Uncompromising win over cellulite

Think prepare slim and fit figure is impossible to leave? Today it is a reality! Strengthen muscles, get rid of "orange peel" skin, reduce body fat and achieve a lifting effect is possible without surgery. There are no miracles!

Aesthetic Beauty today has a huge arsenal of effective means to combat cellulite and subcutaneous fat deposits.

In the department of aesthetic and medical cosmetology ON CLINIC You have a unique opportunity to get rid of cellulite and get slim and fit figure.

To do this, cosmetologists ON CLINIC developed effective anti-cellulite programs that use a

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"Your biopsy submitted to histological analysis, "- a phrase familiar to many of us. What is behind it?

Biopsy— A diagnostic procedure in which of the "suspicious" places, such as tumors, polyps, prolonged unhealed sores come from tiny pieces of tissue (biopsy). Depending on where the biopsy is taken, use different tools. This may be a thick needle, endoscope (when exploring the esophagus or stomach), fiber (bronchoscopy), ordinary scalpel (during surgery).

The main purpose of a biopsy — to establish a benign or malignant process to fight. By this procedure, and recourse when control is carried out

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You just need a cellulite?

It's hard to believe, but to1970 years of the last century, cellulite does not exist — small bumps on the skin affectionately called the "dimples" that were not considered a cosmetic fault. But as time went on, the ideals have changed, replaced gentle "dimpled" came a rough "orange peel" and the bulge on the body are not a sign of beauty, and metabolic disorders.

The emergence of the concept of "cellulite" we owe the Land of Burgers, where in 1973 the owner of a large New York Beauty Nicole Ronsard published in Vogue magazine article titled "Cellulite". New attack,

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Effects of massage

Massage has a variety of physiological effects on the body. Subjective feelings during and after the massage, the correct choice of massage techniques and methods of their application are expressed in the appearance of a pleasant sensation of heat throughout the body, improving health and enhancing the overall tone. When used incorrectly, massage may arise weakness, feeling of weakness and other adverse general and local reactions. Such phenomena are often observed with an overdose of massage movements even in healthy people, but especially the elderly, who have an increased tissue sensitivity.

The impact of massage on the skin


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On toilet paper accidentally printed a quote from the Bible


The Finnish company accidentally released the toilet paper with quotations from the Bible, said on Wednesday, March 6, Reuters.

Quotes from the Gospel of Matthew and the First Epistle to the Corinthians, found on toilet paper Lambi, which was sold in Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Among the quotes were, in particular, the words of Jesus from the Sermon on the Mount: "For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."

The company Metsa Tissue, letting Lambi, explained that wanted to stamp on the message of love and suitable quote

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Infections of skin and soft tissue

In 2004 in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK 1.3 million patients were hospitalized for SSTIs, including those due to cellulitis (52.7 percent), local surgical site infection (15.8 percent), diabetic foot (15.3 percent), ulcers (12 percent).

According to expert estimates, the Russian infections of skin and soft tissue ranged from 480 to 700,000 patients a year. Every year in Russia for help in medical facilities are turning to 1.5 million patients with trophic ulcers, about 500,000 patients with diabetic foot syndrome.

Infections of skin and soft tissue are usually caused by multiple microbes at the same

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How to cure cardiomyopathy?

Dilated cardiomyopathy usually occurs for no apparent reason and soon begins to seem a verdict — the causes are unknown, treatment mainly symptomatic condition gradually worsens prognosis disappointing.

But few people know that modern medicine has to offer something more than supportive therapy, and in patients with cardiomyopathy have a real chance to not only stop the progression of the disease, but greatly improve your health and regain the pleasure of life.

Until recently, the only radical method of treatment of dilated cardiomyopathy was a heart transplant. Due to the imperfect system of organ

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As scarring?

Unfortunately, skin scars are the inevitable consequence of any open injury or surgery. They remain for a lifetime, often creating a significant cosmetic and functional defects. Disfiguring scars, scars that limit even small movements can cause serious problems in patients, both in business and in personal life. People, by chance, faced with this problem, you should know that the quality of most scars can be improved to some extent.

The mechanism of formation of scars

Wound healing — is a complex biological process, which lasts about a year and completes the formation of a mature scar. One year later,

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Samara scientist has developed a unique implant

 Photo source:vesti.ru

The invention of the Samara scientist in the field of medicine Sergey Litvinov is soon to receive widespread use. While working on his doctoral thesis he developed a material that can replace, and then rebuild the bone tissue. Experiments have shown — the implant inserted gives amazing results.

The implant is a biopolymer in which the crystals were grown gidraksil-Appatity. The author described his drug "Litar" and continues to work on it. In the most recent experiments showed that it is able to replace not only bone, but also in general — any other tissue of

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ISS astronauts conduct studies of human bone tissue

The problem of leaching of calcium from human bone tissue during long space flights will be studied in the framework of a new research program on the Russian segment of the International Space Station. June 15 at the ISS session begins, biotechnology experiment "Calcium". About two hours at the workshop is planned today to schedule a flight engineer for Expedition 28, Sergei Volkov. Russian cosmonaut will work with special canisters with fixed experimental cells delivered to the station aboard manned spacecraft "Soyuz TMA-02M" on June 10. Today, photography is scheduled pilings exhibited at the ISS RS and reset photographs to

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