Mysterious journey into the past, or a trap time

November 19, 2011 12:23

Imagine a river. In the middle of the fastest water. Photo: Irina Rudskoy. The Epoch Times

In life, people sometimes mysterious events happen that a person can not give an explanation. Many are trying to forget, to erase from memory — so easy to live. But they still pop up, excites the mind and demanding answers.

There is an official science that explores various mysterious phenomena associated with time and space. Well-known "The Philadelphia Experiment" is still at the hearing, but before the end of science is inexplicable. "Bermuda Triangle" — a place of

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Lake UFO base

November 10, 2011 17:19

It is believed that UFOs might be base on the moon and on the bottom of the seas and oceans, where extraterrestrial objects securely hidden from human eyes. But as more and more convinced of ufologists, the aliens make their hangars and some lakes — even despite the fact that this aircraft aliens easier for people to detect.

Now there is no doubt that the alien base was (and probably still is) at the bottom of Lake Cree in Canada. In the early 1970s, the local people do not notice the time spans over

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In Iceland, Katla volcano wakes up again

Giant Icelandic volcano Katla, an eruption had waited a long time, is showing signs of activity that could disrupt air traffic again over Europe, experts say.


Over the past month Katla in the south of the country, have been more than 500 aftershocks.


The last major

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On Ukraines railways travels Ghost Train

January 9, 2013 0:42

Train with tightly closed shutters, doors open and the empty driver's cab is moved silently, pressing chickens wandering the canvas.

Ukraine has a plenty of anomalies and mysteries as much as any other country in the world. One of them — a ghost train, from time to time appear on Ukrainian railways.

It was first seen in 1955 in Balaklava. And there was a train on the railway embankment, which has long rails were removed, and then moved to the main track. In this case, by themselves extinct arrow. And just a few hours in

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In the Alps for the first time in 50 years at this time of year there is no snow

December 2. Ski resorts in Austria, Italy, France and Switzerland are forced to postpone the opening of the season. In the Alps, because of unusually high for this time of year the temperature there is no snow. That did not happen for at least 50 years. Tourists refuse to travel. Cable cars are idle. Instructors are unemployed. Weather breaks records in Norway. For several weeks, the temperature is above normal. Last month was the warmest in the last 145 years.

Source: Channel


Confrontation. Great Wang (aired 3/26/2011). Video


Uploaded cannaba, date: 26.03.2011

Now they are trying to impose on the date of 2011. I'm pretty sure about that Wang did not upomyanala date, this is the cover of her widely known pull the media, but with what purpose, remains a mystery.

The world would end quietly


15.10.11.Izvestny American preacher Harold Camping continues to assure that the end of the world will surely come. Once again he told his fans that the world will end at 18:00 (in each time zone) on 21 October 2011.

In the next audioposlanii Online Camping Family Radio

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Gone to nowhere!

Each year, conducting statistical analyzes, the state found ourselves short about a million people. No, these people do not die, they seem to dissolve into the air … Maybe they just move to other places, without the knowledge of local government bodies, and may actually disappear mysteriously. At the very least, such cases are known to science.

Traces of about half of them are: a life cut short an accident, someone lost their own free will, otherwise not fortunate enough to become a victim of crime, and anyone unlucky encounter

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Mysterious balls, 3-minute show in Italy




In Mexico was 16 hours, Italy — 3 hours. The law of coincidences so wanted to at one and the same time, when the Ministry of Defence of Mexico aired images of unusual balls of light, a similar message was received from the astronomical center in the

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Ozone psychosis

The ozone holePetersburg scientists speculate that the northern regions of Russia will bring the process of increasing the ozone hole in the Arctic. Range of "divination" the problem is extremely large — the imminent destruction of human civilization to minor climate change.

According to the head of the Laboratory of the Main Geophysical Observatory im.A.Voykova Igor Karol, the phenomenon of the ozone hole over the Arctic, which so frightened the public, for the first time proved to be much this spring. Responded to the committed changes including the Central Aerological Observatory, which is constantly monitored. The presence of the

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Science on the verge of fantasy




Old, long familiar to us ordinary exercisers get a new look and a different functionality. Benefits of Do exercise can be expressed in numerical terms — and for that it is not necessary to consider the move: "One thousand five hundred twenty-two, one thousand five hundred twenty-three,

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