Geologists have announced the possibility of early prediction superizverzheniya

Supervolcano eruption, including the plural, as in this picture, can dramatically change the landscape for tens of kilometers and affect the climate of the entire planet (illustration from In the case of powerful eruptions clear signs of impending disaster usually occur relatively shortly before the event. But scientists have found that binge supervolcano brewing, so far only in theory, can be computed in a few decades before the explosion.

Researchers from France, Switzerland and Singapore have studied images of rocks from the Greek island of Tyre, where three and a half thousand years ago there was a

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Ground should be prepared for heat stroke?

In 1944 clairvoyant Vanga said in an interview that after 18 years the earth will go to the Sun. Where there used to be hot, you will see the ice, and many animals will disappear. Among the people who start the war power, but they will be able to stop in time. And then she says things will return to normal. And in another prophecy Vanga said that the huge wave will flood many countries, and the sun will not shine for three years. So, if you believe in the words of Seer, the Sun,

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Earth lurch heralds great icing

We are facing a new ice age, and blame shift the axis of rotation of the planet Scientists are not the first debate about what mechanisms can dramatically change the Earth's climate. Many people talk about global warming due to emissions of CO2, others — the flares. Another theory concerned the displacement axis of rotation of the planet. And now, this version has been confirmed. It was found that even a small shift is enough to cause ice age in this century, Daily Mail.

Harvard professor Peter Huibers, using computer models to design scenarios, proved that it is

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In Voronezh on Pushkinskaya Street failed asphalt

Karst holes

Authorities suggest that the pit was formed because the ground sank and then. Photo: Marina Potapova.

22.06.11.Proval appeared after the rains, which took place in Voronezh, 21 and on the night of Wednesday 22 iyunya.Utrom pit found the drivers, follow the street past the Pushkin Institute of Communications.

Under struck asphalt discovered vast emptiness trap motorists noticed at the last minute and barely had time to slow down. The warning came on the road barrier in the second half of the day.

— What causes the collapse, now find out specialists — told us in

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Egyptian resorts residents felt tremors

Residents Egyptian resort city of Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh on the Red Sea on Monday evening experienced underground rumors, according to Egyptian media, an earthquake of magnitude 5.6 occurred in the Red Sea near Hurghada.

"It was just a short pushes one or two seconds," — said the resident of the Sharm el-Sheikh Mohamed Gamil.

Hurghada earthquake was felt in most areas. Many residents left their homes for fear of aftershocks. At the same time, the destruction of any information not.

Earthquakes have been recorded at 19:05 local time (21:05 MSK), that is, just at the time when the polls

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Sagging breasts

Why does my chest?

The mammary gland consists of15-20 glandular lobules, connective "frame" and adipose tissue. During puberty in girls under the influence of hormones is breast growth and development of the lobules. This process ends at approximately 20 years, when chest takes its final shape and size. The mammary gland is modified throughout the cycle, swelling before menstruation and decreasing thereafter. It is influenced by hormones.

The deformation of the breast during the life of the woman is the cause of either laxity or insufficiently strong support breast pectoral muscles. After all, breasts — is primarily iron,

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Under the Death Valley Bomb zatikala

Ubehebe Volcano, which was considered asleep, in fact, secretly accumulating magma …

Ubehebe Volcano, located in the mountain hollow, whose name is Death Valley, in California's Mojave Desert, worrying geologists. For a long time he was considered asleep, but the results of a recent study led scientists to reconsider this view.

Processes of magma accumulation have not stopped, and hence the eruption will happen. There is still debate about its power, but it is exactly what it would be substantial, and, at least, there is the possibility of an earthquake.

Geologists from the University of Colombia took the Ubehebe

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Signs of the apocalypse

Photo from:

Beginning of 2012 is rich not only in the events in politics, economics, and the number of accidents occurred, events and incidents. The fact that this year will be a turning point for humanity, and the scientists say, and the astrologers, yet comforting, that end of the world does not, and the Mayan prediction of an era of spiritual enlightenment or the apocalypse — a pure superstition. Despite the opinions of experts, which occurs spontaneously raises questions about the coming revolution, because the incident with huge losses and damage to mankind occur at lightning speed.

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The new PE with Kazakhstani border: 11 fighters at once set off on the run

Eleven soldiers voluntarily left the frontier in the east of Kazakhstan, said at Tuesday's pressservice Border Guard Service of the State Security Committee of the Republic.

"It's early in the afternoon on June 18, eleven conscripts frontier" Tersayryk "Zaysansky border unit of the Regional Management" Shygys "designed in November 2011, without guns illegally left the area outposts," — said in a statement.

It is reported that "the finding of this fact, the chief outpost tried to independently organize search by telling commanders about the emergency situation in the evening."

In the true time Border Patrol forces, DVD and

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Strange thing: Back to the Future

March 17, 2012 16:38

Some scholars, referring to very specific, but the paranormal facts prove that time travel is possible. So, create a time machine, you can return to the past to change the future …

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