Lukashenko complains Russian oppression

Belarusian manager also described as "silly" the project of building a gas pipeline from Russia to Europe bypassing Belarus under the Baltic Sea."Echo of Moscow" and the words quoted Lukashenko that only 30 percent of the inhabitants of Belarus supported the idea of unification with Russia. The reason why the views Lukashenko, Russian authorities in politics, "which threw Belarus loop on the neck.""What kind of alliance can be read as if the factory, farm, private trader in Russia have privileged conditions, receiving gas three times cheaper than business entities in Belarus — Lukashenko said. — Who needs such an alliance,

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Social networks make of you psycho!

You feel angry and depressed? Notice for a signs of aggression or misbehavior? Can you now do not have electricity and disconnected the Internet and you can not go to his page Classmates, Vkontakte, Tmitter, or of Facebook? Think about it, this is clearly linked. Scientists have proven negative impact of social networks on the mental state of a person!

Watch Online Social Networking — No time to waste!

According to a study conducted by the British Selfordskoy business school, active Facebook and Twitter users often experience

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IISEPS for Lukashenko in elections voted 51.1% of respondents

Society For Alexander Lukashenko in the presidential election of 2010 voted 51.1% of all respondents.

This is stated in a national survey made in December last year Independent Institute of Socio-Economic and Political Studies, which is registered in Lithuania.

Neklyaeva voted for Vladimir 8.3% of the respondents, Andrei Sannikov — 6.1% Vital Rymasheuski — 3.7% Yaroslav Romanchuk — 3.2%Ales Mikhalevich — 2.7% Statkevich — 1.7% Gregory Kastusiou -1.6% Victor Tereshchenko — 0.6% Dmitry Uss — 0.5%.

Sociologists believe that Lukashenko again won the presidential election and, in principle, could have done without the "redistribution" of nearly 1350000 votes

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Conscripts do not want to go to the military for subpoenas

The initiative of senators who have proposed significant changes in the order of appeal, until the mixture is maintained. This initiative has also decided to discuss the sociological research center recruitment portal

Namely, they decided to ask own respondents, intensive Russian people, users of the web, if they approved the initiative upper chambers of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, which provides recruits themselves come to the military for subpoenas for 2-weeks since declared a regular call to military service. In case of no-show, the Senators threatened, they may incur criminal act under Article 328 of the Criminal

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The enemies of America in the eyes of Americans

Kazakhstan information portal (Http:// published the results of a survey conducted by Gallup in the middle of the U.S. people.

Americans believe Iran worst enemy of their country. So say 32% of respondents. In the past year main opponent The Islamic Republic of Iran christened 25% of the Yankees.

In second place in the most fresh rating of "enemies" of the United States — China (23%). Next, in descending order, are:

North Korea (10%),

Afghanistan (7%),

Iraq (5%),

Our homeland (2%).

With all of this, according to the views of 1% of the respondents, main opponent America is

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