«For myself and the garment should not be taken too seriously.»

How would you describe your style?

Sensual Minimalism. Never really thought about it, but, when asked, I realized that it is the same style as in my interior: brevity and simplicity of form, but rich in texture, the particular importance of the material, the combination of colors in the painting — and always a little bit of irony. For the interior, clothing, and indeed to themselves should not be taken too seriously.

The most favorite article of clothing.

I feel a weakness for trench coats, I have five of them, despite the fact that recently handed five girlfriends and

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Spouse and father of Alexander Furs collect signatures for him

Natalia Fur not only not assured finish spouse role in campaign, and indeed the work involved in the election:"Of course, I alarming than it is over, but how can a spouse support, helping around and hope for the best. The teachers at our school also aware of this situation, call. And they read the newspaper and on the Web. Neighbors and friends also support. "The family Mechs — two sons 9 and 11 years, they also support the tattoo, says Natalia. As well as the ancestors of ales and Natalia. In particular, experienced mom Ales, and his father joined the

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Prostrate Berlin in the summer of 1945: the photographs from the archives of Life

The main part of the sample — the images Vandiverta William (William Vandivert, 1912-1989), which appeared followed properly. In the summer of 1945, South American and British forces entered his Berlin area, in exchange for the Russian countryside areas, as agreed in Potsdam. Followed by Western troops went "to explore" and reporters of leading publications, including Vandivert. Berlin lay in ruins, and the rigid order of the "cold war" is in flux, and the border areas could be enough to cross freely than they were getting. That's why about half of the July Vandiverta shots made in the Russian zone

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Baikal Stonehenge and other mysteries of the Sacred Lake. Continued Part 2

A little further, Alexander shows a drawing, which is a replica of Lake Baikal, as well as places of settlement of ancient people around him! Draw a map at the same time as the other images. There's no doubt. It turns out, the natives were not only good artists and great cartographers, but also sailors who knew the place of settlement of their neighbors. Slightly higher in the mountains, we find stone structures to identify which one of us could not.

At the entrance to the village we were in for a surprise first — standing alone in the

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My brownie

They used to be called brownies, then Barabashka, then poltergeist … Who they really are, these mysterious entities that live next to a man, and how dangerous they are to us? These and other questions are answered "Caravan" one of the students of Tver scientist Zolotov psychograph Elena Tuzina.

Somehow to me for advice addressed Tveritchanka Angela, — says Elena G.. — Her twelve-year-son was afraid to be alone in the apartment. He could hear the sounds vague, sometimes turning into a roar, themselves fell and broke things in the bathroom. From the fear of the boy even

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Teachers let others work

Society Guy"No, now it is simply not only prestigious, but the job requires considerable effort, and from it do not even survive. And the attitude to the work, speaking in Russian:" If the brain is not, go to the honey or ped … . " His friend: "No, that's not my element. Though I love kids, but do not want to take on such a responsibility … Well, that although he somehow learned something."

Man: "I do not think without training can not answer that question."

Woman: "No, it's too hard work and responsibility. And then, it will not

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Tupac Shakur. Too many years, too many tears watch online

Historical figures, people of destiny

Tips when choosing a wristwatch

By purchasing a watch, we often think not only about that then using them to determine when, and how they will emphasize our style. Modern watch so diverse that sometimes give preference even in the presence of free money is not easy. Some of us seem very bolshennymi, others — very malehankih, and others — very pompous. Before you elect to use high-quality watches a few tips that posodeystvuyut navigate the world of changing numbers and running around the dial arrows.

Council 1. Clock should match the size of your wrist. If a narrow pen to put on women's

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The investigation led: Physicians killer watch online

Muscovite Sergei Pchelintsev went to the hospital for help … and do not come back. Found a man's body after a certain number of days on the outskirts of town. The reason for death — hearty attack. Trying to understand this situation, the widow of Sergei went to the same hospital. At the door of the healing institutions lady faced with the old woman, who told: her son too walking to the doctors for help and too at one point he died of a heart attack. What is it — a coincidence, negligence or premeditated murder?

The investigation

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Edward Lucas: Belarusian ass too thick-skinned

Society Well-known British journalist and political analyst, editor of The Economist Edward Lucas Online Center for European Policy Analysis believes that Lukashenko absmyayav policy in particular Poland and the European Union as a whole, which would bring it closer to Europe.

"Carrot and stick method (the English equivalent of the phrase" carrot and stick "- RS) good to push someone uncompromising as in animal husbandry, and in geopolitics. But what if the donkey is too thick-skinned and on the baton does not pay attention, and the thistle he relishes a carrot? Here comes down to this, and the general conclusion

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