O.Trusov: BNR could save Europe

Shupe: G. Zaichikov you — archaeologist …Pant: More precisely — building archaeologist …Shupe: Can I have your specialty BNR read about archeology?Pant: Fact, that there arhealegiya twentieth century. This, for example, excavations any buildings, killed in the First, the Second World War. And we in Belarus arhealegiya — it Kurapaty. And there are many of the founders of the BNR …Shupe: Do you like the other books in the genre of history, utopia, dystopia?Pant: I was always interested in the prodigious literature, and my beloved writers the same countryman of Smolensk Isaac Asimov, Abe Koba, Roy Bredbery, Strugatsky, Efremov. Fantasy

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Khaschavatski area — in Washington

Audience spectators This time consisted of American politicians, political scientists and journalists interested in the political process in Belarus. We called Yuri KHASCHEVATSKY in Washington.Khaschevatsky: "I beheld real enthusiasm. Very staring film, very good reacted. Laughing wherever you need … The reaction was human and very Cancel. The movie has attracted. This view is organized by the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Lithuanian side has brought a lot of copies of this disk, but are not enough. Their dismantled simultaneously and even had to make additional copies of the computer. We did a lot of them, but all

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Vyachorka: Germany wants to build Belarus in the European family

On the last working day of the visit, they will hold several meetings with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Germany and in the offices of leading political parties in this country. One of the co-chairs of the Political Council of 4 SLM Vintsuk Vyachorka in an interview Radio Liberty said: "We basically had to hear from the main figures that define the eastern policy of Germany, and their desire to build Belarus in European civilization, values, economic, and eventually political family of nations.Fundamentally also that persists fundamentally German position regarding the release of political prisoners, the democratization of the electoral

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Wreath memory Basil Suprun

Youth activist Ales Masuk met with Basil Suprun shortly before his death. The clinic at Supruna found lung cancer, he became worse, and the Emperor Basil sent home to breathe, says Ales Masuk:"Friday was released, and here it is only a couple of days survived. On Saturday I beheld his last time out. He was lying, telling him it was already too heavy. Vivacity to him I said, that’s youth grows up that brand new wave revivalist growing, not killed Belarusian case, there would still be ahead. "Public figure from Slonim Misha Voronets very badBasil knew about Supruna, visited him

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Affects whether the mass culture of violence in real life?

This question really interested scientists and appropriate studies were conducted. For example, here is what conclusions the doctor came Keyvin Brown, a forensic psychologist from the English Institute in Birmingham, who has studied the impact of violence in the media on young people. Violence trained since childhood?According to the scientist, then, as the impact of violent scenes from popular culture on young people is dependent on the experience that he got people in the first years of life. If a person grew up in a brutal environment, faced with different forms of violence in his own family, the scene of

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Fire damaged the church and mosque

Church in Dowa was built in 1864 and is a monument of architecture. Prerequisite for a fire in the church was failure of fire safety rules in making repairs.On the days of the Minsk area damaged by fire wood mosque in the urban village Smilovichi built in 1997. According to the preparatory version, the building caught fire due to a faulty furnace equipment. As a result, fire damaged ceiling.

Charhinest: On the front foreground economy

Chairman of the International Commission of the Republic Nikolai Cherginets in an interview with "Freedom" said: "This meeting has shown willingness to 2-presidents to solve issues of the Belarusian-Russian cooperation, based on the realities, relationships, such as those that have already been established and the current realities of the Days". By Nicholas Charhinets views, "he temper meeting allows to conclude that the country will develop a business based on the Contract of the Union State of 8 December 1999. But apparently now extends across front plan issues such as those to nedavneshnego time sounded. This — Constitutional Act, the single

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How to live in Mogilev visually impaired?

"My problem — not my blindness, and society’s attitude towards me as a person": the motto of the fourth year in a row in Mogilev Company Visually Impaired holds shares in the month of "White staff."

Shares of days confined to internationally blind, which is celebrated on November 13. The purpose of the month — to take public attention to the dilemmas and needs of blind people.

Tsiolkovsky Street in Mogilev district of Mir-1 — place of residence compact blind people. Visually impaired live there from the environment 1960 years. In looped five two-story buildings and yard hitherto worth

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Ira grin Kazulina

She knew about the disease even when Alexander Kozulin perceived decision take the role of in the presidential campaign. He could abandon if she doted. But did not ask … Know what a danger felt what disaster ahead, but supported. Supported grin, faith and love … When he was on March 25 at the head of the column under the baton Akrestsin SWAT thought that this little lady who just a few hours back the received another sentence Borovlyany? .. I do not know which of their was more courage at that moment … I almost never beheld Ira Kazulina

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Ministry of Economy: traders in the markets — this is not the class of business

Now on at once sounded demands resignation of Deputy Minister of Economy Andrei Tur, which oversees government big and small business. Bureaucrat directly blamed for the "winding up business as a class." At the request of Radio Liberty to comment on these statements Andrei Tur said that sees action in more political than economic shape, because to argue with someone in this case did not consider it necessary to:"Neuzh then those people selling on the market can only declare themselves businessmen? Do we have no other business? About anything at all in this case read? I believe that we are

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