Montessori children’s group entered our lives not so long ago. But if the Western countries the idea of ​​Italian physician, philosopher and teacher of Maria Montessori has become one of the recognized directions in pedagogy, then we have the opposite situation. WHY this educational system causes so many contradictory responses and heated debate?

In Montessori education in Russia — a long history and difficult destiny. The first kindergarten was opened at us in 1913, several years after it first appeared in Italy. However, in 1926, Nadezhda Krupskaya, criticized the absence of such groups, education of collectivism, after which they were

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Their own and others

Yesterday KROHA YOUR HANDS willingly went to almost all in a row, and now CAUGHT BY YOU AS A drowning man a straw and flatly refuses to communicate with outsiders. And why does this surprise you? Quite normal AGED 8-18 MONTHS!

This kind of fear arises much earlier fears, such as the gray wolf or violent summer storm. One of the first fears that the baby experiences in his life — it is the fear of others. The first 9-month-old Maxim experienced it that day, when he has a new nanny. He enthusiastically crawled around on the floor, and suddenly

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Simple failure

The child does not like what he is offered, baby prefers something else: Apple juice orange, drawing reading, white blue cap. This «do not want» the perfect and correct: it says that the child begins to form its own view of the world, themselves and their activities. Parents should try to take into account the variety of baby as often as possible: the child has a right to their own tastes, interests and preferences. Of course, when it comes to employment, crumb is gradually accustomed to the word «necessary». But remember: the first «do not want», which sounds, in

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Kids in a Cage — all of the arenas

"Before you grab the baby from the hospital, buy a large arena with a strong grid. The strength of your purchase, you can try, climbing into the arena right in the store. At the surprised looks saleswoman answer proud silence and contemptuous stare. She probably do not know that riding is not the baby will need, and you yourself, so, hiding behind his reliable wall, you could safely drink a cup of coffee or a newspaper to read up without the risk that your young son gets to you. "

This humorous advice famous astrologer Linda Goodman, I remember

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How to teach a child to his crib

If initially the child was sleeping with parents, it is important that the three years he has moved into her bed.

How is it do?

First, choose the right time, it is advisable to do this before the child's third birthday. After three years of co-sleeping with his mother, the boy or the girl's father is fraught with difficulties in the formation of sexual child. Of course, each child there is their individual characteristics, but psychologists believe that weaning from the parent bed is best in a crisis age, that is,year-and a half, two and three years.


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Walking with baby


In the summer, the newborn can be taken for a walk almost immediately after discharge from the hospital (if it weighs more than 2500 grams) — first as20-40 minutes a day, gradually increasing time to6-8 hours per day in the month of age.

Sleep in the open air has a positive effect on the growing child, being not only tempering factor, but also strengthens the nervous system. In the summer baby can constantly sleeping on the street, but it is necessary to shield from direct sunlight and strong wind. Ultraviolet rays have a positive effect on the

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Development of the child in the womb

1st day. The sperm joins with an egg. The result is a "large" (smaller than pellet salt) cell, which contains 46 chromosomes inherited from the parents (23 chromosomes of each). The fertilized egg has all the genetic information about the future of the man: his field, color of eyes, skin and hair, facial features.

3-9th days. The fertilized egg travels down the fallopian tube to the uterus. The embryo attaches to the wall, and it soon begins to get the necessary materials for the food and oxygen for breathing with maternal blood, which comes to him through the

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The development of a child’s speech from 0 to year

Your baby is still very tiny. At first glance, it seems that the development of speech too early to speak. What it meant, you say, if it can be heard only a resounding "y-a!"And in moments of calm and benevolent mood -" aga "yes" yeah ", not counting the other vague and unconvincing sounds. Many parents believe that before their child utters the first words (and usually it happens at the age of about a year) is useless to talk to him as he, they say, still does not understand anything, and yet can not learn.

However, the

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Seven requirements for wheelchair

One of the most important purchases in the list of prospective parents — Buggy. It costs a lot of money and, unlike raspashonok, of which kids grow up quickly, you'll use it every day for quite some time. Therefore, the choice of vehicle for your kid is to approach seriously. Even if you decide not to buy anything in advance, should pay attention to the proposed range in advance and inform relatives about the choice. But first you should decide how to meet the special requirements of children, "the coach." So, let's begin.

Requirement 1. Reliability

It is

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Coming soon to a garden!

Your baby has grown up, and you're already thinking about when it's time to go to work. Summer — time for holiday vacation, when there is an opportunity to take the help of grandmothers, but the fall — or should think about finding a nanny, or define a child in kindergarten.

When to give?

Opinions about the age at which you can give a child in kindergarten, are very different in different countries. In Israel, for example, maternity leave lasts only three months, after which the mother determines the child in the crib, and she returns to work.

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