Lukashenko came on foot from Alexandria Kopys

The problem of crossing the Dnieper has long been important for the local inhabitants, to This time localities 2-regions joined the pontoon bridge, which was liquidated in winter. In 2005, Speaking at the opening of the agricultural town in the village of Kopys, Alexander Lukashenko ordered to build a real bridge, applicable for both cars and vehicles for languid. The new bridge will allow transportation of almost 100 thousand tons of cargo per year.In Kopys Alexander Lukashenko visited two facilities built by his order: local woodworking company — Orsha branch plant of building materials — and a workshop for the

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Small entrepreneurs against mass inspections and fines

From this moment about four businessmen Rechitsy lost their jobs in the market "Slavic". Authorities violated the agreement and began premature reconstruction areas. Only after going to the local administration traders they were allocated the newest platform. But the problems did not end, says activist Rechitsky Oleg Shabetnik: "And 8 am and here we have a little rally will not. Indeed, apart from the fact, there are huge problems with the Internal Revenue Service. A few people here have arrested a product, and then will Tribunal. A tribunal gives a penalty of up to 50 baselines and confiscation of the

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June Bykov: The population of the earth is needed constantly acting tribunal of justice …

Vasil Bykov: "How paradoxically, fascism for the German people — is history. Germans realized all true and nationwide long repented sins of previous generations. But we have not heard from the other side of repentance for not least the atrocities committed against the peoples of Europe, including Belarus . In the first years after the war it was possible to hear that worldview, that the Nuremberg trial to give the status of the current constantly. This need was yavna, and apparently trivial zastnaetstsa long. atrocities against the people and the world’s population continues either with the other hand, and to

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Zenon Pozniak: Constantly feel lack Bykov

Pozniak: "With Vasily Vladimirovich Bykov I met in 1988 when he wrote an article about Kurapaty. That’s when I called him, it was already agreed with the editor of Lima, and said that I wanted to come across that there is an article that indicates repression and genocide of our people and what you need write an introduction. He realized, said that meet proclaimed place. So we met with him. Bulls later wrote the introduction to the article "Kurapaty — the road of perdition," she influenced that this article was written.But I wish to talk about something else. Kurapaty exposed

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Popov recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia: Let’s not rush

It is understood that previously Alexander Lukashenko stated that this question could elect to see the Belarusian parliament. After, as elected House of Representatives 4th convocation, reporters asked acting speaker Vadim Popov, which, incidentally, is running for the Council of the Republic, as soon as the new parliament may see this question? Popov replied:«The question you asked at the outset not to me but newcomer composition of Parliament. As soon as it is formed, will depend on the newly elected deputies. The only thing I I can tell, 30 active deputies will work and in a new convocation. They will

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After the swamp

Lofty Swamp protest did not survive its own anniversary. Born in the throes of an intellectual reflection of the Coordination Council to coordinate, in general, there is nothing. The only thing that bog With years — is impressive and representative voting for Putin, who marsh movement allowed for a fully informative campaign. It must be admitted that no such campaigns without the presence of a visible danger of marsh to be unrealistic, since no meaningful policy was valid at the time power did not show.

Back in the summer we called the process occurring in the marsh movement, "raskhomyachivaniem

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Political horoscope for tomorrow

From time to time political the analyst is often compared with the political forecasting, and even with the so-called political astrology. That's why Russian and world experts sin that make up for the current politicians horoscope the next day. In other words, the experts are trying to guess or even predict that in the near future in a political sense, can occur with the same or other municipal figure. Let's try to make up a typical as currently adopted read, sammeri, which is reflected in the way the political horoscope the next day is made for those who work in

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Obama announced a new defense minister

According to U.S. media reports, president Barack Obama wants to designate director of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency Leon Panetta head of the Ministry of Defense. The current Secretary of Defense Robert Gates prepares to retire later this year.

Panetta was managing the administration of President Bill Clinton. He also served as director of the Office of Management and Budget and a member of Congress.

Governor of the Central Intelligence Agency instead of Leon Panetta to be appointed acting Army Gen. David Petraeus, who heads the military operations in Afghanistan.

Media also report that followed the U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan

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Folk and the guerrilla movement in the Russian War of 1812

Bad start of the war and the retreat of Russian troops deep into the terrain of the country showed that the forces of a standing army, the enemy is unlikely to be cast down. To win over a strong opponent of efforts were required of all Russian people. In the vast majority of captured enemy county people took Napoleon's troops as liberators from serfdom as rapists, robbers and oppressors. Acts occupiers only confirmed people's worldview — the European hordes looted, killed, raped, rampaged through the temples. Another invasion of foreigners and was seen by the vast majority of the

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Mobile coastal missile system Bal-E entered service Caspian Flotilla

At the end of last year on the Caspian Flotilla in defense plants received the last batch of emergency vehicles from the DBK "Bal-E". Complex contains the transshipment and transport machinery, self-propelled launcher and a command post, control and communications. In general, a set of delivery includes about 10 titles tehsistem.

At the moment, the military, missile troops, past the factory in Kaluga special training for operation and maintenance "Bal-E", have begun to combat training.

DBK "Bal-E" engage targets at a distance of 20 to 100 km, both criteria under adverse weather and at any time of the day.

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