«Make a world of good together!»


In June 2010, we have laid a heavy bronchitis with his young son to the hospital. The second chamber of our first box empty, and then brought to the baby, such as infants, like mine. Nurses are constantly running to me for the milk mixture, then for his diapers. "What about his mother?"

— I asked. "The child — a foundling,

— You answer me. — Found under the door of a reception …" I was shocked. It is one thing — when you hear such stories. It’s quite another

— when it happens in front of you …

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Happy together


Written BY LISA DAVIS PHOTOGRAPHY BY KARYN MILLET sometimes a house defies labels, as seems to be the case with the Newport Beach residence of Julie and Darrick Walker. “It has an elegant coastal style with European overtones,” says landscape designer Molly Wood, who collaborated on the project with architect Cynthia Child’s and designers Erin Curci and Erin Flinn. “The house looks like it’s always been there, yet it has modern elements,” says Childs, while Flinn notes that it feels “casual yet elegant,

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Mobility + Security together and not always …

Grigory Vasilyev, product manager for the company «NII SOKB»

Methodology VYOD) — an inevitable trend in the development of the corporate sector ?! And always she safe?

Consumerization, BYOD, COPE — which is which?

"Consumerization" — Is the process by which employees are allowed to use consumer-grade devices for business purposes. It is believed that for the first time in the context of IT, the term was coined in 2001 by employees of research and consulting company, Leading Edge Forum, and in 2004 the same company released the first publication on the subject.

Most often the devices involved in

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After she downsized from a spacious home in the country to a long-term rented townhouse, Victoria Clive was determined to transform the tall, thin four-storey property into a stylish place to share with her two children, Roisin, 14, and Finn, 10.

‘The house was full of character but it was very basic with just two rooms on each floor,’ she explains. ‘Its vertical design meant it seemed disjointed and I needed to pull it all together. I wanted to make it my own, but I didn’t have a lot of money, so I went for lots of different fabrics, searched

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Vitebsk beat Vladimir Bazan

In Vitebsk, about 20 o’clock in the evening and beat the editor of the independent newspaper "Kurier from Vitebsk" Vladimir Bazan. When he along with his wife, he vorachivalsya home, the house he was attacked by unknown, banged his head against the wall, smashing it to the blood.’s Wife called "fast assistance ", which drove Vladimir Bazan to the emergency room. Similarly, in mon in his porch was beaten independent candidate Andrew Levine.Vladimir Bazan, together with Boris Khamaida was an observer of the elections on the plot number 34-Vitebsk Kastrytsnitskay electoral neighborhood number 20

Tags: elections, persecution, observers

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Protocol sent for revision Ivashkevicha released

Ivashkevicha brought to the court after 12 hours. In the structure of the street ZhESa Ostroshitsky in which is judge’s office, attended by salting Sweden Stefan Eriksson, the OSCE Mission, journalists and colleagues of Victor. Almost everyone expected an hour when the meeting starts. Ultimately lawyer Ivashkevicha had claim any decision from the judge. Through some time policeman escorting Ivashkevicha, explained that the protocol is focused on completion. What flaws were found in the protocol, not told. The policeman said that Ivashkevich may be free — a meeting of the court, also is unclear. The politician said Radio Liberty"This decision

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Baranovichi: courts every day last

First to the tribunal now called student from Minsk Alexander Milintsa. Interrogated him for 30 minutes. For cry "Long live Belarus!" Put me together with Agurbash and Jagger"I was accused of participating in a meeting where I yelled" Long live Belarus! . "But from the dictionary Ushakov learned that the word" meeting "means a political meeting. We itself was not. And in-2, I wish that I was put in a cell with Angelica Agurbash and Mick Jagger. They, too, it read: "Long live Belarus!" — reads Alexander Milinets.Minutes of his detention tribunal sent to the city police department for revision.

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Now Viktor Gonchar turns 50

Specifically efforts Gonchar spring of 1999, the opposition held One of the most mass political campaigns — other presidential election. It is clear that Viktor Gonchar was preparing for a new political enterprises, but on September 16th in conjunction with the policies disappeared businessman Anatoly Krasovsky. The official investigation acknowledged that it was forcibly kidnapping, but later in search of Viktor Gonchar and his friend Anatol Krasowski Belarusian authorities did not. Gonchar’s wife, and many in Belarus believe that the responsibility for the disappearance must entrust the top management of the country. "If Victor was these years together with us,

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Rock concerts on the anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising

Days of high-rise near the Museum of the Warsaw Uprising rebels welcomed the Polish President Lech Kaczynski."Freedom of Poland is the supreme value. Value for her to fight and want to store this tradytsyii favorite"In Russian time, of insurrection tried not remember because many of its members, but also historians, vinyl Russian Command, which ordered the army on the brakes and the reverse side of the Vistula wait until the Nazis did not destroy the rebels. Rebellion survived a day or 63.At the moment, everything is different — only on the squares of Warsaw, and other Polish cities, festivals —

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A.Dobrovolsky: The crisis in the opposition, but this does not mean that we are not together

Two months later he fiftieth anniversary. In 1982 graduated from the Faculty of radyefizichny, in 1995 — the law school Белдзяржуніверсітэта.Напрыканцы Russian era was a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, became part of the Interregional Deputy Group — the first democratic parliamentary opposition in the USSR. Worked with Andrei Sakharov, BAris Yeltsin, Anatoly Sobchak, Vasil Bykov, Ales Adamovich. In the Supreme Soviet of the 13th convocation elected chairman of the subcommittee on media info and relations with public associations. Member of the Political Council of the United civilian party. In 1990 he was one of the initiators

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