays in correspondence in connection with the deteriorating weather has already occurred.

Snow storm really has great potential, and therefore the 16 U.S. states from New Mexico to Wisconsin and Michigan announced a warning about the dangers of different strength. In the Rocky

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