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Fish kill in the Rostov region. Photo


26.07.11.Bereg Broad River in the Rostov region again strewn with dead fish. Now experts are finding out what caused the environmental disaster this time.

First became alarmed residents of the street of Kalinin. They saw a dead fish on the river wide. People are asked to investigate the situation as soon as possible, because in the river to bathe their children come to the watering pets, not to mention a favorite spot for fishermen.

Deputy Head of Aquaculture Department Rosselkhoznadzor PO Galina Nizova heard mass death of fish in the river from Broad correspondent "BV".

— This information will

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Lyme Vajkule: I envy yogis




— The only place where I really feel comfortable — my Riga apartment. I call my home, "dog", because that's where my three dogs, all is possible. They are everywhere shoved his nose, lying on couches and chairs, and no one ever they are not curbed. Although

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Production Superjet in Komsomolsk-on-Amur

Marina Lystseva, she fotografersha, in his blog, is divided chic photographs of assembly plants Superjet and impressions of what he saw.

50 pictures under the cut.

Sixth visit in Komsomolsk-on-Amur aviation plant and KNAAZ happened, in less than five years after my last visit here, when the plant was still called KnAAPO. When just beginning production Superjet, I raided here every six months as tassovskogo photojournalist.

On inspection and survey of DSP (final assembly shop) we had only one day, which I was not enough. So I supplemented her story photo from

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Volokolamsk found the remains of an alien





This — the skull. Ears — tube. Gaping round hole — like the nose-trunk. Instead of empty eye sockets — ivory balls. We considered this "something" with the same curiosity as Valery Kurchatov, when found in a forest in autumn grass this piece of "extraterrestrial

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ANDREW LEE ON THE SPOT emergency: a microphone and a video camera — his main weapon against barabashek


Comet Elenin. Video


22.07.11.Za short time astronomer discovered two comets. And this despite the fact that, apparently, in the foreseeable part of the solar system, all openly. Now researchers are looking at the objects in the pictures and waiting. Soon one of the comet passes near the Earth.

Point of lines in the middle of the screen — a scientific discovery. Incredible. Because after 20 years of silence in the sky this is the second new comet in six months and because the second comet discovered this same scientist that first.

"The pictures of opening it to look like a very faint

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Magnitude 6.7 earthquake in Japan


23.06.11.Na northeast of the island of Honshu on Thursday at 06.51 local time (01.51 Moscow time) there was a strong earthquake of magnitude 6.7. The National Meteorological Administration announced a tsunami threat, the data on the destruction specified.

The epicenter was located in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Iwate Prefecture, his focus lies at a depth of about 20 kilometers beneath the ocean floor. The most powerful tremors have been recorded in the prefectures of Aomori, Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima, in whose territory the emergency plant "Fukushima-1". In the same area are a number of other nuclear

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Dreams can warn about health problems

We rarely entrust dreams. And for good reason! Scientists have shown that during sleep the brain areas activated by those who are not working during our waking hours.

You want to know who this Xenia Lystsov and what the National Agency for Strategic Programs? In that case, you need to visit LiveJournal

During the activity, they send electrical impulses that are perceived at a subconscious level and affect the "picture" during the holidays. But now the emphasis is on prevention-related diseases, because during sleep your "talk"

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Production of building a series of Strong

Arcas Buildings Series Strong" have in its base frame by frame basis of variable rigidity. This allows for optimal weight indices section, and thus save time and money. On the basis of these skeletons are made industrial buildings, logistics centers and warehouses, sports facilities, agricultural facilities, showrooms and offices.


high technology and the ability to fully automate the production;

resistance to dynamic loads and temperature;

supply SKD elements, which reduces the time and cost of transportation;

seriality: buildings can be single or multi-span;

can be equipped

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Defense companies put claims on the GOZ-2012 to 20 billion rubles

RIA Announcements. Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation for 2012 exposed the claims of defense companies on state defense orders worth 20 billion rubles, said Thursday the head of department defense procurement Defense Minister Andrei Vernigora.

"Control over the execution of defense procurement carried out constantly. If in 2011 we put the claim in the amount of 24.2 billion rubles, that since the beginning of this year exposed these claims to the amount of 20 billion rubles, "- said Vernigora at a meeting of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security.

He explained that the question of

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