Shocking confession Chinese doctor


Women who have an abortion and forced her dead "illegitimate child." Photo from

28.01.12.Razrabotannaya Government 30 years ago the program of birth control Chinese society has brought many challenges and different, negative phenomena. Population aging is a heavy burden on the younger generation, because there is no centralized pension system. Rising generation of overly spoiled children, who are called "little emperors." Aborted babies thrown into the garbage or trash cans, and even eaten.

This policy has also created the "killer doctors" are forced to forced abortions, even in the last months of pregnancy. It's about them and

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Why fails Ulyanovsk

Karst holes

By micro-district "Sviyaga" unsafe to drive … Photo: Sergei Yuriev

12.07.11.Na last week in Ulyanovsk, a number of cases that could be evaluated as a consequence of a small earthquake.

But, fortunately, the seismic area of the city is different, and therefore the reasons of something else … On Monday, July 4, on the streets of the Spasskaya (former Soviet) next to the mayor's office in Ulyanovsk pavement formed failure that could "absorb" more than one car. The very next day the wheel passenger cars crashed through a thin layer of asphalt and fell into an

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Random time travelers

Scientists say — time travel is impossible. But some of the facts tell a different story. Viktor Orlov, a military pilot who in 1976 flew over the Soviet Union, under a picture of the battle he observed, which does not fit the definition of modern warfare. Having studied his story, historians have concluded that the pilot saw one of the major battles of the Civil War America.

Today to buy a new pump stations do not have to travel back in time. You can just go to the website of

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A new look at yourself

So you want to look as young as you feel yourself. But look at the eyes and the eyelids — and it all becomes clear. Especially age.

Eyes — one of the most lively and expressive means of the "silent" communication. No matter what a person wants to express, such as support or appreciation, love or hate. Often it is the eyes and express their opinion much more than just words.

Private communication is "eye to eye", seeing someone's experience, people say, "can be seen by the eyes", "eyes —

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The eruption of Mount Elbrus in the summer of 2012. Myth or Reality

Elbrus, the height of 5642 m, is the highest peak of the mountains of the Caucasus and Russia. Over time, the latter was the most massive eruption 3,600 years. If we analyze the chain of eruptions of Mount Elbrus, you can pay attention to the cycles, which allows to predict the approximate time of the next eruption.

When counting revealed a date — August 8, 2012. Not only in the mathematical calculation based predictors. For several decades, laboratories, located on the slopes of Mount Elbrus, seen a lot of events indicating opening of the volcano, from the melting of

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One of the rings of Saturn is illuminated and off in strange ways

One of the rings of Saturn is illuminated and off in strange ways. When "Voyager 1" visited the planet in 1980, the ring was dim, but it occasionally flashed bright spots. By the time when the place came "Cassini" (in 2004), the spots are gone, but the brightness of the rings has doubled.

Something collided with the ring F (photo taken apparatus "Cassini in 2009).

The first F-ring discovered the "Pioneer 11" in 1979. While the larger part of the inner rings have a clear edge, the ring F — the outermost of the key — consists

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The norms of sleep: from 0 to 6 months

From 0 to 3 months

Typical sleep at this age

At this age, the newborn sleeps quite a lot — about 17 to 18 hours a day for the first few weeks and 15 hours a day to three months.

Children almost never sleep more than three or four consecutive hours, day or night. And that means that you too will not be able to sleep for hours. You have to get up at night to feed and swaddle your baby, and during the day you will be playing with him. While some babies sleep through the

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Mothman. Creature from the taiga

World is full of mysterious creatures, capable of the fact that the average person can not do. One — Mothman, who lives in the forest, can fly and does not spare their victims.

Watch Mysterious Russian: "Mothman in Primorye"

"On the trail I saw a bear track, very similar to a human — wrote researcher Ussuriland Arsenyev about his adventures on the flow of the river Anyuya Gobilli in 1908 — Alpa bristled and growled, and after that someone darted to the side, breaking bushes. However, the

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Portal Our Town. The program is the development of Moscow

Portal "Our Town. The program is the development of Moscow » — is a portal created on the initiative of the Mayor and the Government of Moscow in October 2011. The purpose of its creation — to allow residents of the city of Moscow to participate in the management of the development of the city, to monitor the timeliness and quality of work in the framework of the program for the integrated development of the city.

How does it work?

The authorities in Moscow are placed on the portal's plans

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Starfall Schedule for 2012

Star rain — A beautiful sight. But to fully enjoy it is to comply with certain conditions. In particular, know exactly when to expect the falling stars, and find a place away from light pollution (city lights, etc.) and with a good view of the sky.

Once you find a good place to observe, identify the most visible part of the dark sky, as meteors can appear anywhere.

Most visible meteor shower this year will be in August Perseids and Geminids in December. Slightly weaker, but still noticeable, will Taurids and Leonids in November.

Lyrids (April 22) Comet of

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