Boris and Bantser can travel abroad?

Angelica Boris explained to us now that they have brought in a computer database, but they immediately paid the fine. In this case, as explained to them, their few days of the strike "blacklist."Igor Bantser specify now at Leeds border detachment, and he uttered that the database they were removed due to the fact that the fine is paid. "I uttered that we can now travel abroad, but it is really so, can be make sure only the border, "- he concluded.

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Mogilev in NATO will not

Man: "I do not know that hunt them. When hunting, it is their right."Reporter: "For us, for Belarusians, there is the danger?"Man: "I did not see any of the Baltic states, Poland or from threats. Same thing there."Sovereign Incline age: "I think that decent to them there will be nothing. Romania joined NATO and others, but decent for the people to do nothing. They imply that something will give them for free. Tipo protection from Russia. If Our homeland gas will not, then the NATO Russia almost begin to bombard. "Lady: "I do not like it. There somehow alien. Ukraine

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How to introduce solid foods?

When the child reaches the age of 6 months, its need for protein, vitamins and minerals increases significantly. It's time to enter into the diet of the baby full carbohydrates, vegetable proteins, vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. Previously, doctors recommended to introduce solid foods from 4 months. But the special sense in this. If there are no problems with growth, development and health, it is best to start lure in 6 months. If a skinny kid with a poor appetite, low hemoglobin, then it is better to start solid foods early in 5 months.

Generally it is believed that

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Put on duty the first regiment Yarsov

In the Ivanovo region atonement for combat duty first in Russia regiment, armed with a mobile strategic missile system RS-24 "Yars". On this, as reported by RIA Announcements, said the official dealer of the press service of the Ministry of Defence and disk imaging Russia Vadim Koval. According to him, the regiment included two divisions of the RS-24, which in 2010 were put on combat duty pilot. During the trial operation of the military confirmed the declared tactical and technical properties of the complex.

In the future, new missile systems have to change in service of an old SS-18 (Russian

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Portable communication devices

Let's try to give definition of communication in the modern world. To do this, we will not use almost incomprehensible encyclopedic definition. To understand the connection rather to say that this is one of the main links of increasing competitiveness, it is a real locomotive for commercial transactions, small and large business projects. No self-respecting company can now do without a functional, multi-level, secure communication system that provides instant exchange of topical information.

Many business projects are implemented through the use of portable communication systems, one of the parts of which are radio capable of information forms the whole

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Indications Taliban and modern Taliban

First, in February one of the main news related to Afghanistan, was the publication of excerpts from a secret NATO report on the basis of material 27 thousand interrogations of arrested 4,000 Taliban fighters, who dubbed the compilers of "The State of the Taliban." Apart from the regular Afghan thugs evidence of cooperation with Pakistani intelligence services, the discussed document contains a number of information on the functioning of armed opposition, sentiment in the middle of the militants, etc. Some journalists have received this information as a kind of ultimate truth about the situation in Afghanistan, although this approach

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An earthquake of magnitude 7.2 occurred in eastern Indonesia

April 6, 2013. Earthquake magnitude 7.2 occurred on Saturday at eastern Indonesia in the province of West Papua, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

The earthquake at the depth of 58 kilometers, its epicenter was located at 246 kilometers from the village Abepura.

Data on casualties and destruction have been reported yet. Tsunami threat was not announced.

Source: RIA Novosti


The earthquake caused panic in Indonesia

April 6, 2013. An earthquake measuring 7.2 in the east Indonesia on Saturday, causing panic among the local population in the province of Papua, including its administrative center of Port Numbae (Jayapura),

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In Taiwan, there was a strong earthquake

March 27, 2013. Earthquake magnitude 6 points occurred on Wednesday morning in the central part of the island of Taiwan. Brunt of the disaster came in Nantou county, located 250 km from the capital city, which also felt tremors. The epicenter was at the depth of 15 kilometers. According to experts, there is no threat of a tsunami.

As a result of tremors in a number of buildings collapsed ceilings, was suspended rail and underground work.

At least 20 man in Nantou County and neighboring communities suffered minor injuries.

Taiwan is located at the junction of tectonic plates and seismic

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Strait of Hormuz — Clash of Iran and the U.S.

Around the Strait of Hormuz all stronger inflame political passions. The South American government is hiding behind the idea of combating nuclear weapon, continues his coming to the Asian country. Now the victim was elected Iran's strategic ally of China. At the November IAEA report, it was reported on nuclear developments on the ground this Islamic country. Iran denies the existence of nuclear power in the state, but shows its peaceful purposes. United States, along with Israel, has long been putting pressure on the European Union for the purpose of economic measures against Iran. The essence of the proposed action

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The new budget Walther PPX

As it turns out, may not be economical only phones or laptops, this category is also in the midst of firearms. When you see that one or another model called cheap and made on the basis of a different model with a gun highest price, then completely natural question: what specifically preserved and how it affected properties and reliability? Yet, the issue of such options firearms involved in the main famous weapons company, one whose name is associated with quality, so worried that the gun fall apart in his hands at the first shot, do not worry, but to

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