Last year Kebich

Just explain to the society (photo 1). Uncles who kiss in this photo, not homosexuals. This is the highest state official: Russian Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin and the Prime Minister of Belarus Vladimir Kebich in a government car in 1994 during a visit to Minsk and Chernomyrdin after heavy consumption of alcoholic drinks and so remain. Actually, there is nothing special to comment — as the saying goes, "all in Russian."

If we evaluate this photo in the category of "paparazzi", then it is — the highest class of scandalous. Photos made outstanding Belarusian photojournalists Sergei Grits, was published in

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Happy Love congratulate those who sit for the love of Belarus

Five of the Society of the Young meet Valentine's Day behind bars. This is the leader of the "Young Front" Zmitser Dashkevich, his deputies Anastasia Palazhanka and Ales Kirkevich, One of the leaders of the organization of the Minsk Arrange Eremenok and Edouard LOBOV. Congratulations cards protesters gather all political prisoners, said activist Nikolai Demidenko:

"We're going to congratulate all the political prisoners who are in prison. Detained on December 19. We congratulate and Autukhovich. February 8 was two years old he is behind bars. Our Malady, those who are not in the KGB detention center, we also congratulate you

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