Junior Kulibin hails from Cheboksary

Ilya Vasilyev seventh-grader in the delegation of the Republic of Chuvashia took part in the International Industrial Forum of Youth "Engineers of the Future 2013", which took place this summer on the shores of Lake Baikal.

With his team, "Stankon" Cheboksary student school number 55 took first place in the business game "Designing 5-axis CNC router."

14-year-old high school student has developed a unique mandrel mill, which was cheaper and stronger than their foreign counterparts.

According to one of the jury members forum, Director General of the Azov Scientific and Technical Centre

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This fabulous Viatka!

The Curious Case of founding of the city on the hill Kikimorskoy, picturesque embankment of the river Vyatka, Alexander Garden is beautiful, breathtaking legend Razderihinskom ravine unique architecture of the provincial Russian city of Kirov, majestic Cathedral of the AssumptionTrifonov monastery, amazing destiny of great people associated with the city over the Silver River. During"Dreamlike World Games"participants visited several fabulous sites of the city, took part in the fairy procession at Theater Square and visited the"Preserve Tales"— The residence Kikimora Vjatskoj, which took place on the territory of the first World fabulous game in 2012. By the way, the

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The front-back

Sukhoi Su-34 was developed in the second half of the 1980s, in the early 1990s already on the pre-production phase plane went revision. The first flight of production aircraft took place in 1994. Deliveries of the Su-34 to the troops began in 2006, but the formal acceptance into service took place only in 2011. Despite the fact that the Su-34 has not yet been adopted for the Russian Air Force, the aircraft took part in war in South Ossetia in August 2008.

The crew of the Su-34 includes two people. The bomber is capable of speeds up

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Training flights of the Tu-160, Tu-95MS and Tu-22M3

In the Saratov region were training flights missile carriers Tu-160 and Tu-95MS strategic bombers and Tu-22M3. Crew of TV channel "Star" took to the air on the Il-76 transporter and took training range aircraft through an open hatch in the rear. That chance was presented to journalists for the first time.

Accuracy of S-300PS in Kazakhstan confirmed the high quality Ukroboronservis

September 5, 2013 in Priosersk (Kazakhstan) took the test firings divisions of anti-aircraft missile complexes S-300PS Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan. These complexes have been renovated to the extension of life in Ukraine at the facilities of SE "UKROBORONSERVICE" (part of the GC "Ukroboronprom"). In July 2013 the S-300PS were brought into the territory of the Republic of Kazahastan. According to the press service of "UkrSpetsExport."


Shooting took place at a military Sary-Shagan in the exercise by the Minister of Defence of Kazakhstan Adilbek Dzhaksybekov. All four shots hit the intended target.

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Risen priestess of love almost ruined hotel guests



The hotel Maynor is located in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, the incident took place, after which the police took a long time sedation.

A resident of Bulawayo, apparently did not enjoy the attention of the beautiful half of humanity, wanted to spend the evening in the company of women for which invited into a hotel room priestess of love, is represented by Mandla (MaNdlo).

However putana not live up to expectations of African, who dreamed of spending the night in her arms

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The aircraft struck the hybrid European Commission

Bella 1

The European Commission has allocated a grant of more than 700,000 euros a resident of the Tyumen industrial park, which has long been developing a universal model airplane bezaerodromnogo basing "BELLA". Expert Council of the EC chose this project to tens of others, declared the inventors of the world under the theme "Aerospace Technology".

Universal, the world does not know the unique aircraft invented in Tyumen Doctor of Technical Sciences Alexander Filimonov more than 20 years ago. He managed to create a hybrid device that has the characteristics of aircraft, helicopters, airships and

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Oleg Dolmatov: HAPPY coach who was right about the player character

Usually talk to the coach whose team had created a small football feat — a pleasure: They consistently frank and friendly. But the morning after the victory over the mighty blasts "Zenith" head coach "growth" was noticeably tense. [B] — Still not recovered from yesterday’s match, Oleg? [/ B] — You guessed it. Almost all night — all in the memory replayed moments of the game. [B] — Which of these is most often remembered? [/ B] — A lot: the error in the attacks that started very promising, and the good times when in the most difficult situations, the

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Maroussia took a test drive in Monaco

In Monaco took a test drive Marussia — the first Russian sports car. Under the hood of the car — more than 400 of horsepower, and up to a hundred miles an hour, it accelerates in less than 4 seconds.

Nikola Tesla

They say geniuses are sent to Earth Heaven. Everyone — from some of his, a special priority task. But Nikola Tesla, the Lord sent probably too early.

The brilliant inventor who was born in Serbia in the town Smilyan July 9, 1856 g in a family of Orthodox youth in svyaschenika.Uzhe Tesla looked demonic: high growth, emaciation, sunken cheeks, gaze burning eyes. From childhood haunted strange visions: the flash of light invisible to others. He sometimes for many hours immersed in the contemplation of some other, unknown worlds, such bright that confused them with reality. From this madness born almost

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