The mysterious glow

When conducting, naval exercises off the coast of Puerto Rico in 1963, the U.S. Navy's military faced with an inexplicable phenomenon. The aim of the exercise was to search and destroy submarines imaginary enemy. Soon, the "sonar", many ships have found a long-awaited goal. Rush began. And here, there was an incredible event.

We decided to buy a Volkswagen in Bryansk? In that case, find and buy Volkswagen in Bryansk you in the company of

Chased by an underwater target, moved with incredible speed —

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Magnetic pole shift has led to a change of the name of the runway at Hillsborough


7 sentyabrya.Medlenno moves the position of the north magnetic pole of the Earth at the beginning of this week has led to a change in the name of the main runway at Hillsboro Airport, from 12/30 to 13/31.

New bulleted number was set at one end of the runway during a joint technical repairs, said port spokeswoman in Portland, owner and managing the airport.

"The pilots and airport customers were advised in writing of the runway, and the messages that the airport was closed is just a rumor," — said Kama Simonds.


Runways were designed according to the

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Machines in Samara continue to go under ground. Video

Karst holes

5.10.11.Ocherednoy car fell into Mekhzavod village, close to the kindergarten. This time the victim was a taxi driver. At around 8 am, he drove to a preschool institution a young woman with a disabled child.

By a happy coincidence, the driver dropped them off before the ill-fated space. Witnesses say that the taxi driver had noticed that the car fails, and the time left her. Parents of children attending kindergarten, long complained about ground water. They are afraid that the next building to fail, which, as they say, periodically waterlogged. Today, due to an accident in the

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City, go down the drain, 1755


Located on the right bank of the Tagus River, fifteen miles from the Atlantic Ocean and is buried in the orange groves of Lisbon with its 230000th population in 1755 was considered one of the most beautiful and prosperous trading cities of Europe.

The capital of Portugal grew rich, lived in prosperity of its citizens, who were also devout Catholics. The most beautiful buildings in the city considered the Royal Palace and Opera, but in Lisbon and many temples were erected. Residents proudly admired for the work of their hands and do all the sacred religious ceremonies. There was

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TMT telescope will look beyond the 13 billion light-years


Tridtsatimetrovy Telescope (Thirty Meter Telescope, TMT) was under development for more than 10 years. For a long time, local residents by hook or by crook defended their land. It is now known that the project was approved by the Hawaii Board of Land and Natural Resources.

The astronomical observatory with a 30-meter mirror segment will be located on the top of the mountain Mauna Kea, Hawaii. Mirror telescope consists of 492 segments, and its sensitivity to 9 times higher than the largest existing at the time of ground-based telescopes. Thus, images are made TMT at

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Why is canceled for daylight savings time?


© RIA Novosti, Infographics

1.09.11.S September 1, 2011 in Russia installed 9 time zones came to the jet lag. The most distant areas of the capital — plus eight hours to Moscow time — will Kamchatka, Magadan and Sakhalin.

Division in Russia for nine time zones replaced the division into 11 time zones, which operated from 1919, a new division was introduced by decree of the President of Russia on June 3, 2011.

The same decree abolished the annual transition from "summer" time entered in the USSR in 1981, to "winter."

The last time was the

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The drought has led to fires on the Atlantic coast of the U.S.


20.02.11.Silny wind, relatively warm and dry weather has led to the emergence of a Saturday dozens of fires in rural areas of the central part of the Atlantic coast of the United States.

In addition, tens of thousands of residents of this area were left without electricity, and Washington — no grand fir on the lawn in front of the Ellipse south of the White House facade. The latter is considered the main Christmas tree of the country, where the lights every Christmas is traditionally lit the current U.S. president.

According to reports, in Virginia, Delaware and Maryland fire

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Natalia Vetlitskaya: time is short


5.11.11.Vot us all hihanki hahanki yes, and today one person came from a very special place and told me that in fact it is. A case, it turns out, things are more than serious, and if the humanoid in the coming year does not come to their senses and will continue to do more and madness in its complete bessoznanke, then there will be such disasters on a global scale, that little nobody seems. And it is not fake and not a glitch, but the reality of today. Pray, gentlemen, time is short.

Source: n-vetlitskaya.livejournal

A new species of the Ukrainian army … Is there hope?

All the more often repeated in publications specializing in the military theme, you can meet dramatically bad date as to the condition of the Ukrainian army, the fact that such forces can not simply be coming, so the position is hopeless, and the only thing that can be count — Repair and modernization of existing military equipment …. And yet this year on the development of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was allocated significantly more funds from the municipal budget than in years past — about 16.5 billion hryvnia. With all of this specifically on the development of military

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Ultima ratio

Zyuganov as a mantra repeated thesis about the collapse of agriculture for 20 years predicting the imminent famine. This does not prevent this most agriculture to thrive and enter the world food markets. Well here is the last line of defense Zyuganov has fallen. Previously, they could add a little bit of truth in his thesis, since livestock population actually declined, but now the trend brokenfooted. I think eventually, as a result of real work on the "modernization" of livestock.

In 2011, the for the first time in 20 years discontinued downward trend in the number of cattle, said

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