Mark Gredzinski tells the story of Leylands brave attempt at something really different — the T45 Road train.

With only the ageing Marathon and Buffalo in Leyland’s heavy truck portfolio, the new T45 Road train was long overdue to prop up the manufacturer’s fortunes and gain credibility in the marketplace. From its lash-up origins using the old Ergomatic cab pressings, the ungainly Marathon eventually earned its stripes in Mk2 form, but it was desperately in need of replacement.

Ogle Design of Letchworth did the styling work on what was known as the new C4Q cab. alongside the Leyland engineers. The idea was to attack the premium heavyweight market head on and stop the erosion of Leyland dwindling share

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Applications of Computer Technology in the distance calculation train radio

D is now to calculate the distance of train radio meter wave band is used the method described in the book «Mobile Communications in rail transport» Vavanova Yu et al.

In order to facilitate and accelerate the process of calculations by this method and to relieve the designer from having to use multiple nomograms, we offer a program computing programmable calculator-type BZ34 and its analogues. The program is designed for the general conditions of the design. Here and below we use the notation adopted in the book: U2min- minimum allowable voltage at the input station locomotive; Gi — stationary

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Train safety in the Automation and Remote Control.

West Siberian Railway — the main transport artery of Siberia. It passes through five regions of the Russian Federation. Constituting 7% of the length of the network, 20% highway performs network-wide load and 12% of turnover. The road serves the largest complex in the Kuzbass coal, and coal is about 70% of its structure loading. An important role in the rhythm of traffic plays a farming automation and remote control, which maintains uninterrupted operation of signaling systems and traffic safety. The scope of work for the whole economy in 2007 exceeded 4225 tehn. u For six months of this

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Exercise Ample Train

Patrick Allen reports on a major biannual NATO training exercise held for the first time at RAF St Mawgan.

OPERATIONS DENY FLIGHT, the United Nations enforcement of an air-exclusion zone (AEZ) over Bosnia by NATO fighter aircraft, and Warden over Northern Iraq, are practical example of why NATO exercises such as Ample Train are important and necessary.

Operation Deny Flight has already involved up to six NATO air forces, deploying their fighter aircraft to other NATO nation’s airfields to undertake operational missions. These include the Dutch, French, United States and Royal Air Forces operating their fighter aircraft from Italian Air

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Before the rail are important tasks for better meet the needs of the economy and population in transportation. Implementation of these objectives is largely determined by the coordinated work of all parts of the transport conveyor, in which the signaling and communication sector plays a major role.

The main purpose of railway automatics and connection is to improve road capacity and safety of trains. These functions will be more successful, the more reliable devices will work. Reliability also depends on the adopted system of maintenance of theoretical and practical training, observance of labor and technological discipline.

As the main


Automation of train control on the subway.

An urgent problem is the technological development of underground development and implementation of automated process control system (APCS). These include control system: the movement of trains, escalators, power supply and other devices.

The greatest effect is given an automated train control system to improve the accuracy and intensity of the movement, release the driver of the large number of management operations by train, using the optimal modes of trains and reduce operating costs.

Currently, the Leningrad subway operated a complex system of automatic train control (KSAUP), and in Moscow — a complex system of automatic train control (KSAUDP). Each

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I was going out for lunch back in college and my five girl friends and I decided to take a cab to a nearby restaurant. The cabbie tried to charge us extra because apparently only four people were allowed in a cab. We opposed because it was too expensive. The driver countered, «Walang mga pera, sakay pa kayo nang sakayl» I struck back with:

«Kung di dahil sa amin, wala kayong sweswelduhinl» And my other girlfriend added, «Iwan n’yong bukas yung pinto, sama ng ugali niyal’1 Then we ran away in front of our school laughing while in

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Night arrest Malady

Man taken to train the police department Interior, which raised claims that it is not the police and tribunal summons. In half of the fifth morning Andrew Tsyanyuta taken to a temporary detention street Borisenko, where he is presently. On present day Railway court in Gomel scheduled consideration of several administrative protocols against Tsyanyuta, namely for neprelichnuyu abuse and resisting police. September 13, when the town svyatkavavsya day, police arrested Andrew Tsyanyuta with white-red-white flag near the Ice Palace, where the concert took place. During their detention, crazy guy finger and damaged knee. Tipo he spat on police and tottered.Sovereign

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On the border of students detained Kalinouski

In 18 hours, 30 minutes during a customs inspection at Olga Shepel Lena Komarova Kislyuka Victor, Paul Kresika, Ales Wangchuk, Andrei and Alexei Aksamitov Trubkin customs officers confiscated their passports. It happened on the train Forge — Grodno. After, as the train arrived at the station Grodno, students were invited to go to the premises of customs. With all of this Alex Trubkin, using the fact thereozhenniki, leaving on the table passport out of the office for a moment, took their own passport and fled the customs. With the rest was held "prophylactic conversation", during which people in civilian clothes

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Antypartyzany stormed are independent websites

Andrei Pavel Morozov and Transports that produce tech support websites said "Freedom" that the attack did hackers calling themselves Anti opposition forces (antyapazytsyynyya force). (Morozov 🙂 "In our view, it was a hacker attack, which was carried out either by the security forces, or a group of hackers who controlled her. They called themselves antypartyzanami. NOT the case that the attack was made a day of Belarusian Solidarity. Likely, this was due to the fact that we have arranged the internal security services negotiations during acceleration protest on March 25 2006 . " Friends of the "Third Way" Andrei Pavel

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