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Young Germans are interested Belarusian bullpen

Festival "Perspective" was held from 1 to 10 October in the German town of Nuremberg. After, as the documentary "Lesson whiteRussian language"Took the prize Youth Jury Award, the organizers decided to continue his show, also invite the 1st of the heroes of the movie Franak Vyachorka meeting with curious spectators. Vecherko: "I met with different age groups of people. Schoolchildren 13-15 years, students, people absolutely Incline age. And regardless of age differed issues that motivate them, very different perceptions about Belarus and disk imaging, in fact the film" A Lesson of Belarusian . "Young first motivate young people’s lives in

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A.Voytovich: At the UN, we can not ignore any of the main theme

Past chairman of the Council of the Republic Alexander Wojtowicz believes that all issues on the agenda a day or connected among themselves:"Since terrorism and security specifically related to economic development. You can read that in some degree of terrorism are a manifestation of the economic development of individual countries.And economic development cramped manner with changes in climate, because climate configurations require a response from the country to adapt to them. And this is due to the economy. Because all questions and related among themselves. "Alexander Pines, minister in the government of Misha Chyhir states that it seems more principled

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Abducted by aliens Ukrainians invited on TV

In the studio talk show "Talking Ukraine" (channel "Ukraine"), November 20, 2012 once again looked into the family history of Voronezh city of Dubno Rivne region.

Olga, 29, and 34-year-old Vladimir sure that came into contact with extraterrestrial civilizations, for the past several years, the husband and wife say they were kidnapped and held alien experiments on them. This case is already firmly entrenched in the annals of both domestic and world of ufology, but Krapka the "i" so in this case has not yet been set.

Filming the program took place in Kiev 28.07.2012, the transfer

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