Stainless steel iron post

Scientists are still baffled by the huge iron pillar, which is in India. It is still unclear how many of the century metal is rusted through, and the inexplicable many anomalous properties of the mysterious tower.

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This metal object mounted on the square, at the outskirts of Delhi. Applied on a column of Sanskrit inscriptions, it appears that the column in the V century Indian king Veil erected

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Can you tame the time?




"Belgorod truth", 03.04.2004, Belgorod, n49

Authors: E. Vorobiev, academician RNAN, J. Young, PhD.

_ * If the world suddenly stopped the clock, our civilization is on the verge of instantly general chaos. So what is the time and whether it is possible to manage it? Do dreams

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The person in the plate




"Red North", 08.04.2004, Vologda, n70

Author: Helen Gubin

Ustyuzhenskaya "anomalki"

_ * August 31, 1997, at four o'clock in the morning, ustyuzhanka Valentine Belyaeva woke up from that longed. Went into the kitchen, flooded with light. Outside the window, right in front of the house, high in

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In Barnaul deenergized three districts


BARNAUL, February 17. In Barnaul from power failure with no light left 50 thousand people. The press service of the regional emergency department. At the same time, RBC, the Office did not say what caused the incident.

Disconnect message to the 110 kV line in the eastern part of Barnaul arrived at 18:35 local time (15:35 MSK). 484 homes have been disabled industrial, railway and Oktyabrsky districts of the regional center, which is home to about 50 thousand people. Also, many homes in these areas stopped the water supply.

At present, the city introduced a backup line for the

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A fire in a natural park near Odessa


The fire was burning a few meters from the gas pipe. Photo I. Roussev

14.02.11.Grandiozny fire occurred on February 13 in Nizhnednestrovskogo natural park. Burned dry reed. The situation is aggravated by the strong north-easterly wind, told the "Today" eyewitness PE — ecologist Ivan Rusev.

According to him, all as a result of fire (it had multiple lesions) affected about 5 hectares belonging to nature preserves! By comparison, about one fifth of Odessa. In the fire, according to the volunteers, killed many animals — mostly small rodents and shrews.

See photo: Odeschine Reserve underway

"The fire started

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Remember: According to the Motor Home all perish October 21

California preacher who predicted the apocalypse on May 21, was forced to admit his mistake, but did not despair and named a new date for the destruction of humanity — October 21, 2011. This time, he is sure to be promised to the 89-year-old Harold Camping.

Previous error predictor explained very simply — he cheated, according to Radio "Mayak". He noted that his prophecy was fulfilled in some way: Last Saturday was the day of "the invisible God's judgment," and that the world was killed physically, we still have five months.

According to the last census Motor

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We were frequent UFO




"Provincial Reporter", 07.04.2004, Lipetsk, n14

Author: Nick Krajewski, Chaplygin

_ * In the last issue of "PR" we published a picture of our readers, which was accidentally captured an unidentified object. A day after the release of the editor of the newspaper called Chaplygin already resident Nicholas

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Tremors in Sochi. Video


1.02.11.Podzemnye aftershocks felt today, some gorozhane.Neznachitelnye vibrations underground formations in Sochi occur regularly. The Caucasus Mountains are considered quite young, so the interest of seismologists and the more the media only cause quite serious tremors. And they do not occur very often.

Today's earthquake occurred at 14:26 Moscow time. For the most part it felt the residents of the Central District — Streets Don and beekeeping.

The site of the Geophysical Service of the Russian Academy of Sciences recorded time — 11:26 GMT. Region — Western Caucasus. On a detailed map from satellite Asterisks indicate a specific location.

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For the first time in 120 years in the geological history of the Earth added a new period




The International Commission on Stratigraphy (ICS) for the first time in 120 years has added to the geologic time scale of the Earth new geological period — the Ediacaran.

According to the decision ICS, Ediacaran period will be part of the Neoproterozoic era, and cover a time

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Fish kill in the Rostov region. Photo


26.07.11.Bereg Broad River in the Rostov region again strewn with dead fish. Now experts are finding out what caused the environmental disaster this time.

First became alarmed residents of the street of Kalinin. They saw a dead fish on the river wide. People are asked to investigate the situation as soon as possible, because in the river to bathe their children come to the watering pets, not to mention a favorite spot for fishermen.

Deputy Head of Aquaculture Department Rosselkhoznadzor PO Galina Nizova heard mass death of fish in the river from Broad correspondent "BV".

— This information will

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