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Latvia has seen phalarope simous


Foto: Omar Runolfsson / cc

11.01.12.V Latvia for the first time in the winter season 2011-2012. Seen simous phalarope. By danym ornithologists, bird seen on January 10 in Riga, on the pier Mangalsala.

Phalarope Ploskonos met in Latvia before, but the first time it failed to notice it in the winter.

For the first time in our part of the bird saw the October 3, 1997.

Red Phalarope nest in the South Island of New Earth, in the tundra of Siberia, from the mouth of the Yenisei to the Chukchi Peninsula and the Gulf of Anadyr, the New

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5.8 earthquake in New Zealand. Video


23.12.11.Zemletryasenie a magnitude of 5.8 occurred today in New Zealand. Its epicenter was 25 kilometers from the city of Christchurch in the South, which is severely affected by this disaster earlier this year.

This time, the tremors did not cause damage and casualties, but led to a power failure. Left without electricity for about 15 thousand people. The earthquake was suspended Christchurch International Airport. According to authorities, one person injured. It hit the store shelves.

Local residents were seriously scared:

"It was pretty quick, but sharp. Previously, I did not see him. I was afraid that the ceiling

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representative of this group is a descendant of Prince Garsevan signatory George treatise — the great Georgian poet Ilya Chavchavadze, a close relative of Nina Chavchavadze — Griboyedov wife; contemporaries as a joke even drew his sword in one hand and a small volume of Belinsky to another. He is joined by a lot of good young Georgians, such as Tsereteli Nikoladze etc. They all felt themselves as Georgians and Russian nobles. 

In the XIX century, the degree of interpenetration of Georgians living in Russia is becoming so great that they start russifyi names. The same process

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7.3 Earthquake in Turkey


Magnitude Mw 7.3 Region EASTERN TURKEY Date time 2011-10-23 10:41:22.0 UTC Location 38.86 N; 43.48 E Depth 10 km Distances 42 km N Van (pop 371,713; local time 13:41:22.7 2011-10-23) 21 km SE Ercis (pop 91,915; local time 13:41:22.7 2011-10-23)

Source: EMSC

In Turkey, after an earthquake collapsed house, there are people under the rubble

ANKARA, Oct. 23 — RIA Novosti. After a major earthquake in the Turkish city of Van hit a seven-story building, the debris are people who said the mayor of the city on the TV channel NTV.

Earthquake of magnitude 6.6 occurred

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NASA: We stand on the threshold of Maunder Minimum … and the Ice Age?

The annual average number of sunspots for 400 years (1610-2010). Source: provided NASA Marshall Space Flight Center.

January 15, 2013. There are no comments first NASA report, predicting a new "Glacial period. " One of them Washingtons Blog.

All climate scientists agree that Sun to some extent affect the Earth's climate. They just disagree as to whether the sun or man-made causes have a large effect on the weather.

In 2011, we noted: "This week, scientists from NASA and the Air Force Research Laboratory found — to their surprise — that the solar activity is declining, and

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The truth about astrology! What more truth or falsehood




RII "Razor"

With a total lack of confidence in astrology nothing is more frustrating as a missing deaf ears horoscope. Business or personal, children or political — is forecast for every taste. Have you ever asked the question of who, how and on what basis is

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In search of receipts

Scientist Emanuel Swedenborg, who lived in the eighteenth century, considered the founder of spiritualism. In his own words, he is well seen by means of "second sight."

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One of his most famous multiple sessions of telepathy and clairvoyance, occurred in 1759, on July 19. Scientist amazed and brought all into confusion by telling about the fire, which was raging at the time and swept away

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Elektrochelovek. Lively generator of electricity!

Continuing the theme of hidden possibilities of the human body, and this time tell you about elektrolyudyah. Who are they? It's simple — it's the people that "lives" is quite familiar to us from your electricity! There are not many and they try not to advertise themselves, so as not to fall into the hands of experimental scientists. But some I will tell you. For starters check out this video, in which you'll see an unusual Chinese doctor providing treatment by his inexplicable ability. And yet, he knows how to ignite objects simply raising a

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Children of Nature

Since the time of the famous twins Romulus and Remus — the ones that founded the legendary Rome, which, according to the old legend, a she-wolf suckled, appeared many incredible stories about children who were able to survive the harsh conditions of the wild nature.

Did you know that from 1 July 2012 adopted new fines? Do you want to know them? Then, you will help to chart the traffic police fines, 2012, which can be found on the portal

In 1799, in August, in France, near Aveyron, people found

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To get food to survive on the go



One of my favorite methods of finding food while honing survival skills — what I call "food on the go." This simple but effective way requires a little extra energy on the part of surviving, in exchange for a generous and nutritious reward.


You are going from point A to point B, perhaps, seek help. Seeking food should be right on your way, and take a minimum of time and effort to collect. You do not deviate from the course for the prosecution if production

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