Naim Ovator S-400


Naim doesn’t really make weak products, but it’s fair to say that its speakers — unlike its pretty universally applauded electronics — rather divide opinion. It’s their strong sonic flavour, which emphasises timing and agility over tonal faithfulness, refinement and stereo imaging that means they’re not to everyone’s taste.

The Ovator S-400s are here to change things.

Moving the crossover point

The key is a Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) driver, which has such a wide frequency range that it eliminates the need for a crossover in the 2-3kHz area most traditional designs occupy. By putting the crossover point in

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1 CND: Retention+ Sculpting Liquid and Perfect Color Powders

2 Young Nails: Acrylic System

3 OPI Products: Absolute Liquid & Powder Technology

4 NSI: Attraction Acrylic System

5 Hand & Nail Harmony: Acrylic System


1 Young Nails: Colored Acrylic

2 CND: Perfect Color Powder Collection

3 OPI Products: AbsoluteFX Color Powders

4 EZ Flow: Boogie Nights Confetti Acrylic Collection

5 NSI: Technicolor Colored Acrylic


1 CND: Sticky Base Coat >

2 OPI Products: Natural Nail Base Coat

3 Seche: Seche Clear

4 Orly International: Bonder

5 China Glaze: Ridge Filler Base Coat



The tradition of hospitality

Traditional style in design cuisine combines the charm of fine details and sophisticated decor, but at the same time provides the comfort and warm atmosphere. The secret of traditional cuisine is precisely matched accents that attract attention.

Elegant classic SILVANO GRIFONI lamp is made of painted wood with the effect of aging.

Table service for 12 persons from Cornucopia WEDGWOOD. The service is made of fine bone china and decorated with 22-carat gold. The source of its design — the mythical «Cornucopia» with unicorns and satyrs.

The image of the cuisine from the factory Dhialma MARCHI CUCINE was inspired by

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Adrenalectomy (removal of the adrenal glands)

Depending on the nature of the disease may require removal of one or both adrenal glands. The operation is performed under general anesthesia.

There are two approaches:

Conventional adrenalectomy —abdominal surgery. If the tumor is small — small incision of skin and muscles in the lumbar area of the side or back. If the tumor is large, it is necessary to perform a fairly wide cross-section of the abdomen. After the surgery is joint. Endoscopic adrenalectomy performed by means of special tools and endoscopes that are inserted through small incisions (one centimeter). Moreover, the cuts may be

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Young Americans are abandoning the traditional family

Most young Americans do not consider the traditional family a mandatory attribute of modern life, the researchers said the company uSamp.

As the newspaper writes, 87% of Americans believe that the institution of the traditional family is outdated and does not meet the requirements of modern times.

Experts point out that in the United States and other countries of the Western world, more and more non-traditional families. Moreover, more and more people believe that could well do without any family. 82% of Americans believe that the mother — this is the woman who raised a child, and do

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UN experts: 40 years to become an alternative food bananas hunger

October 31. Global warming over the next 40 years will lead to the fact that in many regions of the world will cease to traditional crops to harvest, allowing feed themselves, according to the report of experts of the International Studies Program of climate change, agriculture and food security, the United Nations (CCAFS). The first residents will face the challenge of Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America.

The traditional crops of these regions — different types of cereals, rice, potatoes — or cease to grow at all, or will give a crop that will not be able to feed

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Liberalism split the catholic society on people-atoms and brought them back into the society of mass consumption

Atomization of society. Side effects caused by the principle of Le Chatelier and associated with rapid changes in the conditions of life, manifested in the spiritual realm. At the forefront purely personal interests, individual short-range goals, the pursuit of material wealth and new sensations. Break the connections between people that determine relatively distant future. The essence of the changes clearly seen from the comparison of modern society with traditional.

Prior to the new time of life of the people heading the traditional society. This society has a high degree of stability, it was sealed with multiple relationships between people. In

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In Kaliningrad, opened the museum shipyard Lodeynoe yard

In ancient Friedrichsburg gate — Division of Kaliningrad Museum of the World Ocean — opened Lodeynoe yard.

The new building is a first in the field of restoration laboratory and museum shipyard, where the eyes of the public will be to build the traditional means of transportation on water.

At the opening of Lodeynoye court in the new exhibition hall presented two shows at once. The exhibition "build a boat" clearly represents both the individual elements can be assembled watercraft.

The exhibition shows the traditional means of movement of peoples of Russia — sailing and rowing

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In Tuva Center opened Tuvan traditional culture and crafts

March 2, 2012 the grand opening of the Center for Development of Tuvan traditional culture and crafts, "housewarming" solemnly opened by the Tuvan National Orchestra, in which the voices of well-known khoomeiji Mongouch Andrew and Igor Koshkendeya.

The ceremony was attended by Presidential Plenipotentiary in the Siberian Federal District Viktor Tolokonskiy, head of Tuva Sholban Kara-ool. Were invited prominent figures of culture and arts, folk and Honored Artists of Russia and Tuva, veterans of culture, scholars, writers, cultural institutions and professional schools.

Beautiful building, constructed using elements of oriental architecture, crowned by a monument in the

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Psychics, healers and diviners: made in USSR




Anatoly Kashpirovsky. Photos of the newspaper'''' Dankor

Virtually all known psychics, fortune tellers and healers in fact come from the former Soviet Union and other socialist countries. The latest phenomenon — the girl from Mordovia, which sees no worse than the X-ray machine. Before — Wang, a

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