About Sable restrooms and dining

Hunters and naturalists have long noticed that sable often leaves droppings on an elevated, hard, smooth and clean places — trails, ski, stumps, fallen trees, rocks and so on. D. Zoologist Vladimir Rajewski once on the two-kilometer stretch of forest trails of excrement found 28 Sable. PP Tarasov believed sable deliberately leaves droppings in such places that they are Notice marks indicative of the occupied territories, and serve as a cautionary signal «trespassers, beware»). PP Tarasov wrote: «These signs have sables are mainly droppings that sable constantly leaves any noticeable places. Just like dogs and wolves make their «signatures»

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In Pruzany is a street named after Lev Sapieha

Is independent newspaper "Courier from Vitebsk" in most fresh room publishes analytical material on the Russian-Georgian conflict. Article referred to as "curb fire" report editor Vladimir Bazan: "It’s about the fact that our homeland invaded Georgia and that she is to blame for the conflict. Creator remembers Transnistria, gives other examples. Mentioned also that Vakhtang Kikabidze refused the Russian Order of Friendship. "Theme issue of the weekly "Bobruisk courier" — Winning rowers brothers Bogdanovich at the Beijing Olympics. They are inhabitants of the city of Bobruisk and graduates of the school of Olympic reserve."Not all that alcohol in a bottle"

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Will the civilization in public toilets?

It is estimated that every dollar invested in this case, can bring a 900% profit. At what income is calculated Belarusian entrepreneurs that are taken for the construction of toilets?According to UN statistics, almost a third of the population of the planet, or 2.5 billion people have no access to toilets equipped. Once a day, about 800 million people spends at least half an hour on it to find more or less comfortable place to send their own physiological needs. By the way, each month on such searches average person spends 15 hours.In the factory, and the metropolitan area of

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Orsha: Toilet in front of the monument Korotkevich

As said Chairman Orsha city of the BPF Ales Shutov, urban residents this project has caused outrage. Protest against construction of toilets expressed museum staff Vladimir Korotkevich, as the public campus. Under the appeals to the chairman of the City Council and chairman Vitaly Sivakova executive committee Nikolai Lisowski already subscribed more orshantsev weave, which require the construction of transfer to another location. Aels Shutov states that collecting signatures under protest letters lasts, because virtually every inhabitant knows Orsha own famous countryman and construction of a public restroom in front of the monument to Vladimir Korotkevich people consider blasphemy.Monument to

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Are there enough public toilets in Minsk?

The most famous public restroom near Minsk Kupala theater — more than 100 years, and the tradition of her stroll. Historians say that this is a copy of the graph has long been destroyed house Czapski, who paid for his own palace project designer. So the creator of the graph mean revenge … By the way, she and currently looks very decently, to the same — to This time free.Accurate or even a rough figure — how many public toilets in the capital — can not find in any urban setting. For there are toilets integrated, there departmental have toilets.

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On toilet paper accidentally printed a quote from the Bible


The Finnish company accidentally released the toilet paper with quotations from the Bible, said on Wednesday, March 6, Reuters.

Quotes from the Gospel of Matthew and the First Epistle to the Corinthians, found on toilet paper Lambi, which was sold in Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Among the quotes were, in particular, the words of Jesus from the Sermon on the Mount: "For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."

The company Metsa Tissue, letting Lambi, explained that wanted to stamp on the message of love and suitable quote

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Apartments in Japan (WC combined with kitchen)

Do you think that you have a close apartment, forever is not enough space, and these five-meter dishes ….! Nightmare and horror!))) So, you can be comforted.

Feel the owner of the vast apartment — that's the usual pictures of apartments from Japan

And now the trick question — how to think, how many meters this apartment?)

I will not long torment — 10 meters!!! Who do not believe and can read Japanese — that additional information — _


??????????????? ??2?

??10m? ??? (??)


??2 p

Size of housing in Japan is measured in tatami.

Tatami mats have

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Nearly 10 years in the WTO — and was founded in Moscow WTA

Nervous not watch 🙂

At the 1998 Conference in Japan, it was decided to establish an international coordinating body of toilet culture and infrastructure, and already in 2001 in Singapore was officially announced the creation of the World Toilet Organization (WTO)

In Moscow, discussed its charter and, on the eve of graduation from the Moscow summit, Jack Sim Duck publicly announced the formation of BTA.

BTA was finally formed in 2007. Property and equipment at its cozdanie were isolated from the treasury of South Korea, what is the main merit of the head of

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Innovative Plumbing

Sanitary device InnoSan — winner of Innovation

At the conference "Energy Security and Climate — a new priority of state policy" organized by the magazine «Facility manager» 16-17 May 2013, in a competition for the best energy-saving equipment was recognized as the winner of the project InnoSan.

Few would dispute that at present familiar to us from childhood sanitary device for a toilet (in common parlance, "toilet") is the most archaic of all household appliances (since 1775 significant changes in the design of this device is not shown). At the same

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It was-was: reviews of Aeroflot flight attendants Superjet

It was-it became: Reviews Aeroflot flight attendants


The first impression flight attendant


In the AFL began to train flight attendants on the Superjet. What I want to say … God save me from the plane. I do not know how it will fly (I hope that is good). But from the point of view of the flight attendants — horror in the darkness. Surely it was impossible to tear off all at Airbus (and not reinvent the wheel). Yes, and one toilet per 75 passengers, it’s cool.

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