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Alexander Vershinin

It seems that the situation in Ultima Online a little stub lysed. Sorry users stopped shouting that the game is impossible, as its defenders stopped offering offenders diapers and Klerasil. I calmed down and the team Origin, ceasing to release new patches each day. In the online Bagdad all is quiet.

Behold, it was necessary to know the beginning, has already been discussed earlier (see. # 2’98). Many things change from patch to patch, but the essence of the game remains the same, so the current focus on things descriptive hints — such as the characteristics bipdeop’ov. In

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Amateur scene. IPT preview.

North’s only A section title came at East London Golf Club in 1984, and one never knows what to expect from them. However they are a team on the up. The Blue Bulls won promotion from the В section at home in 2010, and last year they halved with WP, then gave Central a scare on the final afternoon, coming within a point of winning the title in a close defeat. They finished third in the A section. They miss Brandon Stone, so will need a strong week from No 1 Zander Lombard and the likes of Hendre Celliers and

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Marx, Lenin and Vseslav Warlock

Polochans marveled whence appeared in XII century thoroughbred touches — princes then scoured for mangolkah fluffy. A prince obviously wondered why the street that runs alongside, called the October and not wearing his princely name.Excellent else trotter Useslaw stands motionless. If he rode into the town center, outraged Warlock would obviously took the blade from its sheath and headed to the local municipal executive committee stallion.Polotsk place names differently as an affront to common sense can not be called. Here for you and Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin, and no unknown Saca of Vantsetstsi and Voikov and Svyardlov and Dzerzhinsky

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Raids against the Nazis did maladagvardeytsav. Belarusian authorities conducted raids against the Young

Ilya Kopil, Minsk: "Hello," Freedom! "During II World War I raids against the Nazis did maladagvardeytsav. Belarusian authorities are ruthless raids against the Young. What a resemblance! History repeats itself. Thank you for your attention. "Nina Yarmolinskaya Soligorsk "heartily welcome you, dear friends! On trial Ivan Shyla prosecutor read the content of the telephone discussions with his friends Ivan. That’s up to the shameful now reached power. Thank you. "Man: "Stalin Line" — the title of the fascist invaders. In Russian historiography, it was just a line of fortifications on the border of an old state and consisted of separate

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Life and death legends: wings

"Wings (curve) — authentic old title Dnieper-Dvina region, place, inhabited Kriviches — naikrupneyshim protabelaruskim tribe. It — State ethnonym other Belarus.Wings — around here too the Holy Land, the eternal sacred archetype of our country. Wings — the myth of the "golden age" of our ethos. It — very beautiful and majestic myth that combines modern Belarus, with its beginnings. "***Vyacheslav Rakytskyy: "Where does the name" Wings "? Either its etymology associated with some other myth, either some sacred meaning?"Alexei Dermant: "Linked directly. How authoritative researchers believe, more affordable version of the origin of Titles Curves and krivichi from Balt

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F/A-37 Talon

F/A-37 Talon — fabrications plane, fighter of the U.S. Navy, as shown in the movie «Stealth» 2005. Talon is capable of hypersonic flight cruising thanks to the combined pulsed detonation / scramjet engine. As the title of the movie, Talon has stealth capability, along with variable-sweep wings, double guns for close combat and internal launcher with a wide range of weapons, including missile air-to-air AIM-9 Sidewinder, anti-radiation missiles AGM-88 HARM, missiles «air-land» AGM-130C (referred to in the movie «Blue Ferret»), and bombs Truncheon. This aircraft resettled common embedded microprocessor (CIP), a central «brain» capable of assessing damage not only

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Night Siege 2 August

Alexander Lukashenko stated that the need to "find the status of legally electric media." "Anarchy in the web should be stopped. Should not let this majestic achievement of the world’s population into information trash" — said Head of State during a speech on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the newspaper "Russian Belarus." Comments from the forums portal"Pro Gas better let me ponder … Too — forums";"We need to throw one website —";"Probably got to forums and was shocked";Comments from the Network Society minsk_by:"We need to stop the dictatorial";"That’s because of such phrases as" dictatorial "and shut

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Brest street Suvorov decided to rename the part

In honor of the new name is a memorable character, but along the Avenue of the Republic is virtually no residential development, because there are only near equestrian school, vyaslyarny channel and building a new Roman Catholic church. At the same time, Suvorov Street remains one of the main thoroughfares in the neighborhood "Kovalevo."New names will soon receive about 200 Brest streets. Fact, that This year immediately attached to the town 11 nearby villages, because the authorities are obliged to engage in renaming streets. For example, the request was not granted the inhabitants of the village of Flat maintaining street

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Night Siege — July 25

The portal burning passion in connection with the mass arrests of representatives of youth movements, the other day on July 27. Aleks_Fon_Lukas nedavmevae: "Yesterday was detained, now tribunal tsikavenka. Certain can not tell what, and even draw, and the guys immediately before a tribunal." Vadim.royko: "Imagine if activists really flyer pasted on the monument Yes opera kamitetskiya for such immediately grabbed by an asterisk would be on BT every 5 minutes — say, so and so, the Vandals, bribed by the U.S. and its nasty assistants, nothing is sacred By evening … ONT tokshov: shoot or hang? "Hilda_:" Something

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Citations past: For broadcast quality bolshevitskuyu

"Nowe Zycie" in 1927 indignant: "In the last issue of the army magazine" redoubt "is changed to the title area Grandichy Gzhendichy. Such is the kind of" spalshchenne "here does not rely on any grounds … Also again pay attention to the change of name unmotivated Zhydomlya on Zhitomlya. Zhydomlya that exists 400 years, got its title in the time of Alexander Yagelonchika as Jews sat there. Is also the title of non-Polish commune Hoskay that local authorities called Hazhanskay. ""Vitebsk proletarians" in 1937 under the heading "For bolshevitskuyu quality broadcasting" writes: "More aburayuchy fact Minsk radio transmission, under

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