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You leave town tonight, right now.

And when you’re gone; you stay gone, or you be gone.

If you arc lucky enough to own a weekend pied-a-terre, you can give free rein to your interior design fantasies. At least, this was the way one young couple saw it when they bought their apartment in Poznan, a city in western Poland. The pair is from Poznan originally, but for years they have lived and worked in the capital, Warsaw. Their Warsaw-flat — their home during the week — is rather more conventional.

Frequent travel back and forth between the two cities led the couple to the decision

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Scoot Up!

Take to the open road this spring on a scooter.

Aside from the obvious reasons — such as fuel economy and convenience — modern scooters are the hottest thing to hit the road since Ryan Gosling in Drive.

The designs are more girl-friendly and sexy, the automatic gear-change system makes them easy to drive and the selection of stylish helmets means you don’t have to look like Darth Vader while cruising down the road.


Scooters cost between R5 000 and R60 000. ‘If you’re a beginner, it’s a good idea to rent one first,’ says Greg

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By Catherine MacBride

Camera: Nikon D5200

Lens: NIKKOR AF-S 50mm f/1.4G

Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5

I HAVE TO SAY that the challenge of coming up with some quirky and interesting ways of using paint for Creative Eye really got my imagination buzzing! The theme of paint gave me so many options. I could throw it.drip it, splash it, smudge it… The options were endless But what became apparent very early on was that whatever idea I came up with, I’dbe the one doing the cleaning up afterwards.

After a little time spent wading through various ideas, I remembered the saying

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Now green is your valley?

One man’s idea, a friend’s plan of action — and eight years later more than 60 towns across the country have undergone a transformation!

One day, Hansie Wolfaardt, manager of a cheese factory in Bonnievale, was chatting to his friend Theuns Coetzee about how their town had deteriorated. This chat gave rise to the launch of the Bonnievale DREAM project. The entrances to the town were their first goal; after which they moved onto the main street, building benches, planting up pavements and decorating dustbins. Theuns says after planting the 5 500′ tree, they gave up counting!

National drive


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What, for you, are the most significant and exciting implications for Cape Town as a World Design Capital? The design world is coming! It is an opportunity for our local design talent to create new markets for the services. And for the country as a whole? South Africa can participate by creating its own spectacular programmes — Cape Town is just the backdrop but we hope that it will generate a country-wide showcase. CTD is responsible for the official programme — the unofficial exhibitions and events don’t need our approval (they just cannot use the ICSID brand). What kind of

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Matthew Wild

An opera director’s apartment in Cape Town is the perfect backdrop for his creative lifestyle

Matthew Wild was furiously packing his suitcase. His flight to Stockholm was at 4pm and it was already 3pm when we popped in for a chat at his apartment in Cape Town’s City Bowl. This isn’t the first time he’s travelled to Sweden in a rush. With a career in theatre direction, he’s taken his productions to playhouses as far removed as Australia and Dublin, and from his trips abroad he’s picked up a love for design, especially that from Scandinavia. When he gets back

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Your dream city

Of course, shopping centers have already become for us than the familiar and commonplace. But one of them, the mall Dream Town. really special. Once you are there, you suddenly realize that he was in a fairy-tale world in which live together peacefully Greek gods and goddesses as if he had just descended from Olympus, the huge dinosaurs and heroes of favorite movies. Interior designers conjured to fame and a huge shopping center space is divided into several inputs atriums in the style of the city and the country. There is also the escalators, elevators and cozy cafes. So, enjoy

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Groupe Scolaire Pasteur

R2K Architects’ competition-winning design for Groupe Scolaire Pasteur, an educational institute in the small town of Limeil-Brevannes just outside Paris, comprises five schools — three preschools and two elementary — all huddled in one brightly coloured complex. The Grenoble-based designers had seen the project as an opportunity to simultaneously redefine the town’s future layout, while also spotlighting sustainability issues.

«We wanted to create a separate identity for every one of the five schools, along with a sense of community,» say the architects. The 9,500sq m campus is positioned in close proximity to the town hall, a public library, shops and

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After a lifetime of big cities, Kevin O’Grady finds himself in a village, with no traffic lights and a population of around 5 000. He contemplates what took him there, and what makes him stay.

Clean mountain air. Crime-free living. Serenity. Peace and quiet. No traffic. A sense of community. Breathtaking scenery. An exquisite conservation area right on your doorstep. White winters, splendid autumns and springs, and agreeable summers. Love.

I can come up with a list as long as my arm of possible reasons to choose to live in a village like Clarens in the eastern Free State, which

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A Dutch airman remembered in a small New South Wales town

Visitors to the small New South Wales South Coast town Moruya (population about 4000) can be somewhat bemused when they see a lifelike statue of an airman standing guard outside a hotel at the southern end of the main street.

The painted wooden statue is a result of Moruya Rotary Club’s decision to sponsor a statue to memorialise the airmen who served on Moruya Aerodrome during World War II. It was decided it should be generic; the figure would not be identifiable as any of the nationalities that flew from the base … no insignia, no name, no rank and

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