Anomalies LASCO C3. Video


2.11.2009.Na this video you can see the 110 images of strange anomalies registred companion in SOHO. To mount it, has been viewed 153.357 observatory SOHO images received in the time interval from 16 January 1996 to 31 October 2009.

Image has not been altered or edited what or programs, all these pictures are real. You can see them on the site of NASA, the date and time indicated in the lower right corner.

Musical arrangement of Grieg's Symphony Evarda Writing in 1875, processed on an electronic synthesizer in Cakelwalk Sonar 8.

Uploaded stabilini, date: 02.11.2009

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15 years since the tragic death of the singer Igor Talkova

Sixth day of October, 2006 marks 15 years since the tragic death of the poet and musician Igor Talkova. If you still unexplained circumstances, he was killed during the concert, which was held at the Sports Palace in Saint Petersburg. On the day of the funeral date on the spot death of Igor Talkova monks of the Alexander Nevsky Monastery made a memorial service.

By the plaque, which is located at the entrance to the Palace of Sports, friends and admirers of the musician laid flowers and Talkova son Igor, Igor talc, Jr., performed songs from his debut album, "We

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Earthquake 5.8 in the Savu Sea


Magnitude mb 5.8 Region SAVU SEA Date time 2011-06-27 16:47:15.0 UTC Location 9.02 S; 122.52 E Depth 130 km Distances 172 km NW Kupang (pop 282,396; local time 00:47:15.3 2011-06-28) 56 km SE Maumere (pop 47,598; local time 00:47:15.3 2011-06-28)

Source: EMSC


Sava — Inter-island sea of the Pacific Ocean between about-you Flores, Sumba and Timor Malay Archipelago. An area of 35 thousand km ², average depth 1683 m, 3475 m maximum surface temperature of 26 ° C in August to 28 ° C in February, at the bottom of about 3 ° C. Salinity of about 34

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Do you need in the Army bullying?

Immediately I wish to see that this is not tips, as it should be, a reflection on the topic … Thoughts will express controversial (including to me), and I would appreciate comments, especially balanced and not crowded feelings!

So, about the "hazing" in the army. Surely, you must first find what exactly is hiding behind the term "bullying"? Politically correct title of "hazing case" in my opinion, only confuses the issue! My world is: if (God forbid!) Army will try to act strictly according to the statutes shaped as letters, it will not only demoralizvannoy, as at the moment,

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In the anomalous zone disappeared persons




From the area of the ridge Medveditskaia have a new disturbing news: in February 2004, is missing from another tourist. Recall that the "Kosmopoisk" strongly opposed to the most dangerous places were uncontrolled influx of tourism and all volunteers are invited to participate in joint expeditions. However,

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Tibet. Revelation of the dead spirits. Video


4.06.11.V late 90's in the Western media reported that a group of climbers from the U.S. rose for the first time on one of the mountains near Kailash, the sacred peaks of Tibet. After some time, the results of this expedition became a sensation …

In just two years after ascending thirties healthy athletes unexpectedly quickly began to grow old and soon died of various diseases …

Kailash presents a lot of mysteries: at the foot of the mountain on a physical and spiritual level of the people there are strange things, which at first hard to believe.

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Night ram Victor Talalikhina

Victor Talalikhin Born in the village Teplovka Saratov province September 18, 1918. My mother and father were farmers of the future hero. He graduated from the 7 years of schooling, then studied for a factory school, got a job at the slaughterhouse.

The family Talalikhina had two sons, both older than Victor, both served in aviation. It's dedicated his youthful enthusiasm — he wanted to become a pilot. First steps in aviation Talalikhin did the flying club. His instructor pointed out that the guy is flying well, but to increase the skills he needs a cool head. It is said

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6.5 Earthquake in Mexico


MOSCOW, April 7 — RIA Novosti. A strong earthquake occurred on Thursday in the state of Veracruz in the southeast of Mexico, the tremors were felt clearly in the capital, Mexico City, according to the Associated Press.

Tremors of magnitude 6.5 was recorded in 08.11 local time (17.11 MSK). According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the epicenter of the earthquake was located 91 km south of the town of Coatzacoalcos. Hearth lies at a depth 167.4 km.

Tremors were also clearly felt in the state of Chiapas on the border with Guatemala.

No casualties and extent of

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North Pole migrates to Russia


7.03.11.Severny magnetic pole moves from Canada to Russia at a speed of about 37 miles per year, which makes the compass deviation of about 1 degree every five years.

Over the past ten years the rate of the movement has increased by a third, and now it is happening faster than ever before, according to readers of The Independent journalist Guy Adams.

According to geologists, the movement of the north magnetic pole (it does not coincide with the true north pole, like The Independent) associated with the processes in the molten core of the earth. Observations

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Nearly 160,000 tons of debris removed in the Altai Mountains for 2012

More than 158.431 tons of debris removed from the territory of the Altai Republic since the beginning of 2012, which is three times more than last year, told RIA Novosti on Monday, a representative of the regional Rospotrebnadzor Marina Bugreeva.

Leaders of the Altai Mountains considers tourism one of the most promising sectors for the economic development of the region as a whole. However, the tourists, the flow of which the republic is growing every year, often leaving behind literally "mountains" garbage. At the same time, the Altai Mountains is marketed as an environmentally clean corner of

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