USAF prepares for AEFs.

ON MARCH 5 the USAF announced the structure and changes to be implemented as the force moves from being a US-based air force to a rapidly deployable one. Since the ending of the Cold War the USAF has seen its assets reduced by around 35%, its overseas bases drastically cut back and its personnel levels slashed. At the same time it has been increasingly called upon to meet international commitments — in particular operations in the former Yugoslavia and Iraq. This has put an increasing strain on both the USAF’s infrastructure and its personnel over the past decade and the

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US women to fly combat missions

US DEFENSE SECRETARY Les Aspin announced on April 28 at the Pentagon that the US military forces were being ordered to allow women to fly aircraft on combat missions. Although there has always been Pentagon opposition to expanding the combat roles of women, this was lessened by the active role played by women in Operation Desert Storm. About 35,000 service women played a part in the Gulf War and five of them were killed during the conflict, including Chinook pilot Major Marie Rossi, while two were taken prisoner by the Iraqis.

Congress repealed the ban on women flying combat missions

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Underwater space training

How astronauts are prepared for danger-filled space missions in NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Lab.

Training for the weightlessness of space is a major undertaking on NASA’s part that requires a dedicated test facility and a battery of cutting-edge equipment. As zero gravity free-fall on a specially adapted flight isn’t practical for long training periods and anti-gravity ‘machines’ are set to remain the stuff of science fiction, NASA uses the 23.5-million-litre (6.2-million-gallon) giant swimming pool at its Neutral Buoyancy Lab in Houston, Texas.

Neutral buoyancy itself is a property of an object that gives it an equal tendency to float to the

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Switzerlands FSK 17

Peter Haclerode reports on Switzerland’s rarely seen, but highly efficient, airborne Special Forces – FSK 17.

DESPITE IT’S LONG-MAINTAINED policy of neutrality, Switzerland has always considered defence to be a high priority. The Swiss armed forces maintain a high degree of professionalism and are extremely well armed and equipped — and yet national servicemen have only 17 weeks basic training to their credit, topped up by a 19-day refresher course every two years.

However, the Swiss armed forces also include a small, but highly trained, special forces element, the Fernspah Kompanie 17.

In 1968, the Swiss decided that its army

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RNZAF Wigram to Close

NEW ZEALAND’S WIGRAM base is to close. The decision follows a 1991 announcement that RNZAF Hying training was to move from Wigram on the South Island, to Ohakea on the North Island. The resident Flying Training Wing, comprising the Pilot Training Squadron the Central Flying School, and the RNZAF Historic Flight will move on December 31, 1995. The RNZAF Museum will remain at Wigram.

Transferring the RNZAF frying training to Ohakea will see several changes in the programme. Previously pilots did their basic training on the Aerospace Industries CT-4B Air trainers of the PTS at Wigram, and then went to

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Norwegian Vipers Reborn.

Undoubtedly the Mid Life Update of the F-16s in Norway is one of the most important steps forward the Royal Norwegian Air Force has taken for a long time. But for 332 Squadron, based at Rygge Military Air Station, some 40nm south of Oslo, it also imparts a major sense of pride, as they will shortly become the first Operational Conversion Unit for Norwegian Air Force pilots transitioning onto the MLU F-16.

«We will be getting our first MLU students in the autumn,» explained 332 Squadron’s Commanding Officer, Major Dag Olav Kleppesto, commonly known as ‘Swede’.


Being an Instructor

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More On Polish C-130s

POLISH DEPUTY Defence Minister for Procurement, Janusz Zemke, announced on June 17 that five ex-Royal Air Force C-130K Hercules C.1/C.3 transport aircraft will be delivered to Poland by 2007. The aircraft are scheduled to arrive at their new home at Krakow-Balice Air Base in late 2005 and early 2006, where they will be operated by 13 ELTR (Eskadra Lotnictwa Transportowego — Airlift Squadron). Prior to delivery, they will be overhauled in the United States under a $75 million Foreign Military Fund programme, which will include some upgrade work. Additionally, around SI6.5 million from the Polish defence budget will be allocated

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RNZAF Training/Light Utility Helicopter Project Advancing

PLANS TO replace the Royal New Zealand Air Force’s Bell 47 Sioux training helicopters are moving ahead with publication of an Invitation to Register (ITR) interest for the NZ Defence Force Helicopter Capability Project. Interested parties had to register by July 25, with the ITR seeking companies that can provide an in-production helicopter meeting the requirements in the ITR. Four to eight helicopters will be required, the exact number to be determined later.

Unlike the Sioux that it will replace, the new helicopter is required to fulfil a much more advanced rotary-wing aircrew training role, enabling crews to easily move

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Sports recently has nothing to do with the usual glamorous pastime — Pilates, yoga and horseback riding. Let us find out, why fashionable women drawn to the most masculine sport — boxing.

Radical measures. There was talk about his teeth knocked out and the blood-stained tops of the Deha. The appearance muzhikovatyh habits, excessively broad shoulders and calves overinflated. Normal training in a fitness club or in the combats cause many misunderstandings. However, more and more stars talk about boxing as a panacea in attaining the perfect body. Model Doutzen Kroes, Adriana Lima and Iman regularly attend the lessons of

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Bill Norton looks at the Israeli Defence Force/Air Force, one of the most sophisticated and battle-experienced Air Forces in the world.

FEW NATIONAL air arms attract the attention of those interested in military aviation in the same way as does the Israel Defense Force/Air Force (IDF/AF) or Heyl Ha’Avir. The Israel Air Force plays a pivotal role in the defence of this small nation, and its contribution to air power world-wide. Yet Israel’s notoriously strict security measures mean that the release of current information on the service and its equipment is carefully controlled, and most of its citizens are characteristically

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