Well, it must be like beating a dead horse because every month when I write to the DA guys I always say I’m busy. I’m not lying this time, though — I’ve been flat out.

I think I’m about four days late on the column deadline and I’m lying in my motel on a Monday night getting goggles ready for the first GNCC tomorrow, so you guys should feel lucky I took the time to wrote this up. Ha!

So I’m proud to say that my team has come together and once we set everything up at the track this

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Hop is smashing up the hours and having a ball on the project Suzuki RMX450Z

Talk about extremes — it’s gone from bull-dusty dry conditions to extremely wet in my part of the world. We’ve had some of the biggest floods since 1968. You couldn’t get out for a ride without getting soaked straight off the bat so I just didn’t.

Call me soft but I wasn’t that keen to punish myself or the RMX. It would’ve been just my luck to have ended up upside-down in some flooded creek which wouldn’t have helped keep me on the DA project

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When Geoff Ballard resigned manager of Australia’s longest- standing enduro team last year, he set himself free. Years of devotion to steering a dominant force of riders towards becoming Australian champions was a burden now lifted from his shoulders.

While he certainly hadn’t severed all ties with the Yamaha family he’d long been campaigning for — nor were they about to abandon him — he was momentarily lost. The all-consuming world of chasing championships, race budgets, race bikes and rider contracts quickly drained from his

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Fast track to the future

Anki Drive lets iOS users race with robots in disguise

When Apple makes a keynote presentation, it’s about the company’s own products first and foremost. So when Apple CEO Tim Cook chooses to share his forum with an outside developer, people tend to take notice. That’s what happened several weeks ago at the Worldwide Developers Conference when newcomer Anki was invited to demonstrate Anki Drive, a technologically advanced miniature car-racing game powered by iOS. «They’re using iOS devices and the iOS platform to bring artificial intelligence and robotics into our daily lives,» declared Cook.

Boris Sofman, Anki’s cofounder and CEO,

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Night Siege — October 3

The forums portal discussions are how Alexander Lukashenko congratulates Republican Palace on the 10th anniversary. He stated that, Palace of the Republic — is one of the main modern symbalev-independent Belarus, and that "a majestic building with a lovely inner garments is inimitable decoration Minsk." Presentation participants forums:"Truth said, clean tears. What independence — and such sign. Box resembling Dneproges or svinakompleks on Glybochchyne. ""The mixture of the mausoleum sarcophagus th …""This terrible sarcophagus -" one of the major modern and symbalev-independent Belarus? Where there are signs of modernity? A even more so independence? "Living in a society magazine

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Rylatko: I believe that the enemy more for the artist than the soundtrack, there is no

"Lim"In an editorial titled "Together with the people", "Lim" in 1947 states: "Help the village becomes a matter of the whole people. Duty writers — to be among the masses, follow and demonstrate a sincere and means of artistic expression anxious labor heroism of those who are now fighting for our happy tomorrow. writer must build our eyes this powerful patriotic fervor of the people. He will find a huge number of new topics, the brightest images, paints for future works. ""The Banner of Youth""The Banner of Youth", year 1987. Actor Victor Manayeu, Komsomol Central Committee member, says: "All we

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WIG from the Russian company TRACK

JSC "Scientific and Production Company" TRACK "is commissioned by the EC-type WIG 12 and WIG design is different dimensions to individual orders, especially foreign ones, said" AviaPort "Director General and Chief Designer of JSC" SPC "TRACK" Vyacheslav Kolganov.


The main activity of JSC "SPC" TRACK "- the creation, operation and sale of WIG. Everyone working at the company's specialists have an excellent school of research and development work on ekranoplans Robert Bartini, founder ekranoplanostroeniya in our country.

JSC "SPC" TRACK "is a developer, owner and manufacturer documentation light multi-winged series" Oriole ": EL-7,

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CTZ has shipped the first wedge-pusher

Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant, who won the auction for the delivery of a new fire-fighting equipment in a short time has made and sent it to consumers.


Equipped car passed factory tests. With it was cleared area with thick vegetation. Under pressure from the bulldozer B-10M with a wedge-pusher could not resist not only the bush, but the poplar thickness of 40 centimeters.

The main purpose of new items — construction of roads reference to the site of a forest fire, in which then must pass technique designed to deal with the elements.

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World Cup on track: Chulkova won the race on points and brought Russia its first gold in the 2004

During the second day of the World Cup on track, held in Australia the Russian team won its first gold.

Medal of the highest dignity in the treasury of our national team has brought Anastasia Chulkova, excelled in the race on points.

We add that this gold medal was the first for the Russian team at the world championships in cycling since the 2004.

Melbourne, Australia

World Championship on track

Day 2

Women, points race

1. Chulkova Anastasia (Russia) — 31 points.

2. Jasmine Glaser (Canada) — 28.

3. Caroline Ryan (Ireland) — 24.

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Oh, Rechenka, Rechenka why you did not complete? ..

The place which have our listener, builders pave city communications. About it, but you can figure out just by the builders themselves. No signs on the property that that there happening.In the management of major construction Mogilev City Executive Committee was assured that on winding up Mogilev unique place can be no question. Builders work at the appointed time.

Signs of construction there, but there is a protective symbol"The trees there are old. Willows. Decision Executive Committee have to demolish these trees. Pipes were laid in the bed of the river temporarily. Now they are dismantled, and we begin builded

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