CROP is not the one he grew up, and the one taken from the garden

Nearing the end of the fifth year of seven-year period. Gardeners state and collective farms worked hard and raised a rich harvest of fruits and berries, despite the fact that last winter was severe in some areas and caused considerable damage to fruit trees.

In the North Caucasus from peach and apricot podmerzli to 30% of fruit buds. In areas of low temperatures in the spring of Transcaucasia and prolonged rains in the flowering period adversely affected the pollination of fruit crops. In the gardens of Moldova, located in the lower places, much podmerzli fruit wood in some varieties of

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Fair trade

The owner of the famed Bread & Butter tradeshow opens a second 14 oz. retail store in Berlin

Well, I could be a rich, but I created a fair,» laughs Karl-Heinz Muller, V owner of the Bread & Butter trade fair, a semi-annual fashion and denim blow-out heard round the world, and held in Berlins historic Tempelhof Airport (a shuttered space with iconic canopied roofs that easily shelter 500 exhibitors and more than 80,000 attendees twice a year).

In addition to his Bread & Butter fame, Muller also is the owner of two retail stores in Berlin named 14 oz.,

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«It depends on you the mood of the people»

PC & CA on July 26 at a solemn event dedicated to the Day of trade. Decree on establishment of professional holiday was signed by President Vladimir Putin on May 7, 2013.

Congratulating the workers of trade, Nikolai Merkushin noted that it is important to obtain an official holiday status.

«In the sphere of trade and services running every five. Such a large number of employees is not in any other industry, — said the head of the field. -This Is the most popular professions among the working population. The industry works every seventh, agriculture — every 20 minutes.

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Vitebsk bookstores prescribed to trade cigarettes

Showcases with tobacco in Vitebsk stores can not fail. Bookstore "coeval" it is by the shield with the pupillary notebooks times at the cash register. Bookstore "Globus" cigarettes are close to greeting cards. And in the store, "Bookseller" outraged by the order to trade cigarettes traders have put next to rows of cigarette book Alena Kara "Easy method to throw a smoke." Other ways to protest against the order of the authorities, and at the same time to make fun of him, not found a shop worker. Bookstore "Bookseller""It’s a nightmare in general — cigarettes in the store! — Reads

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At the Warsaw stadium are no longer trading

Tatiana — from western Belarus, the stadium trades for about 5 years. She asks her neighbor, an Armenian keep watch product — fake fur, and she goes to buy cosmetics Chruch:"I still need to go there … ordered shine for lips, lipstick … "Tatiana does not want to have a conversation recorded, agrees to say only a few words — she regrets that trade in the stadium will not be;"All traded, traveling, and everything was perfect — both for us and them."Authorities in Warsaw and many inhabitants of the Polish worth, but think differently — Stadium which is quite far

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Figure a day or: 2000000000 47 million bucks

In the trade in products from Russia for 7 months this year imbalance in favor of the Russian Federation exceeded 4 billion dollars. By billion (- 895 millions of dollars) Approached during this period and a negative balance of trade of Germany. Dynamics of foreign trade balance products January: — $ 362 million in January-February: — $ 855 million in January-March: — $ 659 million in January-April: — $ 1 162 million in January-May: — $ 1450 million in January-June — 1793 million $ January-August — $ 2,047 millionSource: Ministry of Statistics and Analysis Republic of Belarus

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Figure a day or: negative balance of Belarus for six months — 1070000000 bucks

1000000000 70 millions of dollars — this negative balance was in Belarus’ trade products and services with zabugornom countries in January-chervneni this year. In Last year over the same period foreign trade balance was also negative, but was 423 millions of dollars — two and a half times less than in This year.Imbalance in trade of more significant — in the first half 2007 Belarus had a negative balance on this indicator by 1 billion 793 million bucks.

Authorities believe the Belarusian economy competitive

Authorities believe that the increase in gas prices duties on oil and steel Belarus shock, but the country has overcome it.Tatiana Starchenko looks at the results of the first half optimistic:"We have overcome a certain shock — adequately coped with a doubling neuvvyazkami gas prices and a new duty on crude oil. This vivid evidence that our economy is competitive. "Deputy Minister recalled berazhlivasts and lowering energy consumption. According Starchenko, foreign economic activity also has a new imprint energoelementy prices because imports ahead of export: "This is the factor (higher prices of energy products) played a role in not a

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The negative balance of foreign trade in six months -1000000000 793 million dollars

This figure was released by the Ministry of Statistics. With all this negative balance in trade with Russia amounted in January-June 3 billion 336 millions of dollars. Built up a negative balance in trade with the main partner of Belarus zneshegandlevym outside the CIS — in six months it was 789 millions of dollars. But in general, in trade with countries outside the Commonwealth was positive — 1000000000 370 millions of dollars.

Mogilev: consequences of the abolition of trade preferences

Products "Belshina" grow by 4-4.5%Bobruisk "Belshina" became the first and so far the only company Mogilev, which recognized that the removal of trade preferences will affect the competitiveness of products.According to the official disk imaging, products "Belshina" will be subject to duty at 4-4.5% of the price. Products more expensive, and it will affect the profitability of exports.In the department of products in the country of so-called far abroad "Belshina" said "Freedom" follow:"In fact, four percent each product group on the European Union our customers in the distant abroad lose these preferences from June 21. This question must be set

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