The video card GeForce GTX 770 Palit JetStream

Seven hundred series of graphics cards from NVIDIA has been released to the market some time after the announcement of the GeForce GTX Titan, but thanks to sensible pricing and good positioning «accustomed» to the market.

Titan said about the same thing will not work, but it has been a niche product, so they will remain.

If we draw an analogy, it is something between a prototype and the most powerful engine in the line — like commercially produced, but the price is too high even for the most tricked production sample.

If you analyze seven hundred series, the

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All About..TITAN

Titan is considered the most planet-like of our Solar System’s moons for many reasons, but could it really harbour life of its own or support a human colony?

Saturn has more than 62 known moons (53 named ones) and numerous moonlets. But despite orbiting the same planet, these moons can be incredibly different from each other. One moon, Titan, stands out from the crowd for more than a few reasons.

It’s both the largest moon of Saturn and the second-largest known moon in the Solar System. It has a diameter of about 5,150 kilometres (3,200 miles) and is larger than

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As good as it gets this month, evga is unveiling its GeForce GTX 780 as well as an all-new GPU cool­ing design dubbed ACX, which it plans to stick on all its high-end GPUs for the foreseeable future. The cooler’s acronym stands for Active Cooling Extreme since it uses active cooling and it’s more extreme than getting a Red Bull enema.

Honestly, it’s high time EVGA came out with this, as it’s been using a slightly modified version of the Nvidia reference «blower” design for way too long, so it’ll now be able to compete with Asus’s DirectCU II, MSI’s

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5 amazing facts about… TITAN

Humans could float in its sky

Titan’s thick atmosphere, low gravity

(less than our Moon) and reasonable surface pressure (1.45 times that of

Earth’s) mean that, by flapping a pair of wings strapped to your arms, you could fly in its skies with no more effort than walking.

We’ve landed on it, and we might again

The Saturn-orbiting spacecraft Cassini carried with it the Huygens probe, which landed on Titan (our only landing in the outer Solar System) on

14 January 2005. There are proposals being discussed for another landing, this time possibly using a boat.

It’s bigger than Mercury

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Titan is planning to launch 1.5 years secondarily Polyom


Omsk "Titan" is planning a half years to launch the second phase of the plant for the production of polypropylene "Polyom", increasing its total output to 265 million tons, the State Duma of the Russian Federation, co-owner of "Titan" Michael Sutyaginsky on the sidelines of the V Congress of the Russian Union of Chemists. Recall that in November "Titan" is planning to start production of polypropylene capacity of 180 thousand tons. According M.Sutyaginskogo, investments in expanding production to 265 thousand tons will amount to $ 100 million

In addition, in the future, in the Omsk region plans

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Ortonog showed scientists

Walking unit with twin propellers orthogonal, or "Ortonog" Source: OAO "CKB" Titan "

Scientists of "CCB" Titan "took part in the V International scientific-practical conference" Progress vehicles and systems 2013 "held in Volgograd Technical University. The report "Modern trends in the development of motor platform for advanced mobile ground systems" at the plenary session of the conference was made by CEO and Chief Designer of CDB "Titan", Head of the "Automatic Installation" VolgGTU VA Shurigin. The next day, in the sectional of the forum, representatives of 37 universities in Russia, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine and Belarus was

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On Titan photographed autumn cloud



Probe "Cassini" photographed on Saturn's moon Titan autumn cloud. This supports the theory that Titan has a change of seasons. Photo published on NASA. Titan, the largest satellite of Saturn's orbit around the Sun is much slower than the earth, so the change of the seasons is there for seven and a half Earth years. As the photo shows "Cassini" at the south pole of Titan, which is photographed cloud comes autumn, while in the North Pole, on the contrary, approaching spring.

Such circulation of the atmosphere has on the

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Titanium can generate slow tsunami




British scientist Nadeem Ghafoor (Nadeem Ghafoor) of the Surrey Space Centre (Surrey Satellite Technology) believes that the oceans on Titan is capable of generating waves that are seven times higher than their "colleagues" in the world.

Judging from telescopic observations and work with computer models, the

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Titans atmosphere is unpredictable




Astronomers at the Paranal Observatory, Chile (Paranal Observatory) got the best images to date of Titan — Saturn's main moon.

They show objects that are likely to be in its thick clouds and misty atmosphere consisting of nitrogen, methane, and hydrocarbons. Note Titan — one of

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We found the Earth's atmosphere of Titan

French astrophysicists have found in the atmosphere of Titan — Saturn, called the planetary boundary layer, which previously was considered a hallmark of the Earth's atmosphere.

On the discovery of the French planetologists reports RIA Novosti reported with reference to an article in the journal Nature Geoscience. The planetary boundary layer is a special part of the troposphere — the lower layer of the atmosphere. The properties of this layer at each point of the airspace the topography of the underlying surface, and the rate of its heating and cooling. On Earth, this layer is at an altitude

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