Organized tool storage

Mark Baker has, as you might expect, a large number of carving tools which, by their very nature, have a diverse range of handle and blade sizes. Add to the specification that they must be easy to select and the tips easy to view and still be stored safely, and the design for a tool rack begins to be a bit tricky. You can amend it to suit your needs of course.

It was decided the lower two racks would hold most of the smaller tools and have the same hole sizes. The top rack would hold larger tools and

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Master quick cut-outs

Conquer quick selections with one of Photoshop’s most innovative tools.

Editing selections has been described as one of the original core functions of Photoshop, and over 20 years later this still holds true.

One of the primary purposes of the program is to enable the editing of specific regions of an image. So instead of applying adjustments or filters or effects to the entire image, only certain areas should be affected. Whether this area is a person, a background or a sky, you need to be able to communicate to the program which pixels you want changed, and which ones

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Making Chisels and Gouges

Making your own furniture is a sign that you’re a practical craftsman. How about taking it a step further by making your own tools for making your furniture? The process for making chisels and gouges isn’t as intimidating as it might seem. Two propane torches will do anything a coal forge can do, so you won’t need expensive special equipment.

To begin with, let’s talk about steel. The important ingredient in steel is carbon. More carbon in the steel means a longer edge life and a better ability to accept heat treatment. Low-carbon steel is used for any item that

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Know your gouges

What’s the difference between a bowl gouge and a spindle gouge? And can you use a spindle gouge on bowls and vice versa? The short answer is yes but the explanation is longer To define the two could be a little dangerous as there are tools that could be classed as hybrids, but let’s first describe the main differences.

The gouges subdivide into two main categories, that of shallow and deep flutes, the bowl gouge being the deep one and the spindle being the shallow.

The first thing to look at is the sizes available, spindle gouges coming in %in

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Impressive taskmaster

Some us will remember the Black and Decker system where you couid add different accessories to its standard mains powered drill to turn it into a saw, sander or jigsaw. A few may have fond memories, others less so. My dad had one that was hit and miss to say the least.

This time around such a tool is being introduced by a different manufacturer, and is powered by Li-ion batteries, but is the launch of a multi-option tool a wise move?

I have to say that I was certainly a bit apprehensive when I first espied the system among

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Musical instrument

When creating Sonus Faber Elipsa Red applied technology and materials used in the manufacture of musical instruments. And indeed the speaker looks like an unusual stringed instrument.

The full name of this model is quite Italian: Sonus Faber Cremona Elipsa Red Violin. Sonus Faber — is undoubtedly the name, indicating an ancient Italian family, from which the speakers. Elipsa Red Violin — a proper name, and the name itself describes Elipsa body profile and the last two words indicate the type of finish (mahogany, covered with a special lacquer, normally used in the manufacture of violins). And finally, Cremona

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The Bourne Legacy Poster Effect

There are a number of tutorials out there that emulate the grungy, segmented effects used on The Bourne Legacy promotional posters—and that speaks to the adaptability of Photoshop. There are several different ways to accomplish the same effect, depending on the Photoshop tools you’re most familiar with. It’s like that old saying: There’s more than one way to skin a cat. Not that we’re skinning any cats or anything. I’m just saying.

step ONE: Open the image to which you wish to apply the effect. Go to lmage>Duplicate. When the Duplicate Image dialog appears, simply

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Dodge and Burn portraits

Darken shadows and lighten highlights with two easy-to-use tools to create a striking effect and instantly dramatise portraits.

Dodging and burning are two techniques that have been used in photography for many years, and have found their way from the traditional dark room to the digital dark room used today. The basic idea behind these is to selectively change the exposure in an image by darkening some areas and lightening others, while leaving the rest of the image untouched. The result is a striking image that offers the eye plenty of contrast to gaze upon. Photoshop CS, CC and Elements

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Derby Worx

You can tune and align a competitive Derby car using little more than sandpaper and a power drill. However, several tuning techniques will be easier and the results more accurate if you use purpose-built tools. Derby Worx has built a business out of creating those tools, most of which are so unique—and useful — that they are patented or have patents pending. All of the tools include instructions and are available from the Derby Worx website,, and selected Scout, hobby, and craft stores.

Pro Body Tool II: Without a drill press, it’s nearly impossible to drill new axle holes.

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A Creep Not a Leap

Adam Woolfitt puts the beta 5 version of Lightroom through its paces, comparing it to its predecessor and trying out the latest tools for enhancing your images

Aconfirmed fan of Adobe’s Lightroom digital asset management software, I adopted it some time ago as the basic tool in my workflow.

All my incoming camera files are down¬loaded and converted to the .DNG format direct from the cards, and linked to a basic set of metadata that identifies me as the copyright holder.

The only exceptions are raw files shot for reviews, where the camera manufacturer has decided to reinvent the wheel

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