The lawyers figured that such misconduct had already been recorded. In Tenaha, the police that on the night of her detention Washington told her that the whole thing was being captured on film. Garrigan had requested footage of traffic stops made by Washington and his partner, along with related video from the station, but got nowhere. Then, after the Tenaha lawsuit caught the attention of the national media, the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice launched its own criminal investigation into the alleged abuses. Several months later, in October, 2009, large stacks of optical disks were finally turned over. Garrigan and Guillory now had hundreds of hours of digital footage to sort through. Garrigan hired a colleagues adult son to sit at a large oval wood veneer table with a laptop and a supply of Starbucks, sorting through it all. (Hes still at it.)

Curiously, most of Barry Washington’s traffic stops were absent from the record. In those instances where Washington had turned on his dashboard camera, the video was often of such poor quality as to be «useless», Garrigan says. There was hardly any footage of his clients, including Jennifer Boatright and Ron Henderson.

In James Morrow’s case, a sliver of video was identified from Constable Randy Whatleyʼs camera feed, which captured part of the man’s detention by the side of the road. Washington could be heard instructing Whatley, «Would


By Jon Herbert

Camera: Nikon D300

Lens: NIKKOR AF-S 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G

Exposure: 15 seconds at f/16 (ISO100)

Jon says: «I wanted to capture the light trails going into the entrance of the bridge.l used a tripod and merged five exposures to create an HDR image. The longest bracket was used to get the light trails.»

LEE FROST: I love shooting at night, and Jon’s picture is a good example of why. There’ssomuch colour — in the sky.the floodlighting on the bridge and the light trails from passing traffic.

I have to say, I’ve never tried shooting an HDR sequence at

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Radio work seems to be a favorite source of hand-wringing for student pilots, ranking up there with crosswind landings on the angst-o-meter.

Talking on the radio should be simple. You push a button and announce your action, or your request. What’s the big deal? My favorite theory has always been my suspicion that the entire listening audience is perched on the edge of their seats, waiting for you to mess up. I know that isn’t the case, but it’s a mental image that’s difficult to shake.

Some of us clench up when


Tragedy on their own …

In recent years, the welfare of servicemen of the Russian army has improved markedly. The problem is, what to feed the family, is over. Now many of the defenders of the Fatherland got private cars. This, of course, well, you can be happy for them. But on the other hand, with the motorization of the armed forces increased the number of road accidents involving drivers under the shoulder straps. Responsible for an accident brought to administrative responsibility, and in severe consequences — criminal …

To illustrate an alarming trend with private transport, we refer to the information from the 11th

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The development of means of signaling and communication (1838-1938 gg.).

The period in which the alarm can be regarded as the end of the 30s, 40s and early 50s of the last century. It was the construction of the first railways in Russia — Tsarskoye Selo, St. Petersburg-Moscow. Tsarskoye Selo road was opened to traffic in 1838 Researches and construction of St. Petersburg-Moscow road lasted from 1842 to 1851

Measures to ensure traffic safety on the road Tsarskoye Selo were very primitive. A certain K., published in the magazine «Weekly new time» N2 for 83 in 1880 his memoirs, he wrote: «As the locomotive whistles were the terror of the

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Train safety in the Automation and Remote Control.

West Siberian Railway — the main transport artery of Siberia. It passes through five regions of the Russian Federation. Constituting 7% of the length of the network, 20% highway performs network-wide load and 12% of turnover. The road serves the largest complex in the Kuzbass coal, and coal is about 70% of its structure loading. An important role in the rhythm of traffic plays a farming automation and remote control, which maintains uninterrupted operation of signaling systems and traffic safety. The scope of work for the whole economy in 2007 exceeded 4225 tehn. u For six months of this

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Automation of train control on the subway.

An urgent problem is the technological development of underground development and implementation of automated process control system (APCS). These include control system: the movement of trains, escalators, power supply and other devices.

The greatest effect is given an automated train control system to improve the accuracy and intensity of the movement, release the driver of the large number of management operations by train, using the optimal modes of trains and reduce operating costs.

Currently, the Leningrad subway operated a complex system of automatic train control (KSAUP), and in Moscow — a complex system of automatic train control (KSAUDP). Each

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Manage movement For Freedom! Elected Alexander Milinkevich

Member of the Organizing Committee Mazhejka Paul said that members of the constituent assembly had to accept being tired and choose the governing bodies of the movement "For Freedom!" Before the police broke into the room.The policemen admitted they did not expect that from the first time they did not open the door. According Milinkevich members of the constituent assembly figured out what was wrong, and therefore initially took a vote, and then unlocked the door.Interior Ministry officials said that if receive a call about a bomb sappers come again. While they inspect other buildings on the premises Budennogo 48a.The

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Yaroslavl has received new buses

Twenty buses "LiAZ" received Yaroslavl MTE-1. Machines purchased now for lease. In order to improve the quality of public transport services, frequency and comfort of passenger traffic, work is continuing to update the fleet of public transport.

For the company did this ceremony — a significant event. To replace the old and worn-out cars on city routes will be released twenty new buses. Thus, the full release will be provided on the bus line, which will strictly observe the traffic intervals and regularity of traffic and improve transportation services Yaroslavl.

— To 20 buses came

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UTair in the January-June passenger traffic increased by 15%

Moscow. July 10. Airports — Group "UTair" increased passenger traffic in January-July 2013 compared to the same period last year by 14.7% — up to 4 million 453 thousand 185 people, the company said.

Passenger traffic for the period increased by 18.3% — up to 8 billion 543 million 889.91 thousand passenger-kilometers. There has also been growth in the segment of international passenger traffic by 49.4%.

  "The growth in employment and the number of seats of passengers — a positive result of the company to improve efficiency and create a competitive product," — said

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