At Kazan was recorded tornado



6.06.11.Gigantskaya celestial funnel was recorded in the area Rybnoslobodskom RT, 70 kilometers from Kazan in the last subbotu.Kak says eyewitness tornado Nurullah Garif, villager Kutlu-Bukashov whose territory and there was a tornado earlier similar events, he saw only TV and the end did not believe what was happening before his eyes.

According to him, the tornado was hanging about ten minutes. But during this time no injuries huge crater bring no time.

Recall that a tornado three years ago and appeared in the vicinity of Kazan — the territory of the Volga. However, even if no

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In Bulgaria, the tremors have led to mass panic

Residents of the Tundja, located in Bulgaria, today experienced an earthquake. It was followed by another one.

Thus, the residents woke small quake on Monday morning — at 5.25 am local time. The new push came to 5.37 am.

Also there was an earthquake and the third according to a local Geophysical Institute. He was recorded in 16.01 local time, 250 km from Sofia.

Meanwhile, tremors led to a small panic the population living in the area and Topolovgrad Tundja. Information about the victims of the earthquake and the devastation has yet been received.

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Turned into a ball of ice at Earth in 2020

Global warming no one is scary. But global cooling …

Astronomers predict: 10 years on the planet can start an ice age. But whether the case comes to the extremes?

Worrying signs

Solar activity seems to be decreasing. This may result in catastrophic changes on our planet. Such fears scare several research groups. Like, the sun came very late in the next 11 years, the cycle of its activity. In — 24th. Next — the 25th, which is expected in 2020, may be late for a year or two. Or does not start.

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Brand new outbreak of violence in Yemen: in clinics do not have enough beds for the wounded

Russian Foreign Ministry urged not to travel to Yemen. There, with the power of the latest flashed mess. During the two day or in the country killed more than 50 people, about a thousand injured. NIGHT MODE that the government army Yemen and opposition forces have agreed not to use force.

About 100 thousand demonstrators took to the streets of measured relative to the past few months Yemen. But far not everywhere protests were peaceful disposition. In some areas of the capital protesters pelted the security forces with Molotov consistency. In response, the authorities opened fire.

The agency Reuter said

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So you can fly faster than light or not?

Continues the discussion of the results a sensational experiment at CERN, in which neutrinos allegedly speeding up to superluminal

Foundations of modern physics and the universe continues to shake

Know ours!

Let me remind you, modern physics shuddered at the end of September after a scientist working in the laboratory of CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research in Geneva, Switzerland) reported that fixed the excess speed of light. And this is — hit another and Einstein's theory of relativity, according to which the speed of light will not be overcome for material bodies.

Weird anomaly experiments

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Emerged over the Arctic last winter ozone hole was the most deep on record (over 20 years) and closer to

Emerged over the Arctic last winter ozone hole was the most "deep" on record (over 20 years) and closer in scale to the Antarctic ozone hole, according to an article published in the journal Nature.The sharp drop in the concentration of stratospheric ozone, the "ozone hole" was first recorded in 1980 over Antarctica. According to modern concepts, the destruction of ozone (triatomic oxygen molecules O3) is associated with exposure to substances of chlorofluorocarbons (CFC), the most famous of which is a group of CFCs.Exposure to sunlight and cold stratospheric these substances form corrosive chlorine compounds that destroy the ozone

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Arhiv.Chelyabinsk time closer to Moscow


18.02.11.V Chelyabinsk started talking seriously about a change of time zone. Possibility of a small "jump" in time — from MSK +2 GMT +1 — consider the Legislative Assembly of the Chelyabinsk region Governor Mikhail Yurevich and presidential envoy in the Urals Federal District Nikolai Vinnichenko.

In the coming days, they received a request from the Public Council for Entrepreneurship at the Legislative Assembly. As the proponents of the initiative, in March 2011, residents of the Urals will be one hour closer to Moscow completely painless. Proponents of convergence stress that it will greatly facilitate communication with the

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Today — Spring Equinox


20.03.11.Vesennee Equinox (Vernal Equinox) — one of the most unique natural phenomena, the essence of which, speaking the language of science, is to ensure that "at the time of the equinox center of the sun in its apparent motion along the ecliptic crosses the celestial equator." Put simply, this day Earth rotating around its imaginary axis passing through the poles, while moving around the Sun, is in a position relative to the luminary that the sun's rays that carry heat, falling steeply to the equator. Sun moves from the southern to the northern hemisphere, and these days in almost

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UFOs are flying people

Not so long ago antiufologi P. Poluian (physicist from Krasnoyarsk) and A. Anfal (coordinator society observers normal manifestations of the medium) conducted its own investigation. This investigation, scientists have tried to answer the question of where in the Soviet Union and the CIS created man-made UFOs "flying saucers" and created a general.

On the results of the acquired knows Anton Anfal.

— Anton, you mentioned the Saratov Aviation Plant, which began to make Russian 'UFO', namely the so-called functional bezaerodromny aircraft "EKIP". It was the only plant where engaged in such developments?

— No, I know exactly what the "plates"

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Brightest trouble


Information update

22.02.11.Astronomy believe that a powerful solar flare could cause a magnetic storm of unprecedented length and strength, which can permanently damage the satellites, shut down air and cause power outages all over the planet, according to Daily Mail.

Need to prepare for disaster comparable in scale to the catastrophe of Hurricane "Katrina", say scientists. Recall that in August 2005, the city of New Orleans, USA, was flooded, cut off from the outside world were cut off electricity and telephone lines. City awash looting. The number of victims of "Katrina" was 1600, of which more

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