Black holes devour people




150 people disappeared within one minute. Eyewitnesses saw quite clearly how people have come to the valley shimmering mist enveloped. Then the mass of muddy rose up and disappeared into the sky, and with it disappeared the first battalion of the 5th Norfolk Regiment British Army —

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Modular ships of the future

A lot of things related to key development issues one way or another industry, discusses the often privately. Yet, sometimes some participants in these discussions after meetings behind closed doors reveal Zahav lurking and say some detailed discussion. For disk imaging «Izvestia» on nedavneshnem meeting Russian fleet commanders and representatives of the shipbuilding industry prospects open a discussion of the current concept of creation and the ability to move ships to the modular construction principle. According to the publication, the issue is almost resolved in favor of the modular system. In the near future in our defense industry there

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PE in Mogilev: ball lightning?


25.07.11.Fizicheskaya nature of ball lightning is still not known, but its ability to suddenly appear and disappear, to pass through the glass walls and caused the appearance of absolutely fantastic hypothesis that it is a living, and maybe even a sentient being!

July 12 morning boded nothing unusual for residents of private residential sector, located in the city of Mogilev. Some habitually going to work, others were engaged in economic affairs on its own courtyard, when a black pall over the sky hangs a cloud began to rain, thunder sounded.

Suddenly appeared in the homes of pressing on the

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On the strangeness of Mongol invasion

In December 1237 — January 1238, the troops of Batu vtorlis within the Ryazan principality, after 5-day storm took Ryazan and moved on to the Vladimir-Suzdal Rus. The fragmentation of the Russian land is not permitted to collect a single army and give battle. Any land, the Principality of acting without the help of others, and eventually started so called period of "Mongol yoke" — allegiance from the power of the king of the Golden Horde, the country stretching out on a large area of the Danube as far as Siberia.

But before modern Russian people raise questions and not

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NEW RUSSIAN VDV tested unmanned systems

  Troop tests compact razvedkompleksa «Seeker» with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) Russian production, conducted on behalf of the Commander of the Airborne Troops (VDV), culminated in the Tula region, said to RIA Novosti on Friday, the commander of the 106th (Tula) Airborne Division, Colonel Vladimir Kochetkov.   «Completed tests with complex UAV» Seeker «performed by order of the commander of the Navy. During the test command and officers Connection developers expressed a number of comments and suggestions on the modernization of the complex in accordance with the requirements of combat introduction Airborne «, — he said.   According to the

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On the Russian style of martial arts

When our army begin to associate with the U.S. and other armies of the world, I time I remember the story that occurred in time my life in a group of Russian troops in Germany about 30 years ago.

In the 70's it was decided to organize the armies of friendly competition. I served in the artillery and then one day I happened to be in the championship, which was held between our brotherly part and German, which had armed with the same guns and tractors.

Apart from running around and fire-arms, in the program included the following exercises: tractor,

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Talas raging in Primorye. Video


6.09.11.Tayfun "Talas" fell on the night of the Primorye vtornik.Bez electricity were several thousand villagers Chernigovka.

Strong winds and heavy rain knocked out two fidera.Po to forecasters, "Talas" will remain on the territory of Primorye until Wednesday. After that, it will move to the Tatar Strait and the coast of the Khabarovsk Territory.

Prior to that time in Vladivostok extended entered on September 5 ban on movement of passenger boats and paromov.Tem time in Japan, where the typhoon moved to the Russian Far East, the number of victims, "Talas" has reached 37-man.

Source: Channel PIC

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Ten facts about Indian T-90 tanks «Bhishma»

T-90 main battle tank is the third generation and is a modernization of the T-72 (originally was called T-72BU, then was renamed T-90), now reports Currently, this tank is more modern prototype in the arsenal of Indian land forces. Fighting vehicle armed with 125 mm smoothbore gun 4A46M, 1G46 gunner’s sight, the new engine, and thermal. By 2020, India plans to be armed with 310 tanks T-90S and T-90M 1330 (of 1657 units). Next web site reports «10 fascinating facts» about the main Indian tank. 1. India tank received the designation T-90S Bhishma («Bhishma» — the hero of

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Underground civilization

The mystery of underground civilizations revealed — almost certainly can say. Indeed, many researchers and scientists of our time have concluded that we are not the only intelligent life form on the planet. Facts ancient times, as well as research scientists of the twentieth and twenty-first century, argue that the underground since primitive times to the present day, there are mysterious underground civilization.

Looking for somewhere to buy new tires for the car on the Internet in Ukraine? Then, buy a shiney in Ukraine you will be able to shop

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About utensils and ornaments of silver

With davneshnih time a person uses metal for the manufacture of a different nature. Copper and iron ancient people did spearheads, arrows, pottery. Over time, people learned use more generous metals, which came to be called precious. One of these metals is silver, implementation options which there is truly unlimited. Now you can use these products out of the precious metal as silver utensils, silver decorations, figurines, filters, conductive strips and much more. Silver decoration and silverware can be purchased through the online store at a good value at With all this, there are several options for payment

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