By the Earth fly-cleaner planet

October 18, 2011 14:11

In the House of Journalists in Moscow was unusual "round table" on "What can we expect from 2012?" Unusual was the fact that their predictions were divided not economists and financiers, and astrologers, esoteric, lawyers, shamans and doctoral degrees.

In the media and on the Internet more and more hysterical discussed the so-called "problem of 2012." Forecasts variety and, moreover, is not the most optimistic. Reputable forecasters, astrologers, philosophers and esoteric express their opinion about what to expect in 2012. The round table on ORACLE Center will include: Andrew Dondukov, Eleanor Ginzburg,

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5.5 earthquake in Ethiopia


Magnituda mb 5.5 Region ETHIOPIA Date time 2011-06-17 09:16:10.0 UTC Coordinates 12.97 N; 41.93 E Depth of 10 km Removal of 205 km NW Jibuti (pop 623,891; local time 12:16:10.3 2011-06-17) 88 km W Asseb (pop 72,114; local time 12:16:10.3 2011-06-17)


Photo from

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Horoscope for 2013 by zodiac

December 22, 2012 23:39

Hostess 2013 is Snake. And not just Snake, as forecasts for 2013 horoscope zodiac signs — and black and Water. However, since the eastern calendar starts ticking only on February 10, and then to his duties Snake, predicts horoscope 2013, proceeds from this number. Processes occurring in this new 2013 will differ only by high dynamics, and with it they will be mystery and inherent variability. Water, which is the element of this year, always attributed mystical mysterious features that contribute to the rise of a person, and vice versa his overthrow, and from the

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New ships for the Caspian Flotilla

The last few decades Caspian flotilla Soviet and later Russian Federation was not the highest priority unit of the Russian Navy. Due to geographic and political characteristics of the region for a long time, it was not given much importance. The fact is that in the old days the Caspian Sea "shared" among themselves only Russian Alliance and Iran. The latter is not specifically listed as unsafe enemy in terms of sea battles, as in strengthening the Caspian Flotilla beheld not make sense. Everything changed with the collapse of the USSR, when instead of the 2-states on the Caspian Sea

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U.S. researchers suggest that the Earth will stop in a few years

According to a study by American scientists, our planet will cease to rotate on its axis in a few years (note the original title of the article …migrate in next year…). Lead researcher Joseph Jankowski said that subsequently slowing the Earth's rotation days and nights will be longer, leading to floods, a huge earthquake and massive starvation. To date, this question is the most relevant, and most of the scientists trying to solve this particular puzzle.

Long ago, scientists assumed that the Earth's rotation rate decreased. According to information received another 3 billion years ago, the duration of the

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Disasters Little Ice Age …

In medieval Paris, thousands of people are dying of hunger. When once the skies over Paris suddenly painted in purple tones, the Parisians took this as a sign of the approaching end of the world. Not that it surprised them — because evil time has come.From year to year in Europe getting colder, everywhere reigned darkness and cold. The cold and damp ruined harvests, farmers often can not even feed themselves. Residents of the crowded city of Paris in the struggle for survival had especially hard. The vast majority of Parisians living in poverty, endured poverty and hunger, suffering from

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The prophets of the future of the Middle East and the Third World War

Numerous prophets and seers warn in their predictions about a new world war, which will begin in the near future. However, it is already underway. U.S. invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan, with the anti-Iraqi coalition forces, the events in Libya — this is only the beginning of the wars of religion. Estimated to historians, political scientists and experts in the field of international relations — a third world war is now in the initial stage of expansion.

One need not be a prophet to understand what this is all over. Events occurring in the world is getting more and more

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Weather Report from Europe with alternate negative records

Extreme cold, snow seems to have settled in Europe for a long time. And even in places where similar happened only a few times a century.

Icy landscape near Lake Geneva in Switzerland unwittingly refer to certain personnel apocalyptic Hollywood movie about the end of the world. Anomalous cold and snow tie up the entire European continent.

For the first time in recent decades have become freeze Venetian canals. Something like that seen here 80 years ago, when the frozen lagoon could be walking. Roman Colosseum, Paris Notre Dame — tourists, shivering from the cold, rushing to capture interest

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In Venice for the first time in 80 years frozen canals

In Europe, there are very cold. In Venice, Italy for the first time in 80 years frozen canals filled up with snow in Rome Colosseum. In other European countries, too, came a snowstorm. Snow in France and Austria. In Croatia, the person died because of snow.

Europe is experiencing resistance to new temperature records. In Venice, Italy for the region because of the unprecedented cold frozen canals. This is not seen in 80 years. But despite the cold, the traditional carnivals not canceled. The annual celebration started yesterday. Season opened the so-called "holiday on the water."

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4.5 earthquake in the Urals


Magnitude mb 4.5 Region URAL MOUNTAINS REGION, RUSSIA Date time 2011-07-10 00:04:10.0 UTC Location 62.33 N; 56.93 E Depth 10 km Distances 213 km SE Ukhta (pop 102,187; local time 04:04:10.2 2011-07-10) 171 km S Vuktyl (pop 13,693; local time 04:04:10.2 2011-07-10) 56 km SE Troitsko-pechorsk (pop 8,414; local time 04:04:10.2 2011-07-10)

Source: EMSC

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