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Helen Duncan — the most popular medium of World War II

Helen Duncan (MacFarlane) — One of the mysterious figures of the 20th century, knowing how to communicate with the spirits. On her seances attended by those from all over the world, for it is almost burned at the stake as a witch. Who was she, a guide to the world of the dead, or an ordinary charlatan?

Helen Macfarlane was born in 1897 in the tiny town of Callender in the south of Scotland in the family carpenter. As a child, she has extremely restless, for which he earned the

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What is happening to our planet?

Less attention is paid to problems of politics, and even the mysterious world financial crisis pales next to the predictions of things to come. And many of these predictions do not make sense.

Humanity is at a new stage of development, when each of us understands that to live "like before" we will not be ever.

Many factors point to the fact that in the history of civilization reached a turning point, after which we expect not only quantitative changes (which may be expressed in a change of power and ideology, as well as in the improvement of

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The shadow of the Earth or the creaking of the Mayan calendar: why end of the world was scheduled for a specific date?

Why doomsday appointed for a specific date?

The closer December 21, 2012, the worries about even the most inveterate skeptics. If you believe the predictions of the ancient Maya, the day on earth should happen some global disaster in which all humanity will die. Date of the apocalypse supposedly found on the Mayan calendar, which has been preserved to this day. But what is the calendar and can we trust the prediction of the ancient Indians?

First — Maya

It is said that the Mayans, who lived in what is now Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras for two thousand

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Time factor


An excerpt from the story "In the melee CHIMTANY or who first stood — that and shoes" written by real events in Afghanistan. Frankly as far as the memory.

"We also felt that the time seemed to stop, or at least significantly slowed. "Spirits" moving like in slow motion, slowly moving his limbs, and something resembling a huge pile of crabs in a basket, which has long stood in the sun. All around, it was familiar, known and understood — suddenly changed so much though was in another dimension.

Vision has become so voluminous, as if you could see

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Hello from space! UFOlogy and kriptofizika

November 11, 2012 18:30

Kosmogeologicheskaya map the territory of Belarus.

No one would have believed in the last years of the nineteenth century, that all happens in the world keenly and closely watched beings more advanced than humans, although such a death as he was, at that time, people going about their business, they have researched and studied, perhaps as carefully as a man with a microscope studies of ephemeral creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water.

HG Wells. War of the Worlds

Currently, there is no conventional terms, describing the concept of "anomalous

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Iceland volcano Katla waiting. Video


3.12.11.Islandiya held its breath in anticipation of the eruption of the volcano Katla. This eruption may be the most powerful in the country over the last century.

According to news channel 24, an additional risk is that the crater with a diameter of 10 kilometers is under the glacier, which is under the influence of heat from the eruption can melt.

This means that millions of cubic meters of water can flood the surrounding area. Seismologists say that watching the volcano since July. During this time, scientists have recorded about five hundred aftershocks.

The last time the

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Survival in the Altai

We all know that many people had the idea in the case of BP to move to the Altai, including parasites. The latter, in turn, actively building a road and palaces with shelters for their creaturely brood.

Before you begin, to describe anything and share your thoughts / experiences, we must carefully consider the overall map of the Altai.

Altai itself is divided into two parts, the Altai Territory — flat Altai, seen in this article, I was not going to, and the Republic of Altai, which starts driving on the M52 actually from Gorno-Altai.

Altai Republic, as

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Where are the aliens?




Predicting the future — is funny but hopeless. Where funnier to learn about how the future was represented by dozens of years ago …

… And compare it with the present …

Fifty years ago, people were already preparing for what would be herded into garages flying

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Nan Madol: HAARP time of Atlantis?

October 8, 2012 4:51

Nan Madol is considered one of the most bizarre structures of antiquity. For the construction of the city with no windows and doors, located on the tiny Pacific island of Ponape, took 250 million tons of basalt, which is comparable in terms of the construction of the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Some basalt beam dimensions and weight is greater than any of the two million units in the pyramid of Cheops. Nan Madol long ago abandoned its walls proglyadyvaya through dense mangroves, suggest a superstitious terror of the people that still live nearby.

Photo from

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Mayan frescoes on the wall in the village Chahul.

The whole world thundered the news that as a resident of Guatemala, making repairs in the kitchen, found a Mayan mural, which neither as no less than 300 years!

This finding Lucas Ramirez did five years ago, but archaeologists have learned about the discovery recently. Scientists believe that the images belong to the Mayan culture. The newspaper The New York Daily News reports that the house in which the paintings were found to have been built in the XVII-XVIII centuries. Presumably, they were created at this time.


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