Is it a museum that looks like a ship? A theme park that looks like an iceberg? Or a ship/iceberg/museum/ theme-park amalgam?

Two weeks before its opening, Mark Simpson on BBC1 described the £97m Titanic Belfast as a ‘new Titanic Visitor Centre’; odd considering of course there is no Titanic. A Visit Belfast staffer talked in hopeful terms of it being Belfast’s Guggenheim Bilbao, but it’s not a gallery or museum. And no-one would be so crass as to call it a mini theme-park – yet it includes a six-minute ride in suspended cars through three levels of sensory experiences

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Prophets and Prophecies




After the terrible terrorist attacks in New York on September 11 quoted everywhere predictions of a medieval astrologer Michel Nostradamus, who knew about the alleged trouble that befall America. In this regard, it is interesting to recall other prophecies about the last XX century, to see which of them have come true. In this

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Titanic. Reports from the dead. Online

The main riddle of "Titanic" is not solved?! What started up to the bottom of the legend of British shipbuilding: iceberg submarine torpedo or …? Why is the story of "Titanic" allows us to take a fresh look at today's international events? Exclusive materials and "Russian trace" in the liner.


The Nazi Titanic watch online

Full-length feature-documentary film, which tells about the development of more famous than the sunken "Titanic"Bestseller of the same name, filmed in Germany in 1943 …

Marine engineering

Titanic captains house sold by ghosts

April 9, 2012 9:20

House Captain "Titanic" Edward Smith for sale. Mature wife Louise and Neil Bonner decided to give up his two-storey house of the nineteenth century., Located in the British county of Staffordshire, for 80 thousand pounds.

Edward Smith (right), captain of the "Titanic."

According to Daily Mail, on the move prompted the owners of "mysterious events" that occur in the home. Bonner confident that their home wound up the ghost of the deceased captain of "Titanic."

"Smith was not wearing a naval uniform or anything like that, but this was definitely it" — told the

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Titanic’s last secrets watch online

Recognizable director James Cameron gave the world the "Terminator," "True Lies" and "Abyss", but is more known for its real dive into the depths of the oceans, where lie the famous ships. In 2003, the year of his famous movie * Ghosts of the abyss * has revealed a new look at the remains of the majestic *Titanic*. Who inspired director and researcher vorachivaetsya to the sunken giant to reveal his past lurking. Unique equipment expedition Cameron and wonderful computer graphics posodeystvuyut us a glimpse into the plush rooms and cabins *Titanic and rare archival footage and

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Spec. Titanic project: Report from the dead

March 22, 2012 13:44

Original title: Special Project. Titanic: Report from the dead Year: 2012 Genre: Documentary Issued: Russia, REN TV About the film: The main riddle of "Titanic" is not solved? That let the bottom legend of British shipbuilding: iceberg underwater torpedo or …? Why the story of "Titanic" allows us to take a fresh look at today's world events? Exclusive materials and the "Russian trace" in the liner.

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The collapse of Europe, registered in the symbols of the matrix Concordia

February 3, 2012 9:19

"All the [European] continent will be unrecognizable. In a year. At the end of 2012 we will live in a different Europe. It will not be like Europe in the past 20 years. I do not know what it will be like, but […] Europe is a severe crisis of the last of his 60 years. I think the euro zone in such a way there will be no more. "

Alexander Rahr, director of the Berthold Beitza behalf of the German Council on Foreign Relations, a political scientist (December 2011)

Ship "Costa Concordia". Surprise

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Aliens living in the mountains?

Newly available media were truly sensational documents concerning the Chinese expedition of archaeologists who in 2002 went to the north-west China's desert outback Province Cong Hai, to investigate reports of a strange discovery made by nomadic pastoralists in the mountain Baygongshan.

In this place they found three entrances into the mountain. Two of them have long collapsed, and the third at a height of two meters from the ground, kept in a shallow cave. Researchers immediately noted that the walls are very smooth, as if specially ground. But what is most striking — at the far end of the

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Titanic full truth watch online

In April 2012, was exactly 100 years from the day or one of the most dramatic man-made disasters of the early twentieth century. April 14, 1912 sank in the Atlantic Ocean ship, title of which is clear across the world. "Titanic. "How many shipwrecks happened before and after this tragedy, but who would call another so well known?" God Himself could not sink this ship would be "- boasted a shipping company manager" White Star Line ", which created"Titanic"… Ship, which was built as a sign of the triumph of the human mind and technology, has died in his

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