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In the spring we will be able to see the sky at the same time two comets




Astronomers now watching the approach to the Earth of the two comets that promise quite a rare sight. While the comet C/2001 Q4 (NEAT) and C/2002 T7 (LINEAR) are only visible through a telescope. But at the end of April, the comet C/2001 Q4 on its brightness

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Natalia Vetlitskaya: time is short


5.11.11.Vot us all hihanki hahanki yes, and today one person came from a very special place and told me that in fact it is. A case, it turns out, things are more than serious, and if the humanoid in the coming year does not come to their senses and will continue to do more and madness in its complete bessoznanke, then there will be such disasters on a global scale, that little nobody seems. And it is not fake and not a glitch, but the reality of today. Pray, gentlemen, time is short.

Source: n-vetlitskaya.livejournal

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The Russian company started the implementation of an interactive mirror of its own design

Videozerkalo mode display of goods

Company "The Third Millennium"Developed an innovative hardware-software complex" Videozerkalo "allows you to play on the screen, the image of the buyer, choosing clothes or shoes with any desired angle.

Videozerkalo equipped with a wide range of marketing tools that promote products, increase the conversion of visitors and increase turnover of trade enterprises.

In terms of positioning, the company's decision can be attributed to the class of so-called interactive mirrors, functionality and potential applications are increasing day by day.

Interactive mirrors are not new in the

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Year on the air


December 24 exactly one year since the foundation of the blog, and therefore all the same managed to finish up a modest anniversary, during which time published 3302 record, 3219 comments at the time of writing a post total Number of Views internal statistics totaled 569,526, the highest number of views per day fell on August 1, while the number was 10 420.

Until the end of 2011 there are not too many, what surprises us still will have to go through is not yet known, but the fact that they will, in no doubt, that

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COMMANDMENT (Rudyard Kipling)


Control myself among a crowd of confusion, You swearing for all the confusion. Believe in myself, in spite of the universe, And faith, let their sin. Let the hour is not broke, do not wait for tired, Let the lying liars, does not condescend to them Learn to forgive and not to seem forgiving, Generous and wise friend

Learn to dream, can not become a slave of Dreams And to think, thought not to deify; Meet equal success and a taunt, Not forgetting that their voice liar. Stay quiet when your same word Cripples knave, to hunt the fools

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Not dull aphorisms


Scrap bones soars. Who was nothing — got quite. Pretty little business — a young body! The air did not notice until it will not spoil … As if the weather had called to nature is not to offend. Do not know how to fly — not to soil the sidewalk. Better small dollar than many thanks! And the old woman is porn. Kick — it's the same cuff, just down the hall. I still have 50 grams of investment and I would be real estate. Wind up, a woman with a cart, the mare in shock. What you

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Electro-version of the nature of UFOs




Continuing the theme of de-energizing cities

Eugene Yu.Sidorov

The end of 2003 was marked in Latvia interesting anomalous event that can help researchers to look at the nature of the "generation" UFO with several other positions. December 6, 2003, the place of action — settlement Plakanciems Riga

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Odessa filmed UFOs. Video


3.11.11.Odessit managed to photograph the maneuvers of unidentified flying objects. Victor Peychev said he saw something outside the window is bright and dazzling at first thought it was a flare.

"Then Close supervision — for lighting rockets it is very large, that is, it has a diameter of 15 centimeters — 20, and that such as emissions in different directions. And it's — I look kind of like hanging hung over the house, "- says the man.

He grabbed the camera and began to take the smooth movement of the object from the south to the north.


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Hurricane in Ivanovo. Video. Photo


20.06.11.Vchera passed in the next hurricane? Honestly, I was waiting for him a week ago.

Recently, I began to notice that the hurricanes in our area are almost at the same time. Searching the Internet for dates and that's what I got!

According to the schedule you next hurricane (tornado) had to wait on 13-14.06.2011, but everything went according to your script! Schedule a bit jumped up! Okay … take into account the next time! In the meantime, look at what happened yesterday in the city:

Videos uploaded by user sergeymashkevich, date: 20.06.2011

Author: Sergei

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California’s time to wash out


Suffer a "golden state" the fate of Atlantis?

Sixteen major tectonic plates of the planet is in motion. The fact that they do not stand still, we are reminded of the earthquake, which resulted in the last 7 years have killed more than half a million people. The most devastating were shaking the ground in Southeast Asia in 2004, Haiti in 2010 and in Japan in early March.

Where is the next can occur a powerful burst of energy to the surface of the Earth's crust? One of the most unstable places tectonic scientists believe the San Andreas

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