Tone for the summer

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Tone cream can be used in the summer, but is more attentive to his choice. Of course, heavy oily texture tone means winter will clog pores and trigger skin problems. There are creams for different skin types, even for the inflamed — it not only hides the flaws, but also relieves irritation. Cream Summer must have a light texture and BRB (to protect delicate skin from UV rays) also suitable for your skin type and be of good quality. Do not buy creams questionable brands — it is better to give preference to proven producers.

The food at

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Stylish handsome men in red «doublets»

The summer red, faded favorite flowers. Time is impossible to cheat, but it can be negotiated! Purple foliage of some trees and shrubs can permanently extend the feeling of the summer extravaganza in the garden. Bold bright red accents are particularly impressive with the background light colored roses and flower herbaceous perennials.

Usually leaves most trees and shrubs are colored green, albeit in different shades. But as in every rule, among the flora there are exceptions. One of them — krasnolistnyh plants «haircuts» which delight the unusual play of colors. They are especially good in combination with the «neighbors», decorated

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Exposure exposed

The sensor in your camera (just like your eye) can tolerate and record only a certain range of intensity of light. Hence, it is necessary to regulate light and bring it to levels that can be tolerated by the sensor. Not only that, the sensor should be given the right «dosage» of light. This is what we call «Exposure». When the exposure is correct the image will record the maximum number of tones and colors (Picture 1). It should not be overexposed (too light, Picture 2) or underexposed (too dark, Picture 3). Exposure, together with focus, forms one of the

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BLACKSTAR Artisan 15 & HT Stage 60

Valves are the name of the game with both these Blackstar amps, but one is aiming for purity and simplicity while the other is gunning for more power and versatility at a great price. Review by Huw Price

Blackstar makes an amp to suit just about anybody, and this month we’re taking a close look at two very different models: a 15W handwired 1×12″ combo and a much larger and more complex 60W 1×12″ combo.


As 15W amps go, this one is pretty large. The finger-jointed birch plywood cabinet houses a single Celestion G12M greenback speaker, but there’s

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Mikhalevich: Lukashenko has shown its inability of the West

"On my eyes, is fully consistent with reality. Indeed, there were small improvements in the process of the election campaign. For example, much less people wasabout arrested and sit in jail, but that does not mean that the elections were free and fair. Straight "and" had to arrange the process of counting the vote. The counting process in comparison with previous campaigns have not changed. Observers again were sitting far away from where the number of votes. When they tried to get closer, they are simply removed. Was rigged all previous vote. State that these elections free and democratic, no

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The imperialists will never be able to silence the voices of the Russian radio (1957)

On this week 1937 "Lim" signed "Kinogledachy" criticizes voiced version of the tape "first love": "Who would believe that the Nazi secret police consists of such fools as Benalda and Robbie? Neuzh something fascist dyarzhymordy so kindhearted that give their political offender roast goose, except underground committee in full-went to the tribunal and set-there obstruction without risk of being caught? What stupidity! Film must be immediately removed from the screen, and the founders aguchennya it should be responsible for rastranzhyrvanne folk remedies. ""Russian Belarus", year 1957. Head Head Control radiofixation Minkulta BSSR B.Pyarkovski insists: "Russian radio to serve the interests

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Suslov will approve programs from VOA

"Russian Belarus" in 1928, a decree of the Minsk city prints "on the opening, organization and content of restaurants, canteens, kafeynyh, buffet, beer", "Premises for selected institutions must be light, have excellent light moves as a smart and dark, isolated from home and have not a bad pravetryvanne in rooms and in the kitchen. In these areas must be placed in a suitable amount of water on plyavatselnitsy stand taller than 0.55 meters. ""Fatherland" in 1948 reported: "On January 30, in New Delhi Hindu women shot recognizable fighter and philosopher Magatma trade … Killer trade 36 years, he is called

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Our homeland: Gennady Zyuganov does not believe that the votes have been counted correctly

Deputy Executive Director of "Voice" Gregory said Melkanyants Radio Liberty, that his organization has more than 2,000 correspondents within a day or visit the 20 thousand polling stations. By him, information on violations of the electoral legislation goes constantly. Where many sites do not allow the representatives of the mass disk imaging and-independent observers. In Falcon representatives "Voices" and the 1st of the news agencies were not allowed at the polling station — was eventually filed a complaint to the prosecutor’s office and opened criminal case.Melkanyants said that in the Novgorod region near the site of the vehicle stood, from

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Post count the votes — it humiliate Belarusian people

"Post count the votes — it humiliate Belarusian people. " President of Belarus said during the election people responded and said Westerners true: "If climb own business, then we will respond in their own way." As said Alexander Lukashenko, the election showed that "in our society now reduced the number of people who thought that Europe awaits us with gaping open arms." In the opinion of Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus Europe wanted to create a "politically unstable". Alexander Lukashenko believes that the election may affect the development of the dialogue with the West: "Past parliamentary elections showed very transparency and democracy

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February 22, 2012 20:40

The film tells the story of human chakra system. According to Indian tradition, their 7. Detailed account of the purpose of each of the chakras in English is provided with Russian subtitles.

Next — an interesting article about Voice effects on the chakras (Taken from here).

Technique to restore the balance in the system of chakras by voice has been described by three thousand years ago in Ayurveda — the Vedic system of healing. In most cases, the impact on the chakras comes to singing mantras, but may also include some harmonically related

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