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1. Let’s go around the world.

The average level of self-esteem in women, surprisingly, may vary significantly depending on the place and date of birth.

According to a survey conducted in 53 countries by experts of the World Health Organization, the highest self-esteem in the world have:

— American,

— Englishwoman,

— Swede,

— Germans,

— Italian,

— French,

— Spaniard.

Our compatriots are approximately in the middle of the list, and it’s short women godforsaken Australian tribe, who did not know what and how to value themselves, but feel quite happy and satisfied with

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3. The self-esteem in 60 seconds.


Oksana, 26y.o.. I know why we women are so fond of roses. They enhance the sense of their own attractiveness and relevance. I once worked on a flower stock. And all the color I like, but next to the roses, I felt like a queen. You come into the hall, where they are stored, and a minute later the mood is changing. I looked in books on aromatherapy — it turned out really smell the roses increases self-esteem. The main thing is that the flowers are fresh. Suitable and rose oil — two to a room. But the

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Belarusians have felt the effects of the energy conflict with Russia?

Man: "I did not feel in any way."Man: "I’m not ready to answer, has just begun. And what will be — time will tell. I have not even paid for the apartment not. Rates increased, as will be further — hard to say."Man: "Not yet. This month, January, the differences in the current level with no past months. "Man: "Every day they say on TV that we do not have gas, and we do not want to pay for Russian gas. Of my well-being was not injured. I believe that politicians should decide this question themselves. "Young Man: "Totally not

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Hypnotic session with a woman from United States

The author of "P."

I want you to quote hypnotic session held in 1994, 95g. was one woman who lives in the United States. Actions described in this dream relate to our time. And describe the arrival of the wave (quantum leap), was given to the concept of the arrival of a wave after 18 years:

Q: What do you see now — it's embedded memories shielding or what actually happened? A: That is what happened. Q: All right. Continue to describe what you see on the screen. Anything else? A: Hmmm … all I can see

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