PETA Kills Animals oppose opening day Hobbit

Organization for the Protection of Animals PETA plans to organize a protest against the killing of animals, the actors involved in the film "The Hobbit: Unexpected Journey", the day of the premiere film, which will be held on Wednesday in the New Zealand city of Wellington, the website of the newspaper Herald Sun.

However, other animal rights organization — American Humane Association (AHA) — stated that immediately during filming no animal died and was not damaged.

Earlier it was reported that at least 27 animals: horses, ponies, goats, sheep and chickens — were killed during the shooting process because of

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New Zealand finally fell into Middle Earth

November 3, 2012 19:15

John Tolkien probably would love to fly in such a company. On board a New Zealand Air New Zealand invites beautiful elf. Contingent in the cabin also themed — hobbits, dwarves, elves and other inhabitants of Middle-earth — fantasy universe of the trilogy "The Lord of the Rings."

This — new video about airline safety on board. Prepared it in anticipation of the premiere of the film adaptation of Tolkien's works, "The Hobbit." In New Zealand — a country where the film was shot — this will premiere on November 28, said channel

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